5 Life-Changing Books You Need to Read in 2019

maybe don't have time to read the hundreds of book recommendations people just throw your way or maybe just get overwhelmed by all the options that are out there in this video I'm gonna give you my top five book recommendations that could change your life in 2018 what's up refuser is Clarke from refusing to settle calm welcome back to our 54 50 video challenge on the second half of it now it's been really fun doing these videos with you I'm having a blast and it's also super challenging to come up with something new every single day but we're doing it nevertheless and today I was thinking what do we want to talk about well what would be most beneficial to you and I thought it would just be great to not just give you concepts from my life but to talk about other people who are smarter and have more experience than me and what they've written about because that's really what a book is it's taking someone's best lessons their best work and they Jam pack it into 200 300 pages and they give it to you so today I want to talk about the top 5 that I read that I'd recommend you get on audiobook or that you pick up in a physical book form as well book number one is secrets of the millionaire mind by T Harv Eker I love this book because it talks about how our biggest need is the need for to remain consistent with our identity if you say you're a healthy person your whole life trait changes to back that up right you start going to the gym more you drink your water you don't do drugs alcohol that's just not in your system because you're a healthy person well the same thing is true with finances with with money a lot of us say we want to become wealthy we want to become rich but our mindset isn't there to back it up we still believe things like money doesn't grow on trees right you've heard that one or money is the root of all evil those kind of truisms float around in society we grow up believing them and we wonder why we get money and then we lose it quickly or we don't get money at all and so I love this book because it gets to the root of that that if you want to become rich you got to change your belief system with money a lot of those again are subconscious that you might not even be aware of your believing next book and this one might be the best book I've read in five years it just hit me in the right place the right time with what I'm doing for my business and everything anyway expert secrets by Russell Brunson fantastic fantastic book about what it means to be an expert a lot of you on this channel you want to do something with entrepreneurship right you want to start your own business maybe you have it you want to reach the masses you want to impact the world for the better and one thing we struggle with I struggled with a lot and still do from time to time is positioning yourself as in experts someone who's a teacher and not just a student someone who's a leader and not just a follower that can be an uncomfortable transition for a lot of us especially the first time you make it and this book talks about that and it's it says it debunks the myth of an expert just says that in order to be one you don't have to know everything you just have to read one chapter ahead it also goes into rustle also goes into the concept of an attractive character and that this is the most marketable version of you so a lot of us we have different identities right we have the identity that goes to the office we have the identity that stays at home we have the identity that when we're out with our friends you know we're telling jokes all that stuff we have these different parts of us so when you talk to people online or you position yourself as an expert you got to find out what identity to draw from and put out to the world so it's not like you can't be yourself it's that there's certain parts you got to emphasize more and certain tweaks you make to your personality so that you reach more people and you resonate with them on a deeper level yeah I could be myself if I just had a one long video that was 20 minutes long going over the five best books I read in 2018 on my bed with bad lighting and bad framing and low-quality camera but it would it would be completely boring it would be authentic but it wouldn't be interesting it wouldn't reach as many people in turn because it's not as high-quality so it's kind of the same thing with you that if you a lot of people there's that myth that you just need to be yourself and people think that that's just turning on the camera and filming every single thing they do it's a hundred percent authentic it's a hundred percent real but it's not interesting so I love the concept of an attractive character because it's saying take the interesting parts of you present them in this way and that's how you reach the masses not by just being a hundred percent off then take a hundred percent yourself anyway I love this book it had a lot of epiphanies for me so I'll link down below to Russell Brunson owns clickfunnels and it's the the marketing platform I'm switching to and moving over to so if you're in the marketing I'll put a 14-day free trial down below it's just a fantastic program fantastic software all right the next book number three one you may have seen but is there's only one copy of it in the entire world it's a very rare book sells for millions of dollars this guy the journal for 2017 now I read this journal I write this journal I create this journal it doesn't leave my sight and if you're new to this if you've never done journaling I'll link down below a playlist we have on the channel about it why we do this why we even bother keeping a journal it turns into the best book you've ever read because you're able to customize all these books you're able to customize all these lessons out there and tailor fit it to you tailor fit it to your needs tailored fit it to your life tailor fit it to your style it's a way we call that you can coach yourself next up we have book number four I will teach you to be rich biro meets 80 it's a book that talks about how do you get ahead in finances without depriving yourself without saying no to things it focuses on the big wins like negotiating your salary you know that's a huge win for a lot of people that if you negotiate your salary at your job for an extra a couple hundred dollars a month over the course of a year that's a couple thousand dollars a year over the course of a decade that's an extra 20 grand so focus on the big wins not the little things like trying to cut back on a latte now and then big wins are eliminating credit debt that that can rack up hundreds and thousands of dollars tens of thousands for a lot of people just the debt and the fees alone it's about working smarter with your money and not always harder and using willpower to save it away lastly one of my favorite ways to get inspired and get motivated to work on anything is to read books and stories about people who have achieved a lot so this one's really quick it's around 100 pages it is by Richard Branson screw it lats do it all about his crazy experiences going in hot-air balloons riding them across the ocean building virgin into the multi-billion dollar company starting as like a record store where hippies would go smoke weed in and then it's slowly transitioning into an established company just just a fantastic book about thinking big and acting bigger so if you want to do anything in life you want to build a business you want to get inspired this book gets me motivated and it's one you can read in like a weekend on a Saturday there you go those are my top five books I'd recommend if you want to get ahead in 2018 you want to get a jump start on it I'll link down below to resources the first is audible you get a free audiobook if you go through the link below it's a fantastic platform again I put these books on my phone I listen to them in the gym when I'm commuting to and from you can put it on 1.5 speed you know listen to it in the shower as you're falling asleep you don't have to block out time to sit down and read because I always get distracted I don't know about you but I'm always checking my phone or I'm always my mind drifts off or I just there's something about just sitting and reading I feel like I'm wasting my time so I found audiobooks have just unlocked dozens of new books for me so any of the ones I mentioned here go pick it up go get your free trial audible you get a free audiobook that's it for today's video thanks so much for stopping by I'll see you back here tomorrow until then stop settling start living see ya you

22 thoughts on “5 Life-Changing Books You Need to Read in 2019

  1. So glad you explained what a book is. This is an AUDIOBOOK, so I kinda get your pseudo intellectual ramblings.

  2. I sincerely wish you success and luck but I would not want to spend any time with you. The book that changed my life was Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. It was my first real book at the age of 14. Not long thereafter I read Jane Austen and then I embarked on a great literature read. This all come from nowhere as I was just a flake kid with no education. I suspect you will be rich. I am not rich. For some reason I am happy and I hope you earn lots of money and from what I see money does make people happy.

  3. I'm reading Six billion shoppers, this book is about the ecommerce and it's wonderful, i've learned a lot of things.

  4. I love this list bro! However I must correct you on a quote! It's something that so many people say wrong that's why it's get so much flack! And that's "money is the root of all evil " it's actually " the love of money is the root of all evil". This verification of this saying actually clarifies it better. Because money is not evil at all it's not even "good" in a sense! It's what the person who possesses it intends to do with it! So a even better way to put it is " a person's motives for money can be evil"! Anyway just my two cents! Thanks for the recommendations I'm checking into them today!!!

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