6 Simple Strategies for Non-writers to Write Better (WRITING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS, BUSINESS, & BLOGS)

[inaudible] this is Angelina are you
facing a writing task but are not a fan of writing do you have to write an essay
or a blog post or even an email you don’t know how to do well this is
Angelina Allsop of the traveling author calm where books plus travel equals
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method that I use not only when I’m writing my books but also when I’m
writing my blog posts on the traveling author comm and today I’m going to share
them for free with you be sure to stay to the end and I love three bonus tips
for you for those who especially want to do something like a blog post an article
or a persuasive essay yep number one make a quick outline you don’t have to
know what the whole thing is gonna say you don’t have to write out the whole
email to your boss but sometimes some quick bullet points of what you want to
talk about will dramatically help improve what you’re writing especially
when it comes to a blog post because many of those quick outline bullet
points that you use can just be the title of the section that’s number two
keep it short and sweet especially for emails if you end up
writing more than a few sentences on an email just stop what you’re doing and
pick up the phone and call email communication has been proven to be a
very ineffective means of communications but even when a blog post or an essay
you don’t have to ramble on rambling up a long essay does not equal a good essay
that’s what makes me a little bit mental with like word right word count
requirements with essays usually if you can cut the
shorter and find a shorter way of saying things it sounds so much better I
promise that number three break up your paragraphs you don’t want a long chunk
of writing it just people their eyes will just glaze over it
break it up bullet points bolding images hashtags arrows graphs videos whatever
you have to do to break it up especially on a blog post where it’s going to be a
little bit longer for break that up so that I can just jump to the main points
right like one at the time at number four
don’t forget your call to action and if you can if applicable add a deadline
um this is especially important with emails where there’s going to be a lot
of back-and-forth at the end of the email you kind of want a clear you want
a clear um action stuff that the other person can take please follow up kindly
follow up by the end of the day but especially in blog post the call to
action can be a little bit more subtle be sure to consider all the factors that
are involved in voting for your next president comment below and let me know
of your child’s experience with bullying and they don’t have to be so like you
know do this by the end of the day but like if you can it tends to be much more
effective with your writing kind of below and let me know if you want to
learn more about calls to actions because they can be a little bit more
involved in um there Noah as a lot of people don’t know about them so just let
me know comment below and let me know if you want to hear more about um call to
actions maybe a list of them how to write an effective one a little bit more
of that I know I’m going through these really quick but don’t worry I will have
a free PDF download with all of this information and a nice easy PDF that you
can download for free and the link will be in the description
number five read out loud before you head submit or son in an email read it
out loud I have caught some seriously embarrassing funny mistakes but I caught
them because I read my email real quick out loud your brain is designed to
adjust okay so it will autocorrect all of those mistakes um
there’s study shown on it um I was reading a book where a guy was staring
at a sign it was a stop sign and he no I don’t think that’s a stop sign it was
like a yield sign or something like that you staring at it was bothering him and
then the letters actually moved obviously they didn’t physically move
but his brain moved them like he noticed that he was auto correcting the spelling
was spelled wrong and he couldn’t figure it out at first that’s how powerful
that’s how powerful your mind is okay so don’t just read through in your head
read it out loud because that interrupts this like flow that your brain is
conveniently done for you so it’s right it’s a really good feature for just
being able to adjust and figure stuff out really fast but not so good when
you’re writing step number six take fifteen to thirty minutes to learn some
basic grammar rules and then also install grammerly so grandmother you
will catch a lot of those like common mistakes but there’s a lot of things
that grandma Lee doesn’t quite catch it’ll catch a lot but not everything um
so just take like there’s like English one away if you search on you know on
YouTube reading English 101 class or English 101 in 20 minutes or something
like that quick grammar rules you’ll find a whole list of things that if you
just learn like five to ten things it will drastically improve your writing
alright as promised these three bonus tips for people who are doing business
writing persuasive writing or something like a blog post so number one make sure
that you’re solving a problem so in order to do that you have to know what
the problems are so who is your audience what problems are they experiencing and
then how can you solve them you want to be able to really understand what your
audience is going through that’s number two um talk about your credentials
upfront it could just be a quick sentence like Angelina Alsop I’m a
published author you know and if I’m talking about writing then there you go
there’s my credibility or if it’s a couple sentences or even if it’s like a
quick anecdote to explain that you have been through this tough thing that
they’re going through otherwise if you don’t do it upfront like in the first
paragraph really um maybe the second paragraph then the whole time is there
as they are telling them what to do the audience is gonna be questioning whether
you are the person to explain this to them like you know what I mean like if
you don’t say that you’re a doctor or a nutritionist or or have studied
nutrition for six years or went through this traumatic thing where you had
horrible stomach pains but then you after experimenting for nine months you
found this amazing thing then the whole time that they’re reading these little
tidbits they’re gonna be like you know what you’re talking about they’re just
gonna question it you know so help yourself help your audience out tell
them why they should be listening to you alright and third on a personal touch
those antidotes are amazing so I’m even in persuasive writings if it doesn’t
have to be yours like you it can be the experience of someone that went through
something or a key study or something like that but it’s that bring the human
Ellen into your writing but especially the
article writing especially with blood pools business writing the readers want
to know about you so get that to them you know like talk about how you
struggle be be open about your vulnerable parts like like the you know
things that you went through be vulnerable it makes you more real it
makes the problem more accomplishable I guess it gives you a little bit more
credibility like you’re a real person it’s weird how adding a little bit of
vulnerability will actually strengthen your writing and your connection with
your audience but it it works now you have some really powerful tools that
will help you dramatically improve your writing and really the only take a few
minutes to implement um be sure to click in the description I have a link to that
summarized everything that we talked about today all right so now you know
exactly how non writers and new writers can improve their writing with some
simple tricks um but be sure to look up for next
week’s video when I talk about overcoming writer’s block let me know
what problems are you experiencing with writing comment below and I might just
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