505 lyrics – Arctic Monkeys

27 thoughts on “505 lyrics – Arctic Monkeys

  1. I love very very to Ediz Çağıran and Doğa Güngör…
    They are in my heart and they are always forever..❤
    This song for them

  2. This makes me imagine a dead relathionship between two persons in which one of them begins to stalk the other one because he can't accept everything it's over.
    In other words, he can't understand why she prefers to continue with her life on her own path instead of give their (toxic) love another chance, so he just end falling more and more in madness

  3. Lembro de estar sentado no sofá junto de uma ex namorada, no ano de 2014, vendo esse vídeo pelo celular, heh.

  4. I listen to this song when I'm down and reminds me of the current long relationship I had so I got it tatted 505

  5. First time hearing this and I already know I’m gonna be addicted to this song for a realllly long time

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