“35 Years of WrestleMania” book available now

[MUSIC] 35 years in the making,
iconic moments take on a new life, [MUSIC] In stunning images,
behind the scene stories, exclusive interviews, and so much more.>>It’s a feeling like
you’ll never experience.>>This has been one hell of a journey.>>Welcome to Wrestlemania.>>35 years of WrestleMania,
available now.

59 thoughts on ““35 Years of WrestleMania” book available now

  1. I'm definitely going to get this WrestleMania is the biggest event of the year Thats the place where champions are born💛🧡

  2. Main Topic In This Book :

    1) 21 And 0
    2) 173 And 0
    3) 16 Times World Champion
    4) Stone Cold Steve Austin
    5) Best Entrances

  3. It didn't even hit 35 years yet until next year and it reminds me when WrestleMania 25 was upcoming it said the 25th anniversary when it was actually the 24th anniversary. Seems like they don't know how an anniversary goes because an anniversary hit every year, not from start.

  4. Sasha has never had a singles match at wrestlemania and somehow she's on the cover? Also wtf is Bobby Lashley doing on there

  5. I can already tell the book is not gonna mention that one moment in WrestleMania 20………

    Eddie Guerrero and Chris Be-

    Vince: DONT SAY HIS NAME!!!

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