5 Self-Publishing Scams Authors Needs to Watch For – Part 1

– Alright, if you’re
self-publishing a book I’ve got five scams you’re
gonna wanna watch out for. Stick around. (dynamic, lively music) Hey there, I’m Julie Broad
of booklaunchers.com. If you’re self-publishing a book you might be looking
at different companies to hire, to work with,
to publish your book. I’ve got five things you’re
gonna wanna watch out for to make sure that you own
the Rights to your book and that you can do whatever
you want with the materials at the beginning, and at the end. Number one. Ask who owns the Rights. A lotta deals out there, we’ll find that you don’t actually own
the materials in your book. In fact you may be signing over everything to the publishing company
that you’re working with. Sometimes you might own the Local Rights, but they actually own
the International Rights or the Audio Book. And maybe today you’re not
thinking about those things. But if your book is really popular, you may find international companies are looking to buy the rights to that book and you won’t be able so sell it. So you wanna make sure that you read any contracts
you sign very carefully, and ask, “Who owns the
Rights to the materials?” Number two. A lotta times you’ll find that
companies have big promises like Guaranteed Best Seller, or they’re going to make
you an Award Winning Author. Find out what that means and exactly how they’re
going to achieve it. Because a lotta times it’s a gimmick that does give you an award, but every single author that
works with their company gets an award. And what does that really
do for your credibility? If you’re creating a nonfiction
book to boost your brand, grow your business, and
develop credibility, a fake award doesn’t really do that. And Best Seller status, if they’re just gonna get you number one in some sub, sub, sub category on Amazon, if you wanna be selling your book and getting it in your
ideal readers’ hands, that’s probably not doing it. So make sure that this Promise is something that actually
helps you achieve your goals. Number three. Find out who gets the royalties. Because these days there’s no reason for you not
to get 100% of the royalties when you publish your book. In other words, you should be
getting every dollar available when that book sells. So again, read the contracts. Make sure you know who’s
getting the royalties. And if somebody else it gettin’ them make sure you’re getting something very valuable in exchange. Number four. Who ones the ISBN? The ISBN is a publisher identifier. And a lotta companies will say,
“We’ll assign you an ISBN.” Or they’ll say, “You don’t need to worry
about bringing your own, “we’ll give you one.” But if you wanna own
the Rights to your book, you wanna control it, then you really should come to
the table with your own ISBN. Now if you’re in Canada that’s no problem. ’cause you can get your ISBN for free. In the U.S. you’re gonna have to buck up, but $125 through Bowker, Bow-ker I don’t know how to say it, B-O-W-K-E-R is how you spell it. Go there, buy your ISBN number, and then you can rest
assured that you own it. And watch out for any company that says that you don’t
need to own your ISBN number because there’s somethin’
goin’ on behind the scenes. Number five. How do you get copies of your book? A lotta companies, vanity publishers, they make money selling
you copies of your book. The reality is you shouldn’t be spending
that much money on your book. This is one of my books, and it cost $4.06 to order a single copy. It’s about 200, about 267 pages long. There’s a couple more
dollars required for shipping and that’s it. So if somebody’s tryin’ to charge you $10, saying that’s the best price they can give you to order
copies of your book, run away! If you can order them direct through your Print-On-Demand supplier like Ingram Spark, or Create Space, then you’re getting them for
the absolute rock bottom price and somebody’s not making money selling you copies of your very own book. If you like this video
give it a Thumbs Up. Makes me happy, encourages
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the channel while you’re here. See you next time. (dynamic, lively music) In the next video I’m gonna talk about how
to avoid these five scams. So check that out. – [Videographer] Since we just
started, cut the loop again. – [Director] Oh yeah. – I didn’t even move. How does my hair do that? Bowker, Bow-ker? I don’t know how to say it. Order your copies now. How do you get… So if the but, the, blah…

47 thoughts on “5 Self-Publishing Scams Authors Needs to Watch For – Part 1

  1. As always, you are fun and upbeat, while being very helpful and credible. New authors are sitting ducks for scams and scary clauses in contracts; you help make this business safer and help writers get the credit they deserve. Thanks so much, Julie!

