6 Beginner Poetry Mistakes

welcome back this videos gonna be really quick it's not going to be a read but I'm just gonna go over a couple of things I see undergraduates do that they should be doing in class okay one this is now 2018 400 years since William Shakespeare has played Hamlet in the Globe Theater so please folks the 16th century 17th century 18th century and 19th century poetics are great but there is no need for you to write Yi and methinks in a poem no longer so please use the words that you are using now and is still verse it is still music it is still beautiful let's write like we're in 2018 to your poems also don't need to rhyme if you want to rhyme every now and then that is fine if you want to bust out a sir mix-a-lot that is also fine but you don't need to read me a poem with roses are red violets are blue I think we are past that you can try to off rhyme you could slam ride you could even rhyme in between enjambment that'll be really cool too you just don't need a rhyme at the end of every line or at the end of every pattern at all three no title without the title the reader is going to be mislead you might even be a little misled I have a couple of different I'm sorry my cat's distracting I have a couple of different videos on the title so if you want you can look at them in the description box or in the cards I'm gonna have above and you can check those out number four writing last minute right before you come into class I could tell right there's a certain energy that you're not putting into the paper the grammar and mechanics and the spelling and the punctuation and all that jazz those errors are poor the context could be a little shallow and as a poet I feel like I have a little more in tune with some things and you can actually feel how much effort is put into a poem on the page and if you're doing it last minute you're not even allowing yourself to get the full basis of what you can really get five one day talk about sincerely is regurgitating older poems I'm not going to clock you for this one because how many people that are in this class had been readers of poetry or however in many poems who floor okay exactly so all the poems that were going over in class are going to help you and over time you're going to be writing things that are less cliched and you're actually going to end up finding that you have your own poetic style last not every poem needs to be overtly angsty lusty angry proud there's a middle ground that you can find in a lot of these pieces you don't have to go into a poem and sing I'm going to rank the most poetic poem that has ever existed in poetry poetics right it could just be your feelings go in there with a certain mood go in there with a certain narrative and try to see where that takes you if you're having a little trouble you can take a look at my other video on the four steps of writing poetry this also goes into any other art form if you are a little artsy outside of this realm and please look at this video before you come into class next week and before you start doing anything with poetry it's pretty good thing to do as always I will see you all in the next class happy new year everyone welcome back to my channel before we begin I want to give a shout out to the 230 subbies I've obtained this past year

20 thoughts on “6 Beginner Poetry Mistakes

  1. I'm a poet. Lol even if you only write one. Be true. That's the hard part. And even if only one person in the world gets it or likes it, well you suck. Just kidding. You're awesome. Keep writing. If you want to be a better writer. Write and read, and do you.

  2. I'm under an excruciating amount of stress lately so much it's hurting me physically (like really bad pain and phasing in and out not being able to continue what I'm doing)

    Thinking about calming myself down with water colour and poetry with the calming religious touch that always kept me going b4

  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BtLlJG7F037/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1a0czjqf5729b
    three poems, the first is about showing your talents and about a friend of mine who sings, the second one is about beauty and about a friend of mine who has insecurities and the third one is about friendship and my best friend!

  4. Let me tell you i disagree with your concept of rhyming, some poets just like using rhyme, its just their style, yeah there are indeed people that rhyme just for the sake of many poems rhyme i should rhyme too…but turn put its more of a personal preference rather than a trendy thing

  5. Donโ€™t agree art can use old words if everyone did the same art wouldnโ€™t be art, all is needed and loved by someone, your opinions are not the standard

  6. Hey there!!! Great page. I only have an associates in Liberal arts in science but I want to get into freelance work. I've been writing for years but don't know how to start

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  8. Thank you for all your videos! You're such a great person, you really help a lot of poets out there ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  9. Grammar (or the lack thereof) drives me nuts and writers who don't use them. That is the largest and most common mistake by far.

  10. Dimitri, i'm a poet from Perรบ and let me say the following: your channel is AMAZING, keep doing what you are doing, much love to you brother!

  11. I laughed because I can relate to the last one, i sometimes think I'm going to write the best poem ever…yeah, it never turns out that way lol. I'm still trying to find my style, I hope I find it.

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