5 Signs you should work in publishing

hello my name is Lena norms welcome back to Jessica's my frog and today we're talking publishing finally the book publishing industry publishing is huge nebulous beast of an industry I've been in for the last five years and I've really loved it it's an industry that I didn't always think I'd have access to and it's also an industry that I didn't always think that I would enjoy this series of sporadic and semi planned videos are intended to answer all of the questions you guys have asked me over the years about publishing they're in no ways gonna be definitive they are simply what I have picked up and learned and done in publishing so far but some perspective is better than no perspective and I don't actually see that much video content around getting into publishing online so I thought this could be useful now before you watch a whole bloody series on how to get into publishing or what Publishing's like you might be wondering Lena why the hell would I want to be in publishing now that is a whole other video but in short publishing is exciting for me because books are still the cheapest way that you can get stories to audiences you don't need a nor an auditorium you don't need actors as far as buying one physical object is it's the highest ratio of depth and time you can get from a piece of art compared to its price in its physical form it's becoming one of the last ways that you can stay away from a screen and really exercise your brain while still interacting with art and on top of that I don't if you've noticed most bloody films that are good these days are based on books books at the beginning of stories they're often the place that good ideas start and they're also sometimes the ways that people who have done new research can get their research out to a wider public that isn't academic of it it's also a really interesting industry because it's not like working in any other media industry in some ways it's quite traditional a lot of the marketing can be quite word-of-mouth based and I don't know liminal and it's different from and it's different from newspapers which I have worked in as well because it's not this immediate day-to-day quick what's clickbait what's going to be fast what's happening now quick report it it's like this slow gratitude slow burn way of putting a book together and it takes a long time to put a mark in campaign or a publicity campaign together takes a long time to write a book takes a long time to edit a book and it also takes the general public a long time to love a book sometimes and that's what I find interesting is it's also the long-term benefits for a society of having a book out there and when a society discover it I think about any other industry it's so driven by the people who love it in the book sellers who love it and the readers who love it and you can put a lot behind a marketing campaign but if it isn't a good thing it's not gonna reach that many people and I don't know I also just love how much time people have to invest in a book and it's kind of a crazy amount of time in this very immediate world and that people still want to put into listening to one character or one story and also because it's so immersive I think you can change people's minds easier with books because you have to spend so long in somebody else's head and somebody else's point of view I think it's the best way it's the fastest way that you can encourage empathy in a society anyway going off there I'm going I need to calm down today we're working through some ways I have devised that I have used myself and that I think you could use to find out whether working in book publishing is for you number one and I did this when I lived back in Coventry when I was thinking like maybe book publishing is for me and it felt impossible and there was a big rumor going around my university there was absolutely impossible and you know nobody got into it nobody seemed to know anyone who was in it I went through all the books they owned and I often bought books some charity shops back then and I had this big mismatch of stuff that I'd studied the university stuff I'd had from school stuff that I'd borrowed from people stuff I'd stolen from people I went through and I organized them by publisher this meant I could see what somebody was publishing how their logos had changed over the years the type of stuff they published what formats they published in and I really enjoyed it I really enjoyed going oh that's what I Ryan do baragas logos have really changed over the years I see what they're trying to do with that book design it's very interesting and oh I think I love that publisher the most because they publish the most amount of books that I own that I love grab your books look at this little logo here read what it says on this rights page and organize your books that way here's an icon book here's a penguin book you get the idea if that bores you and doesn't excite you might be a na-na-na-na-na-na-na number to read three books from different genres you don't like everybody else their own genres there's your honors that they're like yeah I want to go to that Isle of magical realism I love crime I love nonfiction I love sci-fi and fantasy pick three books maybe they're bestsellers maybe they're obscure from genres that aren't yours you might hate them you might have never tried them before but pick three books read them the whole way through was that painful or interesting doesn't have to have been enjoyable what's interesting a lot of book publishing it especially in your first few jobs you're gonna be working on books that you might not necessarily by yourself but you should take an interest in them anyway taking an interest in them doesn't mean that you have to be captivated or changed by them but it should be an interesting experience for you and you should be able to imagine who might buy that book and how to get to them if that was painful maybe not number three spend 20 minutes on the book seller website are you bored the bookseller website is our industry magazine they also have a physical edition that comes out every week because of that much news in publishing because there's go exactly some of the articles are behind a paywall but lots are free spend 20 minutes reading some of those articles they're sometimes about authors they're sometimes about acquisitions they could be about publishing houses changing hands they could be about innovations that happening in the industry they could be about campaigns that certain imprints are running if you are bored after 20 minutes of reading those maybe now la la la la number four go to some free book events in your area if it was good did you come back with butterflies in your stomach did you come away feeling different did you come away wanting to read more of that authors work if it was did you feel galvanized to change it did you have lots of ideas of how it could be done better congratulations you should work in book publishing if you came away just a bit bored a bit apathetic maybe not maybe not and the bonus round number five if you can become a bookseller being a bookseller I worked at waterstones and was a really big way that I was like this is really interesting I always wanted to read the blurbs of books from every section I love talking to people about books finding out why somebody is buying a book at the tail being like oh let me to choose this one finding out how but to persuade somebody to buy a book watching which book sold and which books didn't and guessing and understanding why understanding shelving sections understanding what the zeitgeist was and what people were genuinely coming in to look for and ask for that made me realize that I was not just interested in reading but I was interests in the practice of making books this is a bonus round because while there are lots and lots of new independent book shops opening which is really exciting there have been a lot that have closed over the years so I know it's hard to find a bookshop to work in and sometimes there's not very many places if you can't find a job in a bookshop even if you're just working four hours a week and I would suggest volunteering in an Oxfam especially if you have an Oxfam bookshop near you or another kind of charity bookshop you can still learn about reading habits I always find it really interesting to see which books recurringly turn up in charity shops because they're either the books that everybody thought they loved and just gave away all the other books that everybody loves and that's why there's so many of them in circulation working out which one it is is a game in itself but yeah I would really suggest that okay they are my five things they're my five suggestions and let me know if you guys have any other ones that you want to try or maybe working but publishing and have tried in the comments below I will be doing lots of other videos and publishing so please leave your questions below thank you for watching frog snog out

