5 Signs You’re a Writer

Hi community of awesome! I’m Ava Jae, and
this is bookishpixie. So bookishpixie is a channel about books,
and publishing, and writing, and being a writer, and so I thought it’d be fun to talk about five
signs that you are a writer. Here we go. In no particular order… First, you’re always daydreaming about your
current work in progress. A work in progress could be an idea that you
have, or a plot that you’re in the middle of brainstorming, or a book that you’re partway
through writing. Whatever stage of the writing process you
are in, if you are working on a project, you are probably thinking about it constantly. Maybe you’re trying to work through a plot
problem, maybe you just have this scene playing in your head, maybe you’re just thinking about
your characters, or your world, whatever it is, it’s not leaving your mind. That means when you’re at work, or school,
or whatever, just not writing, you are thinking about that book. Writing a book is a really consuming thing,
so it’s common for writers to find that wherever they are, a part of their mind is always working
on their next project. Second, you frequently ask, “How could I describe
this?” When you get caught in a rainstorm—”How
could I describe this?” When you get a paper cut—”How could I describe
this?” When you smell something really delicious—”How
could I describe this?” When you’re sick, and feeling miserable—”How
could I describe this?” No matter what experiences we have, writers
frequently take from their own experiences to write their novels. This could be the mundane, from getting stuck
in traffic, to eating your favorite food, to hurting yourself, or something more fun
like visiting really interesting places. But ultimately, the way to get that hint of
reality is to think about our experiences and tweak it so that it fits our work. Third, we feel guilty for not writing. This isn’t really a fun one, but writers often
feel guilty when they are not writing. Even if they have already written that day,
or they are not currently working on a project, there’s often this feeling like you should
be writing ALL THE TIME. It’s common, a lot of writers deal with it,
and the best way I know to get around it is to write, but…sometimes it happens when
I’m on a break, and I just have to ignore it. Fourth, you can’t get enough books. Case and point… [SO MANY BOOKS] Fifth, and most importantly, you write. Sometimes when I do these posts on signs that
you’re a writer, people think that if they don’t fit every single one of the signs, then
somehow they’re not a writer. That’s not true. If you write, you’re a writer, period. If you write and you call yourself an aspiring
writer, get rid of the aspiring because you are already a writer. Literally, that is the only requirement for
calling yourself a writer: just write. If you love writing, and you write, you’re
a writer, the end. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So that’s all I’ve got for today! If you liked
what you saw, don’t forget to subscribe and comment, and I’ll see you guys next week!

100 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re a Writer

  1. You are a JERK! I came here sincerely hoping you would tell me I am NOT a writer so I can slink away from my project, stopping the obsessive thinking of the world, the characters, the plot, (the damn book). Hoping the characters would leave me the hell alone, shut up, stop demanding I tell their story. I hoped to end the relationships between them and me. Hoping you would give me cause to walk away free and without care of turning my back on this book. In short you have manage to make me feel more guilty,… about everything!
    (Bless ya Darlin!) Hugs!

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  3. I’m a writer YAY! I love drawing cartoons so I always draw cartoons of my characters and my friends characters and they always turn out great! I also am in the middle of the third book of my trilogy!!!!

  4. I don't know how to describe myself honestly. Even though I write, I wouldn't call myself a writer because I feel more like a story maker. I'm constantly thinking about how best to tell a story, whether in words, pictures, symbols, music etc. I'm not thinking about words, I'm thinking behaviors and thoughts. So I don't know. Is that a writer or something else?

  5. 1. yup 2.nope πŸ™ 3. nope 4.yup 5. Yup /I write.. short stories, screen plays, plays, multiple genres, a book…it's fun.

  6. I always walk around a lot. I start walking because Im brainstorming a story. It freaks me out a little, it is really unconcious. So I decide to start writing that story to controll it.

  7. One sign you are a writer: you write.
    One sign you are an artist: you draw, paint, sculpt, etc.
    One sign you are musician: you play an instrument.
    One sign you are none of the above: you don't do these things.

  8. 0:49
    How can I describe this? (x5)
    We've had enough of 'how could i describe this'
    On that happy note, I liked your video, and discovered I am a writer$$

  9. One bookshelf? That's hardly "a lot of book". I knew someone who started a hobby of building bookshelves, and showed how each unit was better made, progressing to dovetails, blind mortises, etc. They filled his basement.

    I have thousands of books, mostly paperback editions which are smaller, stored compactly in banker boxes, and use a database (a product called Readerware) to note which box contains a desired book.

  10. I tried to write a book but I ran out of πŸ’‘ I have… Sneaky Sisters, The teen spy girl in time, and Annie and Bonnie

  11. I'm not always thinking about my projects (although that is a major thought process for me), but then I'm probably thinking about another book or movie I like instead. Depends on the time, I guess.

  12. I have all signs exept no 4 because i think that i am in Bessy state of soul cause of engineering studying it is pull shitt …. I hate it but i keep convice my self that engineering is improving my intelligence haha i am from egypt too and this give me a very limited options in careers because of money and some other things … I like to write stories fantasy one but in arabic because my english is bad but after graduate from engineering shitt i will translate my story it is called #super heros schools#(it is just the the name is in english hhh )i would translate it to english my story has tha ability to be a movie like the lord of the rings and harry potter this kind

  13. What if you can’t bring yourself to right? Like I am full of characters, scenarios, themes, dialogue…all these ideas floating around in my head constantly. There are thousands of them but I can’t seem to bring myself to put pen to paper. I think it’s a fear of failure thing or maybe a self loathing thing… I’m not sure but I have a vivid imagination and a rich inner life that never slows down.

