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what's shakin blue – my name's cam and welcome back to another writing tip video it has been much too long it has been much much much thrill though it as actually being a while so I'm back at it again today's video might seem rather similar to what I've done before called resources for riders but this one's actually called apps for riders so this focuses specifically on smartphone apps that riders can use to help them write the majority of them are free except for one but that that one app is worth the $3.00 we'll deirdre safe to say smartphone apps are pretty much changing the world at this point everything you can do every bit of reference you would ever need everything you could need you'll find inside one of these it's at the point now where if you're a business and you don't have an app there's someone can conveniently put on their phone to use your stuff you're probably gonna fall behind so it should be no surprise that you can find plenty of apps that are going to help you as a writer obviously as a reader as well as plenty of stuff for reading that can help you on the phone but today we're focusing on the writing aspect of it the majority of them are free to I mean some of them might have memberships to get a few more perks but ultimately you won't really need to pay any money I can't stress enough how much I've used all of these apps that I'm gonna mention all five of them and they're just helping me phenomenally so the first one I'm gonna tell you about is named ice named ice is exactly as it sounds pretty much just app where you'll press the screen and it will roll the dice and giving you two names pretty much every writer I know has tried the old trick of going onto a website where atlas baby names and going through that if they're blanking on names for characters but this app obviously is way easier I've never used the two names that it gives you together just because sometimes it can become a bit funny but it definitely has helped me name a lot of my characters when you see a name roll up that does actually seem fitting so here's how it works you just pretty much get the screen up like that and you press it mmm you can go as fast as you like and go through all these names and chances are you're going to find something that fits and helps and the best part it's free next up might seem kind of obvious but you'd be surprised the amount of people who don't actually have this on their phone that's Microsoft Word and the reason this app is so handy isn't really for writing a story on your phone although you could I probably wouldn't recommend it the reason I have it on my phone is because if I do some writing on Microsoft Word on my computer if you have a linked Microsoft account you can actually get it to flick up on your phone so you can review some of the writing you've been doing while you're taking the train or bus to work or while you're bored while you're taking a I don't know obviously you can make edits that kind of stuff as well it's just super handy it's also free Microsoft account I current members the Microsoft account is free I pay for my Microsoft account because you have to pay to have Microsoft Word on your computer but the apps free and another awesome thing is that it links up to your Dropbox if you have one which is where I've backup all my stuff on the cloud so it can pretty much everything you put in your Dropbox as far as stories and writing goes you can get it up on your phone with Microsoft Word next up is another free app called wordsmith spelled o ee Rd Smith and it's a bit hard to explain but essentially what it is it's a free app where you set up a studio and you put in all of your ideas all of your notes basically everything as far as an outline could need you put it all into this one place on your phone which is super handy if you are sitting at the computer doing some writing and you just want to reference check some I don't know let's say character notes you forget some certain characteristics that the character you're writing you can go to wordsmith check it there and it's all filed away very conveniently and really well actually you can put together a portfolio you set up a writing schedule on wordsmith it's just very handy tool for writers think of it as the outline app that's what I would refer to it as the outline up next up might be one you didn't expect another free app called well you know what this is it's Google Translate the reason I have Google Translate on my phone is because if I'm writing a character that speaks another language this is the best way to get an accurate it's the best way to get an accurate translation as well as giving you the pronunciation that sort of thing because with a lot of translation apps it's going to just quite literally translate word-for-word and that might not actually make sense contextually in that language but Google Translate does a good job of actually shifting and making sure it says what you're intending for it to say obviously in the editing stage you would want to double-check any any writing you've done another language that you're not familiar with you would double check it anyway but Google translates the best way to get that streamlined last but not least is the only app on here that cost money that's two dollars ninety nine and it's called lists for writers this is by far the best app you can get as a writer it's I can't even mention right there's no words I can give to you that would express how useful this is for three dollars it's just ridiculous it gives you tens of thousands of and it sounds like I'm being sponsored but I'm not I have no connection with these guys whatsoever so it gives you tens of thousands of examples in lists as you can see it's just got categories upon categories upon categories of stuff just stuff you could need even the most obscure things like carriages and chariots is a category you go into it and it gives you a massive list of terminologies it has names adjectives verbs specific things animals facial expressions words to describe hair it's just it's insane this app was invaluable when it came to my riding with both of my books I used this app non-stop yeah there's nothing more I can say on it but if you're a writer and you have a smartphone get that out that's not don't debate it don't make excuses just get it and you'll see what I mean anyway Hermey sets five apps we've done we out download them all they're all free except that last one which is well worth the $3.00 anyway so download them all tell me what you think actually as well if you know any apps that I haven't mentioned is that a useful is all right of please actually tell me in the comments I know youtubers are always like Oh tell me in the comments below that I genuinely that tell me because I want to know I hope you find these useful and good luck with your writing guys I'm midway through my third book and you know I know how much of a struggle it is we need all the help we can get so yeah thanks for watching and good luck you can find all my social media links below I'm most active on Twitter links to my podcast in my blogger down there as well if you haven't already joined the Wolfpack and subscribe and if you are in the Wolfpack I'll see you in the next video catcha