27 thoughts on “5 Signs you should work in publishing

  1. You just saves me from choosing editor as a career….now I think that a publishing firm is the one for me…thank you

  2. This was really good overview for a rookie. I'm a business (marketing) grad and so much suited to be lit grad, that i found publishing to be my best match.
    You can make a video about the evolving face of publishing industry, how has it changed, what roles are being replaced or added…

  3. Thank you so much for this video! I am a first year English student and I think I really want to work in publishing one day, but there just is not that much information surrounding it online. So this video was really helpful and I cannot wait for the rest of the series! My question would be: Do you need any specific qualifications for any jobs in publishing? And do any publishing houses offer work experience or training schemes? Thank you!x

  4. WHERE WAS THIS VIDEO WHEN I THOUGHT I WANTED TO GO INTO PUBLISHING??!! (Don't worry, I eventually figured out that book publishing is not the career I want to go into. But I'm glad you're doing this series for everyone out there who IS pursuing a career in publishing :))

  5. Another super interesting video! Will for sure try these things (they all sound interesting to me!). I've actually found it really fascinating doing uni reading because it's taught me to enjoy books I don't necessarily like.

  6. Despite not being hugely interested in a career in publishing, nor do I meet all 5 of your suggested criteria, I still found this video really fascinating. It's so cool to hear you chatting away about something that you're obviously both passionate about and have a talent for. Keep doing what you're doing! 🙂

  7. I love the idea of going to free book events in ur area. But is there anywhere (like websites) where I can find out where and when these events are happening? I live in the suburbs so am able o travel into London!

  8. Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was a Russian novelist, historian, and short story writer. He was an outspoken critic of the Soviet Union and communism and helped to raise global awareness of its Gulag forced labor camp system. His book The Gulag Archipelago was written on whatever material he could find in the concentration camp and it was smuggled out and hidden away in peoples chimneys and under their floorboards until it was safe to take it out and publish it. You should read it. It is a different genre that you probably won't like but take your own advice and do it. He wrote it in less than 20 days. I hope it won't be too painful for you…. You won't have ever seen this book in Waterstones. BTW Oxfam is run by paedos. You will know that from the MSM who are reporting on it all over the world. Predators are attracted to the vulnerable. The big wigs of Oxfam have been preying on women and children in the poorer countries for decades and have been helping themselves to huge 6 figure salaries that are paid from taxpayer money gleaned by govt, who then hand it over to them and they also get a lot of money from donations from kind people, usually the elderly Brits…Most of this money never makes it to the poor people it was intended for which is why their situation has barely changed in 50 years whilst the Charity bosses get filthy rich and they get to fuck kids and young women who are starving hungry and desperate in places like Haiti… You are welcome x

  9. Thank you! Could you do a video about what are the specific areas and job posiciones you could get in the publishing world? I mean, as in edition, marketing, etc.

  10. Loved the video. Super interesting. I wanna get into publishing through translation (I'm studying to become a translator) and I wanted to know if you had any info or tips on that side of the industry.

  11. i love this , i thought i wanna te be a publisher guess not hahah i wanna be a writer instead , kinda always known thatm great video idea !!

  12. Amazing job, Leena. I'm working as a freelance writer at the moment but I used to work in marketing. If I went back to work for someone else it'd probably be in publishing. Although I also write so maybe one day someone will pick up one of my books and I'll get into it that way ;D

  13. This was such an interesting video! I work in magazine publishing at the moment, so it's interesting to get perspective on all the aspects of the publishing industry which are completely different to my little pool. Really excited to see your future videos on this 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for making this video, I found it so helpful! I'll (hopefully) be interning at a publishing house in a few months, do you have any tips on how to prepare? What tasks or skills are usually expected of interns?

  15. Great video! Another suggestion is volunteering at a library, especially if there aren't any much coveted bookseller jobs about! Looking forward to the rest of this series Leena!

  16. I work in a library and I relate to this video so much. I love reading but I also love working on book displays to encourage people to take out more books on mental health for example. And I love talking to the customers about their opinions on the books they check out and making genuine connections. It's a beautiful community

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