5 Books To Read Improve Basic English (For Beginners)

Reading is so boring. When I first started reading, one of the two things would happen… #1: The book would put me to sleep or #2: I would get a headache because even after reading a sentence over and over again, I would still not understand what it means. But look at me. Today, not only do I understand what’s written in a book but I can also speak in English fluently because ‘Reading’ has improved my Sentence Formation skills and it can do the same to you. So if you are a beginner and want to speak in English like me then you need to pick up books that are simple and so interesting that you just cannot put them down. So in today’s video, we are going to discuss 5 types of books that will help you get into the habit of reading and towards the end, I’ll give you a Bonus Tip that’ll improve your Sentence Formation skills while you are reading these books. But before that, if you like this ‘English Video’ series and want me to make more English-related videos, then hit that ‘like’ button. Let’s begin. So here are the top 5 genres of books that have helped me get into the habit of reading and I hope they help you too. #1: Comic books Remember in school text books, you used to look forward to the pages that had pictures on them because pictures made the boring text appear interesting. Same logic. If you find reading boring then pick up a book that is full of pictures aka comic books. Do you watch Big Bang Theory? There is a reason why Raj, Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are down at the Comic Book Store all the time. It’s because comics are fun! I started reading books because of Tinkle. May be it’s the bright colours or characters like Suppandi and Chacha Chaudhary, but they just keep me hooked. So feel no shame in picking up a comic book that is full of photos because that is how you start reading. Just get the Tinkle Digest or the Tinkle Magazine from Amazon and you are good to go. Btw, I have mentioned an Amazon Link in the description in which I have listed down all the books that I am going to mention today. #2: Mystery Novels Now, after comics you want to progress to Novels but not commit too much to them. So pick up a …. small book. Look, I am not being shallow. If you are a beginner, which of these 2 books will you pick? Obviously, the smaller one. That’s Encouragement 101. You need smaller tasks that are easy to finish because they will give you the confidence to pick up a bigger task. So for this genre, I would recommend 3 book series. Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and my absolute favourite…Goosebumps by R.L.Stine! All of these 3 are small mystery novels that use simple english and you just cannot put them down because you would want to know what happens on the next page! So you’ll actually end up finishing the book and that is how you develop the habit of reading. #3: Romance/Love Stories. Let’s accept it. We all need love. You might not have found your perfect guy or girl in real life but they do exist in between the lines of romantic novels. Another reason why I recommend love stories is because we live in a society that discourages us from expressing our emotions and these love stories help you release your emotions. So you might actually end up crying your heart out on a Friday evening sorta like a catharsis. So, for beginners I would recommend 2 books.. ‘Fault in our Stars’ and ‘Twilight’. I know what you are thinking…Twilight?! Hey….don’t judge a book by it’s movie. Just read the first novel and then decide whether you want to read the second and third novels from the Twilight series. #4: Biographies I am not into Biographies. Reading a book full of achievement, achievement, achievement of super successful people, sorta makes me feel like a loser. It’s worse than scrolling through Instagram. But if the writer is dope, then biographies do get interesting. And you also end up learning a lot. So for this genre, I would recommend 2 books. ‘Born a Crime’ and ‘Elon Musk’. You have to read these novels. They are simple and they are inspirational. Now before I tell you the 5th genre, I wanted to ask you something. Just like this, ‘Books to read to improve your English’ video I am planning to make a ‘Youtubers to follow to improve your English’ video. So comment below and tell me, who is your favourite Youtuber. I might just include him/her in my next video. #5: Random Fiction Honestly, I just wanted this last section to be dedicated to all of my favourite novels that have helped me develop the habit of reading. Trust me, none of these 5 books will disappoint you. 1. A Thousand Splendid Suns 2. The Alchemist 3. The White Tiger 4. Deception Point by Dan Brown 5. Harry Potter All the 7 books are amazing. Although, the 5th one might slightly put you to sleep. So earlier I used to buy physical books. But recently I’ve shifted to Kindle just because it is easier to carry wherever I go. You can access all the books that I have mentioned today and the Kindle that I use by clicking on the Amazon link as mentioned in the description. This festive season, if you are anyway going to gift yourself something then gift yourself, the power of learning. So, doing exercises from a grammar book are important but 80% of my sentence formational skills came from reading non-grammar books like the one’s I have just mentioned. Here’s what I used to do. Every time, I liked a sentence in a book I would underline it and say it out loud 2-3 times. That way, I would remember to use those sentences whenever I am talking to someone. Sometimes I would find a funny line in a murder mystery or a romantic line in a horror story and I would note them down in a notepad called, ‘Good sentences’. So today’s Bonus Tip is this… Practise the sentences that you like. When you repeat these lines, you will understand sentence formation and it will help you in your conversations. On that note, if you want to keep receiving Career and English related videos then make sure you ‘Subscribe’ to my channel and hit that ‘Bell’ icon. I am going to see you again in the next video, until then.. Keep fighting, the Urban Fight to be Fit!

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  2. Hey Fighters… did you like the books mentioned in the video? Also, you can access all the books by using the below Amazon links…

    List of books mentioned in the video: http://bit.ly/TUF_Books
    KINDLE that I use: https://amzn.to/317ah0N

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