  2. Thanks so much for your help. Currently I'm publishing through LULU. They are pretty reasonable but if not for your advice on the ISBN number I would have been in a situation that I would regret in the future. Also how many books have you published? I think it's good advice also to purchase the package deal through Bowker…Boh-ker, Bow-ker?

  3. Hi Julie, do you recommend Kindle for self publishing authors? it's my first book and I don't want to make any mistakes.

  4. Julie, where the heck have you been all my life? I really dig your content. Binge watching right now. Awesome video!

  5. Thank you for producing great contents!!!!
    Uhhm just wanna ask how if you know any way to get paid in kdp if amazon doesn't support the banking from my country? This message always shows up : ( "We currently don't support electronic payments to this country. Please select "I don’t have a bank" to complete setting up your payment method." PLEASE MAN I NEED YOUR HELP

  6. As always, thanks so much for the useful and short videos! Your comment about the author owning the ISBN raised a huge question for me. I started a publishing company to help self-published authors publish their books. I make my contracts non-exclusive because I want my authors to fully own the rights to their work. But since I buy the ISBNs and apply them to the books, does that mean the author doesn't fully own the rights? Please help!

  7. Book Launchers helps entrepreneurs and professionals self-publish non-fiction books that grow their business. You own 100% of the content, have total creative control, and keep all the royalties. Our publishing team is YOUR publishing team.

    Find out how we can help you write, publish, and sell a book to grow your business:

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  8. which publisher do you recommend takes all "5 self-publishing scams authors needs to watch for" into consideration and give the author-in-progress the ideal deal?

  9. Can I be in US a gets an ISBN from Canada? Does it really matter where you are? Can I use my US ISBN to publish/print my book in Germany?

  10. You're a life saver, more people who are interested in writing should now about these points for their own benefit
    My hero 😘

  11. Dorrance… Publishers. I did some basic research into them when they offered to publish me following my copyright filing. Yeah… so… they're sort of like, "Literary Mercenaries."

  12. The more I watch your videos the more I like you! I am working on a non-fiction title right now and I may be in touch…

  13. Hi Julie, LIKE 428 lady. First, LOVE the draped scarf. HAD to watch this. I wasn't really worried about this topic, but it's just so fun and dishy a topic that I had to watch it! Oh! Can I get an award please! lol. Cheers and blessings, April

  14. Awesome! Your info video very helpful and very well put together. Keep up the good work, continue on making great content with relevancy.

  15. Thanks for another great video, Julie. I am learning a lot about things I need to know for books I have on Amazon.

  16. Julie, I am literally over the moon! You have given me my hope back!! I had received quotes for perfect bound books at $25 per book before shipping. You were right – I can get my book for $4.06 at Ingram spark! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  17. So how much should I spending on my first 10,000 copies of my first none fictional factoids book that I'm creating?

  18. What do you know if in the contract it doesn't state all of where the royalty is going, it tells you a portion goes to Amazon and a small portion to them and you get the rest but you find out later there are hidden fees not listed in the contract? What do you do, should you seek legal advice regarding this or just count it up as a loss?

  19. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Mathplus Publishing on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/mathplus-publishing-review/ Thanks, Torry.

  20. wonderful video but I'm creating and about to film my first and own short story. please help!

  21. Paige will be getting so much per copy, is that a bad thing?I would get most of the royalties but not all. It's better then publishing as an anthropology. There, I'd be paying more then i'd be taking in.

  22. FYI: Mulberry books is associated with Author Solutions/Author Hourse. I signed the contract but didn't pay them because I re-read the contract and their legal is in same location as Author solutions. So don't use Mulberry house either!!

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