7-5-3 Rule of Answer Writing | मेन्स में उत्तर लिखने का नियम

43 thoughts on “7-5-3 Rule of Answer Writing | मेन्स में उत्तर लिखने का नियम

  1. Sir plzz make a vedio on what are the most askable questions in GS n essay paper on the basis of current situation in India n world

  2. Sir, I am so grateful to you, I was really confused about how to write an answer. This rule made it so easier, it cleared all doubts of how to frame it, especially the 3 rule sums it all up and the way you explained it by UBI just gave it meticulous precision. Thanks a lot, sir, though I failed this attempt I have started for my second one and will follow this method whenever I practice answer writing.

  3. Anyone who is preparing for mains this year…All the best..If time permits , pls give suggestions on how to prepare current affairs especially science and technology part

  4. Thank you sir ji…… Acha tha… 💓❤💓 but ek request thi wo hain khuch important issues ki uppar video bana Dejiye Pls, is se hum logo Ko notes making karne me asani hogi……. Sir please 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Sir ek demo de dijiye … jo mains ki copy jesi ho or ..konsa pen..kaisa colur ka, or kis kis colour k pen se underline kar skte hai

  6. Sir when will you upload June 2019 pdf compilation….. Sir we are waiting for that please upload as soon as possible

  7. Sir one request .. if u make any suggestion video for college students who r preparing for upsc cse, will help us a lot 😊

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  9. Thank you Sir.
    Sir please make video on Optional Political Science specially paper 2. (If possible)

  10. Thank u so much sir,,u r really a silver lining in the dark cloud,,,Messiah for all the aspirants,,love u so much and I mean it from the bottom of my heart,,,after I clear my upsc I will surely meet u….keep loving us,,,thanks a lot sir,,,

  11. Thankyou Sir,
    Mains mein alag hi darr lagta hain
    par aapne jaisa bataya.. waise hum points dimaag mein frame kar paayenge.
    Thanks a lot..

  12. Sir me Hindi medium se hu, or abhi teyari start ki he , English me teyari krna chahta hu kese start krun?????? Sir plz reply 🙏🙏🙏

  13. After a long time aapki aawaz suni bhut accha lga , Thanks for this 😍😍😍 .Sir ek question puch skta hu please ans dena please ,sir mere ko 2021 ka upsc dena hai to ans writing mein abi se start kr du ya phir baad mein mene to January 2020 se socha hai baki aap guide kr do . Please sir ans jarur dena.

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