5 MYSTERIOUS Ancient Books That Promise REAL Supernatural Powers

46 thoughts on “5 MYSTERIOUS Ancient Books That Promise REAL Supernatural Powers

  1. This is why its good to know your friends reading list if they even read….Hopefully Bezos or the goverment… is monitoring Audible/barnes and noble….online book sales…finding these odd balls…

  2. i would say never summon but meditate and unlock your powers for yourself other alternative is to seek out masters who are able to help you on your journey or talk to god and keep asking while meditating become more spiritual. It is true that the evil ones will give you power but you will be theirs they will not have to do anything to you until you die and that's when they will have you forever so stay away and be positive

  3. I have all those Grimoires you mention and much more on my occult book shelf……but I’m a professional practitioner of the occult.

  4. the occult has done this for years, same with occult elites / secret societies who teach hermetic principles, this is a common reality outside the bubble of the cubits which are the working class people

  5. Demons aren’t inherently evil cause evil doesn’t exist it’s a concept made up by humans

  6. Imagine touching an original grimoir, on a scale of 1 to 10 how certain are you it's not made of human leather?

  7. If you can so capriciously and ignorantly assume that demons are inherently evil you have no place making a video like this. You obviously haven't read a single page about demonolatry. What other videos on this channel were put together by someone just looking to sensationalize a subject they know so little about?

  8. You'd be surprised the desperation of someone who just left his doctor who told him he has less than 24 hours to live

  9. I know some magic which is actually real and it works…
    Its written in book "dhyaneshwari" i dont know if u call it magic
    But u can literally get ur soul ( consiousness) out of ur body.
    And yeah it works…hard to belive but when u will practice it will literally feel urself out of ur body and also..u can feel the environment out of ur body without opening ur eyes

  10. Demons aren't inherently evil, that idea was propagated by the church. Demons are worshipped in all ancient cultures and they can bestow you with great success, knowledge and love…

  11. weyer DIDNT write it all down… he left out crucial portions of the ritual… do ur homework dude…

  12. Kind of quirky, but I liked the video. Depending on what your motives are. The books can be used in two different ways. One to assist you in your daily life. Or two, for knowledge. The more innocent you are/ignorant. Evil will not intentionally bother you beyond the norm. But the more knowledgeable you are. And the more you can see. Evil will try to end you! So yes, please be careful with any magical works. These are not powers you should mess with unless you have experience or you have a teacher.

  13. Waitttttt shiiittte. You’re the dude from the hangover movies!!!!! You’re gay boy!!! Yayyy cooollllllll

  14. So here is a weird one for ya. When I was a kid I found a white leather book with gold lettering on my mom's bed. When I opened it I found it contained spells, and being curios I flipped through the book and found a spell that caught my eye. This spell what titled "summon a friend" and seemed a reletively simple spell all I had to do was draw a circle with four lines, one in each direction and say the spell so I decided to give it a try. After I performed the spell my mom found me and asked what I was doing and I told her about finding the book on her bed and performing the spell. After hearing this she flipped out and had both of us spart praying like mad after telling me that she had no idea where the book came from and that I might have brought something bad into the house. That book dissapeared and no one acknowledges that it happened. So now im wondering wtf was that book? And wtf would I have actually summoned?

  15. Great point you make if summoning a being of any kind the arrogance to believe that you are greater than they attitude, is a grand failing.

  16. Abramelin – after 18 months of serious prep you can summon and converse with your Holy Guardian Angel. According to Abraham of Worms, a student of Abramelin, you then – with the help of the HGA – call and control the demons. So it's not like you are alone trying to control these evil entities – you get help from your HGA. All very interesting once you start looking into it.

  17. I just need a real wand so that I can cast spells to my anemy..do you have something like that?

  18. There's no such thing I'm gonna put an end to myths it all means chemistry biology mathematics get it geometry gosh I'm tired of false beliefs.

  19. to he honest wit you this is how you get ahold of God for real not just sayin a simple prayers we are all pose to know this how else do we communicate with the Gods

  20. if u have a iron ring and a copper rod and u know how to use the 7 rays of light then they cant hurt you and they will do your bidding but if your be there friend and give them something like a deal where you get what u want and they get what they want then they can be good to you its not what power you use its what you use it for

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