6IX9INE: BEST Verses

Hey guys, it’s CDTV here and ya boi is back
again to bring you another episode of Best Verses, this time yeah its on uh 6IX9INE. It really is. I’m not gonna outright call him a bad rapper
because that’s unnecessary in this video and clearly a lot of people bump his music
regularly, but let’s just say this is gonna be a short one. There isn’t really much else that needs
to be said, let’s jump right into looking at 6IX9INE’s strongest verses in my opinion. BILLY (Verse 1): I always point to this as pretty much my favourite
6IX9INE song out there, and it’s because I feel this is the most genuinely energetic
song that he’s made. Those dramatic sounding strings on the instrumental
mix perfectly with his loud, forceful delivery to make this verse very punchy. And honestly, there’s a couple of bars here
that I think make for nice wordplay, with this line referencing the basketball player
Ibaka, who, you guessed it, has a number 9 on his jersey, and the following line immediately
referencing the rapper, Baka Not Nice, whilst also imitating the sound a gun makes when
he says Baka, I think it’s kinda clever. Sure, most of the verse is comprised of him
talking about making women gushy gushy, but at least he flows that part nicely. It’s honestly not a bad verse if you just
tune out the last 20 seconds worth of lyrics. DOOWEE (Verse 1): Now remember, I’m not saying this verse
is absolutely amazing, but i still think it’s one of 6IX9INE’s better ones as he uses
a flow here that we rarely ever hear him use. That’s what makes this one stand out to
me. He uses this non stop flow for a decent amount
of time during this verse, and it’s kind of interesting to hear him use that cadence
whilst still shouting. This also happens as the drums drop out for
a second which really puts an emphasis on the flow switch. It’s just good to hear him ride pretty smoothly
over an instrumental as he does on this track. He also compares the length of his guns clip
to an abnormally large d*** so that’s um, pretty entertaining too. GIGI (Verse 1): This is actually one of the very few songs
where 6IX9INE uses a delivery much closer to his regular voice that I enjoy. You see, a lot of his old songs have him using
his regular voice, and I don’t like most of those cause they just sound pretty boring. I prefer him shouting honestly. But here, I don’t know exactly what it is,
but his normal voice actually works really well. Maybe its the fact that he mixes it with shouting
ad libs at the end of each line, and that stops things from getting stale, but whatever
it is, this verse sounds a little different to most of his other tracks in a good way. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of Gringo’s
verse, the other rapper on this song, so I just kinda skip it after 6IX9INE’s verse
each time, but I’m just happy that we got a fairly enjoyable verse on this one. 93 (Verse 1): I really do not have much to say about this
one, it’s basically on here for the exact same reason as DOOWEE. It’s just good to hear 6IX9INE make a bit
more of an attempt to make his flow a little more interesting, and this one actually has
a fairly decent rhyme scheme too. The beat is a little bit abrasive, but it
has grown on me because it’s a sound that honestly compliments 6IX9INE’s vocals. Not one of my favourite songs from him overall,
but I think this is a cool verse. INTERNATIONAL GANGSTAS (Verse 1): Here’s another collaboration 6IX9INE has
done with foreign rappers, just like the song GiGi which I included earlier in this video,
with him working with artists from Germany and France this time. This is another one of those verses where
I feel like 6IX9INE put a little bit more work into the lyrics and wordplay, and it
results in a verse that I find a bit more entertaining to listen to. “All these pipes in my trunk like I’m
plumbing” is a decent line, and he has similar lines scattered throughout this entire verse. It was just nice to see him consistently go
for metaphors and similes on here rather than just throwing one or two in like he usually
does. He also switches up his cadence 3 or 4 times
here, which again is more than usual. I just feel like he tried to step things up
a bit more here in all fronts, and I like it. (Outro)

100 thoughts on “6IX9INE: BEST Verses

  1. I'm actually going to sit down and give him a chance, when he stops touching little kids, stop looking like a fucking idiot, and his music doesn't suck.

  2. Would loooove to see a couple of these videos but verses from 50, Biggie, Pac, and Snoop 😍 oh also some more stuff pertaining to grime because I would love to hear more quality grime artists

  3. Cdtv do tokens best verses please he is a young up and coming and has very thoughtful verses and has amazing flows on his songs .

  4. “Making women gushy gushy”

    FaM if I saw this scary ass mf at Home Depot id clutch my underage uterus and drop into the foetal position


  5. Surprised Kooda ain’t on here “you can talk hot on the internet boy, that’s that goofy shit we ain’t into that boy”

  6. International Gangstas has the best verse, also german rapper Farid Bang says "my wallet looks like 6ix9ine's head" which makes the song that much more entertaining if you understand it 🙂

  7. I was to hoping see, “ Like a smackdown, rock bottom, I’m a pin her down” bar from TATI there lol. I thought that was good, but these are pretty good too.

  8. unpopular opinion: I enjoy 6ix9ine’s music, his screaming gives energy to the track and he flows well on tracks. if 69 was black and actually gangsta tbh I think he would get a lot less hate in the game.

  9. sad all these comments are hate ones, this is a song about his rap abilities not HIM or whatever he did. I dont support him but we are here to “analyze" his verses not HIM.

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