5 tips to improve your writing

40 thoughts on “5 tips to improve your writing

  1. Owww my princess, In each video you're more and more beautiful <3 I like you so much , I will give the Fce examen within 1 month 🙁 Help me please 🙁

  2. I've learned more Information in this video than from my teacher. I'm not good with grammars because I am actually focused on my own language which is not English but Thank you!

  3. Hi madam this is Nagendra iam in telugu baground student …Iam prepare IELTES ..Who to 6 to 7 band in IELTES .. Help me

  4. Im watching this as im in my 4th year of university, and my english teacher is the head of the english department….i need a 80 on the final to pass

  5. i know you just told us to not use very , but this was an very accurate lesson .. as u will say an accurate lesson 🙂 .. so if i learned something it will be …. Our english teacher teached us an accurated lesson ? lool sounds so wrong but i will go whit it !

  6. This is great. Doing the quiz immediately after watching this video really helped me solidify this new found knowledge.
    Thank you, Emma.

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