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Little Miss Greedy by Roger Hargreaves Little Miss Greedy certainly was. What? Greedy! I’ll say. As greedy as a giant! And giants are really very greedy indeed. Little Miss Greedy lived in Cherrycake cottage. One lovely summer morning, a Monday, Little Miss Greedy awoke earlier than usual. She felt rather hungry, and so she went into her kitchen and cooked
herself some breakfast. Some breakfast indeed! Sausages! Now, if you had sausages for breakfast, or if I had sausages for breakfast, how many sausages would we have? One? Perhaps two? Maybe three? Guess how many sausages Little Miss Greedy
had for breakfast? Sixty-six! Go on, count them! Sixty-six succulent, sizzling sausages. Which is difficult to say. And even more difficult to eat. Unless you’re Little Miss Greedy! Little Miss Greedy cut the last sausage on
her plate in two, and popped on half into her mouth. “Mmm!” she sighed, contentedly. “That was nice,” she thought to herself. “Now, what else shall I have?” Guess what? Toast! Now if you had toast for breakfast, or if I had toast for breakfast, how many slices would we have? Perhaps two? Maybe three? Guess how many slices of toast Little Miss
Greedy had for breakfast? Twenty-three! Twenty-three thick, tasty slices of tempting toast! And marmalade. Just as Little Miss Greedy was licking the
last crumb of the twenty-third slice of toast from her lips, there was a knock at the door of Cherrycake
Cottage. It was the postman. “Letter for you, Little Miss Greedy,” he said,
cheerfully. “Oh good,” smiled Little Miss Greedy, for she liked it when somebody sent her a
letter. “Would you like a cup of tea while you’re
here?” she asked. “I’m going to have one.” One indeed! Just look at the size of Little Miss Greedy’s
teapot! The postman had one cup of tea and a chat, thanked Little Miss Greedy, and left. Little Miss Greedy poured herself another
cup (another cup after the eleven other cups she’d
already had) and opened her letter. It was from her cousin, Mr Greedy. “Dear Little Miss Greedy,” he had written. (He always wrote to his cousin this way.) “Next Wednesday is my birthday. Please come to tea at four o’clock.” Little Miss Greedy was delighted. She hadn’t seen her cousin for quite some
time. Wednesday was a lovely day. After a little light lunch (I’ll tell you what later), Little Miss Greedy set off in her car to drive
to Mr Greedy’s house. But, before she set off, she put something on the back seat of her
car. Something large. Mr Greedy’s birthday present. At four o’clock precisely, Little Miss Greedy pulled up in front of Mr
Greedy’s roly-poly sort of a house. Mr Greedy was there to meet her. “Hello, Little Miss Greedy,” he smiled. “How lovely to see you after all this time!” “Happy birthday,” laughed Little Miss Greedy, and she gave Mr Greedy a big kiss. Mr Greedy blushed. “Do come in,” he said. “Tea’s all ready!” Little Miss Greedy was following Mr Greedy
into his house when she remembered something. You know what it was, don’t you? That’s right. Mr Greedy’s birthday present! “Wait a minute,” she said. “Can you help me to lift something out of
the back of my car, please?” She smiled. “It’s rather heavy,” she added. “Certainly,” agreed Mr Greedy. There, on the back seat of Little Miss Greedy’s
car, was the biggest birthday cake you’ve ever
seen in all your life. A huge enormous gigantic colossal currant
cake, with thick pink icing on top and strawberry
jam in the middle. “I only put one candle on it,” explained Little Miss Greedy as they carried
it to the house, “because I’ve forgotten how old you are!” “Oh, you shouldn’t have,” laughed Mr Greedy. He licked his lips. “But I’m glad you did!” “I baked it today,” said Little Miss Greedy. And then she chuckled. “I have a confession to make,” she said. “This isn’t the only cake I baked today! The first one looked so delicious, I ate it for breakfast!” She chuckled again. “And the second one looked so delicious,” she went on, “I ate that one for my lunch!” Mr Greedy grinned from ear to ear. “Time for tea, Little Miss Greedy!” he said.

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