5 Esther Hicks Books That Will Change and Empower Your Life

5 Books that will change your life
written by Esther Hicks, When we learned about the law of attraction principles that
say how you feel and think in the now will affect what you attract and
manifest in your near future you might consider your personal growth improving
your mindset because the things and the people you surround yourself with have a
greater influence on your now in future even greater than you might have thought
but why is it important to read books a survey by the book trust from 2013 said
people who read books regularly are more satisfied in life are happier are more
likely to feel that the things that they do in life are worthwhile besides
improving your mental activity and knowledge reading every day also
improves your vocabulary your memory helps in focus and
concentration improves your writing skills and also has an important role in
stress reduction all of these books will help you get to a better understanding
of where you are and what is it that you can do to become
who you really want to be number five the vortex where the law of attraction
assembles all cooperative relationships this book is a great insight into the
relationships we have with others starting from our partner or children
for our co-workers it explains that by feeling good you will be able to attract
good feelers in your life you can also find a thirty minutes energy alignment
process as well as the three-step process of creation Esther Hicks says it
is our expectation that should our reading of this book you now have a
clearer understanding of how you your physical body fits into the larger
picture of creation and the important role you play from your physical format
in the larger picture we are most eager about helping you remember that even
though you are powerfully focused into your physical body your physical reality
at this time you and we are creating a vibrational reality that holds the
promise of the future manifestations this book is a must read if you find
yourself seeking harmony your relationships with others number four
ask and it is given learning to manifest your desires in this book the author’s
want to remind us of the power of feeling good Esther Hicks says we want
you to remember that there is nothing that you can be do or have and we want
to assist you in doing that but we love where you are right now even you do not
because we understand how joyful the journey from where you are to where you
want to go will be we want to help you look behind any perceptions you might
have picked up on your physical trail that are hindering your joy and power
and we want to help you reactivate the powerful knowing that pulses within the
very core of that which you are they encouraged us to let our emotions guide
us to the fulfillment of our own desires and gives us helpful processes to
improve the way we feel they also introduced us to 22 proven processes
that will improve your point of Attraction number 3 law of attraction
the basics of the teachings of Abraham the law of attraction has never been
more clearly explained by the New York Times bestselling authors Esther and
Jerry Hicks they also give many practical steps and affirmations to
follow your personal experience that can be applied in any situation get
a good mindset focus on prosperity if you want to attract it in your own life
Esther Hicks s you will notice that those who speak most of prosperity have
it those who speak most of health have it those who speak most of sickness have
it those who speak most of poverty have it it is law it can be no other way the
way you feel is your point of attraction and so the law of attraction is most
understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way
you feel when you feel lonely you attract more loneliness when you feel
poor you attract more poverty when you feel sick you attract more sickness when
you feel unhappy you attract more unhappiness when you feel healthy
vital and alive and prosperous you attract more of all of those things
number two the astonishing power of emotions let
your feelings be your guide this book is truly a life changer it will help you
discover your emotions and what they mean that everything is about aligning
your thoughts it explains that we create and vibrate even without words and that
our thoughts always precedes manifestation it describes the law of
allowing the process to go with the flow of well-being a moving upstream or
downstream aster he says the following pages of this book have the potential to
help you quickly align with everything you’ve ever wanted so now before you
read further just lie back for a moment and
contemplate on this wonderful powerful stream of well-being which moves
unendingly in the direction of your becoming and toward the fulfillment of
that which is you and now you’re ready to apply the upstream downstream
comparison toward any and all aspects of your own life experience and finally
number one money and the law of attraction
learning to true health wealth and happiness
this book is the bestseller or Amazon although the beginning of the title
suggests money and a law of attraction this book covers many aspects of our
well-being like physical well-being health weight mind as well as career
suggesting that in order for you to be fully happy you need to live your life
in balance harmonizing every aspect of your life it
encourages us to tell our story the way we want it to be because we are the
creators about reality and we can make the decision to feel
good at any point in time and to change our story as we desire Esther Hicks says
make a decision to look for the best fitting aspects of whatever you must
give your attention to and your life will become one of increasingly
good-feeling aspects make a decision to look for the best feeling aspects of
whatever you must give your attention to and otherwise look only for good feeling
things to give your attention to and your life will become one of
increasingly good feeling aspects for every pleasing thing there is an
embracing counterpart for fit in every particle of the universe is that which
is wanted as well as the lack of that which is wanted this book reminds us
that the feelings are the true indicators of the direction you are
taking because the law of attraction is not responding to your words but to the
vibration that is emanating from you

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  2. Esther Hicks is full of shit, a fraud, that allows demons to speak through her.
    Many things she has stated go against what other channels state, including the Seth Material which she has admitted was her inspiration to copy from, sure she drops a few truths here & there regards to manifesting, to lull you into a false sense of truth & then encourages the mental retardation & neurological injury of millions of children by encouraging vaccination, may the Illuminati funded mole rot in hell

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