27 thoughts on “5 Must Have Apps for Writers | Writing Tips

  1. As for the Microsoft Word thing:

    I used to use that as well, but then my school started using Chrome Books. So, if you're familiar with Chrome you know about My Drive. Honestly, it is the best thing in the world. I put EVERYTHING on My Drive. It took some time getting used to, yes, but that's because I've been using Word for as long as I can remember. You can create documents with Google Docs, which is like Microsoft Word. You can create presentations with Google Slides, which is like Microsoft Powerpoint. You can create tables with Google Sheets, which is like Microsoft Excel. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free, even on your laptop/pc, you can edit anywhere, on whatever device you want to. It saves automatically, and it somehow didn't save it's VERY easy to find your document back, you can work together in a document, at the same time, and it doesn't matter with how many people you are and loads more.

    In short, I think it's just much better than Microsoft. Make sure to check it out if you're interested –> Just look up "Google Drive" or something and you'll find it:)

  2. Excuse me, but "Google Translate" and "accurate" don't go well in the same sentence. Google Translate can be efficient for words alone translation, but if you want to translate a sentence or a phrase, DON'T USE IT!!! It's going to litteraly translate word by word like you said other apps would do. Actually, Google Translate does the same exact thing.

  3. Inkarnate : not an app, but a website.
    Lets you create your map for epic stories (historical/fantasy)
    I did one, it turned out to be awesome. You don't need to be an artist for that, the quality is something like that you'd find in games/ movies n all that.
    Happy writing:)

  4. Google translate gives a better translation than most. But I encourage people not to use it unless they have taken some basic linguistics courses and can diagram scentences well in foreign languages based off of the syntax and inflection, or at least break up what each part must be fulfilling. Diagramming sentences is a bit much, I know, and even I struggle doing it.

  5. a random name generator would be super helpful unless it only uses – for lack of a better expression – white names (which i think it does). i mean i feel like underrepresentation is a problem as it is and unconsciously just making white characters isn’t that helpful 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. For one of my books I use google translate for like some German, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian dialogue. It's the best thing ever. For Spanish specifically though, use spanishdict. That's how I write dialogue for Spanish speaking characters specifically. It's great.

  7. I prefer Google docs for my phone personally. Microsoft on my laptop, I just use their website based one as that is free for both Word and PowerPoint.

  8. I actually use Google docs for my writing. It has an app as well that is constantly saved to my private cloud so I can access my writing at any time. I can allow my circle of readers to read through certain chapters as I finish them for input and can even put setting where they cant copy, paste or take screenshots of the document when they are inside. I absolutely love Google Docs over Word for my writing and my Full-time job. I highly recommend the software and app.

  9. My favorite writing apps: Wunderlist (for planning projects. Omg. my life is in this app). Also Scrivener (learning curve is annoying, but if you write scripts too, it's perfect). I also love Notebook because it's web based and I can access it from anywhere. Easy to use and it's great for planning content. I will definitely have to get that Lists for Writers app. Thanks for all the tips!

  10. Bwahaha! Only the last one is of any use to me. Everything else I either have a better means of accomplishing or no use for that app.
    Comes with the territory of being an obsessive world creator.

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