5 Tips To Overcome Writers Block (EDM)

35 thoughts on “5 Tips To Overcome Writers Block (EDM)

  1. Tip: just keep trying different presets/melodies, even randomly, without any goal in mind, and you'll probably stumble across something by accident.

  2. Here's a thing, tell ur honey she can help you out… At the end of your production session get her to judge your work, if she likes it "2 chicken legs wide open" … If she doesn't "2 chicken legs wrapped" 🍌👙💋❤️

  3. If I get stuck working on a track or want to start a track, i wont go back into the studio until I have 5 ideas written down on paper. That usually gets A LOT done for me

  4. a tip that helps me alot is, i open ableton, and make different melodies/drops, recorded them in MIDI form and save them on a folder. then in the future when i need a melody for a drop or a melody for a break, i check the ones i created before and use them. it really works! so one day instead of sitting on your studio trying to make a badass drop, just sit down relax and create melodies that you like and save them, it will make the job easier, plus you won't have the pressure of making the final drop and you won't feel frustrated. just play some chords, and if something sounds good, record it, 😉 cheers

  5. Ive grown around music, melodies keep coming on my mind almost all the time, but when it comes for me to make the drop I always give up, it always get a crap or very melodic, more melodic then prog house hahaha

  6. Would like to add something and hooefully help someone. Save all midi files from ideas you dont want or decide you dont want to finish. They come in handy later. Also when your feeling creative and inspired write alot of chords/melodys and save them as midi. Both of these are good so when you arnt feeling inspired or creative you have your own ideas to get you going. Plua they help fill a blank project file with content quickly

  7. if I cant get any ideas most of the time I take a accoustic instrument like a piano or
    strings or something put tons of reverb on it and play random notes sounds strange but most of the time it works for me to get a melody

  8. Hi Zen,
    Could you do a video about, finding ones sound?
    What can we do to sound different.and just be our own.

  9. One thing I would also add, kind of similar to number 3, try to work on the "infrastructure" of your music.  Work on collecting good samples, work on making your own sounds, work on making custom plugin settings, etc.  It isn't really helping with your creativity directly, but it can help to ensure you don't lose your creative drive fiddling with boring technical things when you should be focusing on the arrangement.

  10. heyy zen world…what do you do if u have made a track and u do not know whether if it is any good ? and none of your close friends listen to edm ? could u help please

  11. thats exactly that I imagine during the build up how the drop will be! and this is how I get those remix ideas and thats why I like it so much to make remixes.

  12. hii zen u make amazing videos….can u plz upload a video or do some videos on how u make melodies and breaks?

  13. hey man great vid. Got a request for you. Could you do a vid on getting a sound to have that sidechain/low attack kind of sound people such as Flume and Vanic use often specifically if u could teach in sylenth1. I know i could change the attack or make a sidechain but it seems they are able to control it not sure how. Anyway thanks.

  14. Could u make a Build Up Tutorial Video (EDM) ? I didnt found a Good Tutorial and I think youre the right one !

  15. Please make a Dillon Francis tutorial! Like any of his sounds that doesn't have a tutorial yet! 

    Love your tutorials!

  16. I'm confident that I'll have less writer's block than before cause I just recently identified most of my production mistakes

  17. For a couple weeks I've had terrible writers block and I nailed it on the head in figuring out why. Studying a music production degree. I obviously enjoy making my own music but on this degree I'm producing dance music for a board of lecturers that seem to frown upon it. Which took A LOT of the fun out of producing. Anyway I finished my last assignment yesterday, now I'm free. Wrote a new track in pretty much a day. It's mad

  18. i m very bad in drop melody cn u jst make video for it ?
    bcz i like ur tips n hope u ll get more soon 🙂

  19. Tip number 6: Load up, FM8, Serum, Massive, or what ever and make some sounds. That sound can be a lead to your next track.

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