  14. still not sure if writing is truly for me but I know I have always wrote down my feelings and thoughts an wants and all that jazz..most of what I think to be my best work never made thru adolescences but I know when I am at my darkest the pen bleeds of ink from my sorrows but there is always tomorrow I suppose. writing to me is double edge sword because all of my work is a bi-product of the pain and suffering but it still feels so good to let my words pour out onto space between the canvas from tip of my pen.

  15. I have to let you know that I love how compact you make your videos! Short, full of information and no waste of time like many other videos on YouTube that take 30 minutes to explain something that could have been explained in less than 5 minutes. Great work, keep up with it! I will definitely watch all your videos!

  16. Yeah that's really my life that you describe ; ) I just begin to discover some youtube channels in english and yours is very interesting.

  17. When it comes to the books bit there's not only a huge collection in my home, but there's also something to be said for fanfiction. The process of sifting through the garbage to find the gold can teach you a lot about common mistakes and uncommon ones as well. And that's on top of beating you over the head with how important spelling, grammar and sentence structure is.

  18. Damn, I’ve constantly been thinking about a WIP series I’ve made.

    And everything else seems so familiar!

  19. I have always dream of becoming a writer it's my passion, that type on where I wanted to inspire people when reading it, i wanted to make their day! But I seriously need to correct my grammars and to know those complicated words. Not to mention those punctuation marksπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
    And Does reading mangas related to being a writer?? πŸ˜‚

  20. Everytime I write some quote or poetry all my friends say that they fall in love with me when they feel each and every word of my poetry's and guess what I'm just 15 and I do match all the abilities shown in this video…
    That means I can be a writer but through my consent I guess that's god gifted so thanks..😘

  21. I use to write just what i did for 2 years then i stop write at all for 15 years
    But lately i have strong feeling to write but idk what to write
    But i feel i should write a story but that feeling come only when am in dark place mentally so do you think this is sign to write or not


  22. A short story by James Bradley …tiled the blood stained dress. Has I sit here waiting for the end of all my suffering all the torments that have be fallen upon my self.I can't help but wonder how it all went wrong how ones life can become so entwined in darkness and confusion. all because of a cruel act of fate all because of a moment of human weakness anger fear lust its all part of human nature.its what defines us what compels one to act upon what we feel must be done.if we deny are impulses we only fuel are sick and twisted fantasy's untell we carry them out.can I call myself human if I do don't fell compulsion or desire am I not intlted too the comfort of knowing that I only commented such a horrible deed because of some primal compulsion?? If not then maybe I am truly insane no sane man whould do what I have done?? I am sorry allow me to introduce myself I am Sebastian rose.of the wealthy and weel known rose family of new York and this is my confessions.if anybody wants too read more i will continue if you ask…James Bradley…

  23. When I don't write, I feel alone and empty. But when I write I feel free, I could create a world just for me.

    Writing is an escape from reality for me, I escape my fears and worries. I could shape a world I want to live in, I could create the person I want to be.

    I'm still a bit younge, but it's not stopping me from dreaming. I hope to become a successful book writer when I'm older, and it'll take a lot of work and patience.

    But I love writing, so I don't plan on stopping.

  24. 𝔏 𝔒 𝔒 π”Ž 𝔄 π”š 𝔄 π”œ ι»’γ„ζƒ‘ζ˜Ÿ ι»’γ„δΈ–η•Œ says:

    Im a horrible writer…. But still a writer

  25. I have not yet written-down anything, but this girl has some really helpful videos on the topic. I must have watched half of her videos already. Very good stuff!

  26. "When you are caught in a rainstorm, how can I describe this?"
    "When you get a paper-cut, how can I describe this?"
    "When you are sick and feeling miserable, how can I describe this?"
    Sounds like depression to me.
    Good video.

  27. Love this! Thank you ☺
    I've now started calling myself a writer as I've written 3 books, and am about to upload the second one to Amazon!
    I constantly observe and narrate, am fascinated by films, people, body language, and dark, dark stories….

  28. If you enjoyed Fangirl, I suggest Rainbow Roel’s other novel, Carey On. Amazing read

  29. I'm not into writing books, but I am into writing TV shows and movies. So I guess that makes me a writer.

  30. You are a writer when you hear some voices in your head… Greetings from colombia south America… Great video..

  31. I don't write but i want to. But i still need to read more books for me to have some ideas to put in a story. Maybe next year when our class ends i'll have brainstorming and will write a story! I'm quite excited with that.

  32. Am I weird that I don't get enough books? Always felt like if I read other peoples' stuff then my stuff would start sounding like theirs. I tend to only read the classics, stuff that is so good it's the "zenith" of writing. I dunno, that just sounded pretentious to me now.

  33. I’m 13 and I just finished the first,chapter of my book I’m
    Writing after I watched this vid! πŸ™‚

  34. Here are some signs you are not a writer

    * You have never read a damn book in your entire life
    * Your mom said you will be a great writer someday and you believed it
    * You wanna write a vampire story after watching vampire diaries and detective stories after watching Detective Pikachu.

  35. I mean i love writing but i wouldn’t say im a book worm i do have good ideas though im just not 100 percent if this is a path to take im still deciding

  36. Having a community where you can ask questions & share your wins and struggles is super important to a healthy & happy remote work life. Check out the GUAVABEAN Freelancer Group πŸ‘‰ www.facebook.com/groups/guavabean/

  37. Since I was 8 or 9 years old I’ve Always wanted to write books then get them published but I’m ten right now and I don’t know where to find a publisher

  38. And one of the books that i’m thinking about right now here’s the problem though I don’t know how to start off the story

  39. I'm constantly thinking about ideas all the time but when I go to put them on paper it's like I freeze up don't know how to put it into words on paper.

  40. I like to make up stories. With this talent I have 2 career options: One is to be a writer, the other is to be a conman or scammer. So, after little hustle I'm choosing to be a writer. It's safer LOL

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