5 Careers for Writers

Got a character like Harry Potter or a super creepy story like “IT” stuck in your head? Then writing could be for you. Hi I’m Madeleine Welcome to TheCareerZoo.com Career Spotlight In honor of National Author’s Day We’re talking about all the careers out there for writers. You don’t have to be the next JK Rowling or Stephen King if you love to write. Besides being a novelist there are many opportunities out there for those who write well. You could be a journalist and write for TV, news paper, magazines or online publications. Ever heard of a copywriter? They write ads and marketing materials for a company or an agency. Or a technical writer? They need someone to write all that mumbo jumbo you find in your iPhone manual. How about a grant writer? Organizations like a non-profit need someone to write proposals to receive grants or funding. Usually writers have a degree in something like English, Journalism or Communications. Check out more career videos at TheCareerZoo.com Thanks for taking an interest in your future.

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