32 Highest Paying Websites For Writers | 2019

hi guys welcome back to money Monday if you're new to my channel hello my name is Cathy oh and today I'm not wearing any makeup actually let's just move this camera back a little bit yeah okay that's better maybe you won't focus on it too much you know when you kind of wake up in the morning you're just not in the mood today is one of those days but we're gonna start our week off right and talk about the top pain websites for writers so you can start your writing career today or just make a little bit of cash in your free time okay let's go it's very cold today I know you've already heard a fiber but a lot of people don't realize this fiber is a hundred percent free and you don't need anything to get started all you need to do is open an account you can set your own prices from the get-go so if you want to charge $20 for 250 words you can do that and it'll probably take you like 10 minutes to write 250 words if it's something you're already familiar with but if you don't want to be a freelancer and you just want to send articles to already established blogs we're going to get into the top pay websites right now okay so if you are kind of a child blogger or at least if you know a little bit about traveling our first websites are Trump related blogs the first one is Wonder lust Wonder luxe is a British blog so their market is other British readers so if you think you have some articles that would interest them in interest British readers then you can send them your article or write for them and they are known to pay 220 pounds per post their posts they do expect to be around 1,000 words the next website is for Alaska Airlines magazine Alaska Airlines magazine pays 150 dollars to $700 per post I actually used to work for a lot of airlines a really good company it's an honest company and it'd be really cool if you could write for them it doesn't say how many words you need to write but you can expect between 150 and 700 depending on what the topic is about the next website you can write for for travel related articles is travel in leisure up magazine they actually pay one dollar per word so you can do the math that can be up to a thousand dollars for example per article okay our next topic it's gonna be about general post not in Pacific niche per se but the first website you can go with is guideposts guideposts pay about $250 per article and their articles are all based on true stories of people's achieve and goals a lot of their posts are focused on things that people have overcame obstacles through their faith and or lessons learned the next website you can use is called Chicken Soup for the Soul I'm sure you've maybe heard of them before but they pay out $200 per post and they're looking for a funny heartwarming story that has happened to you or someone you know the last website for general posting is for power of living powerful living pays about 125 to 375 per post and it's all for Christian adults so all of their articles are based on Christianity and faith so if you write a 700 word article for them you should expect around 125 dollars and if you write for 200 to 600 words you can expect around 375 dollars per post ok if you want to post about short stories so maybe you're kind of a little bit more than just a blogger author you can say maybe you're into science fiction there are many websites you can post short stories and they will pay you for it our first website is Clark's world Clark school will pay you 500 to 1300 dollars approximately proposed Clark's world is a science fiction magazine and they have actually won many awards for their magazine so if you want to write for Clark's world magazine they have a word limit of 1,000 to 16,000 words per post you are paid 10 cents per word up to 5,000 words and then after 5,000 words you get paid 8 cents per word ok so continuing the science fiction short stories you can write for ASIMO's science fiction I'm not sure that's how you go print out sit but they pay up to sixteen hundred dollars per story I also found out that they pay about eight cents per word or up to sixteen hundred dollars per post so whatever comes first okay so now we're gonna move along to politics entertainment and so if this is something you like writing about then you can check out the Sun magazine the Sun magazine will pay you up to $2,000 per post for nonfiction posts you can check them out to see what kind of articles they look for but you can expect for a nonfiction article about three hundred to two thousand dollars per pose so if you are one of those people that are really into getting more controversial topics you should really look into writing for the nation the nation pays 150 to 500 dollars per post they're looking for topics on civil liberties civil rights labor economics environmental topics privacy and policing feminist issues and politics and for an in-depth article they'll pay between 350 to 500 dollars per post okay if you're funny are you funny do you think you're funny to your friends think you're funny does not think you're funny well you can write for cracked cracked is a website that is all based on humor and jokes pretty much funny stories if you can write a funny story they will pay you $50 to $200 per post if you're a funny person you can also look into Reader's Digest it's a really funny magazine and you can expect about $100 per post okay I know we have some teachers out there if you have an education background and you want to write about education top posts you can write for teacher tolerance they will pay about one top per word so it can be very lucrative depending on how many words right but they're mostly looking for topics on diversity multiculturalism anti-bias in social justice if you're also along this line of Education the American educator pays up to three hundred dollars per post okay if you are into religion if you are someone that knows a lot about religion or your face you should consider writing for divison not further that's how you pronounce it but they will pay you at twenty-five $200 pose for a faith-based post and their focus is on young adults that are trying to strengthen their faith okay so if you're also a really strong in your faith and you want to write about it a really good place to think about especially if you like Sports is sports spectrum Sports affection will pay you three hundred and fifteen dollars to four hundred twenty dollars per post and they focus on kind of combining religion Christianity and sports for sports success so if you like boards and you like Christianity and you like to write there you go it's a pretty good place for you to go our next topic if you are into writing is if you are familiar with special needs people with disabilities so if you have a family member with a disability or special needs and it's something that you personally have a lot of experience but you can consider writing for Pentimento Pentimento will pay you up to 250 dollars proposed they are focused on the disability community and also make people aware of disabilities the lighthouse will pay you 100 or less proposed so this magazine is for they focus on blind and visually impaired individuals but they also have a preference for writers who are blind or visually impaired if you know someone who is blind or visually impaired and they can write please share this with them okay the next website you can consider writing for is draft just like the name they are of beer companies so they look for writers in content doc around the industry of beer so if you know a lot about beer and you think you have something interesting to say you can get paid 80 cents per word writing for draft our next website is main boat homes and harbors so it just like the name suggests if you are familiar with this type of thing they mainly cover boating in Maine the state of Maine so it probably helped if you have voted in me they pay two hundred and fifty dollars to five hundred dollars for an article is five hundred words to fifteen country magazine will pay $250 per post for anything related to the country campaign country life living in the middle of nowhere these kinds of things you know I might actually consider that from being from Nebraska actually business and money are to coal so if you are someone that knows a lot about business and money you can check out writing for e-commerce insiders ecommerce insiders pay one hundred and twenty-five dollars per post they focus on online retail industry so if you have any experience with like Spotify and they Amazon FBA this could be really interesting for you and you can even make up 250 dollars with them for an article that's no longer than 600 words I worked well could be an interesting website for you they paid $200 per article and they focus on Human Resources really good topics if you're into fiction you can write for fantasy and science fiction listen up they pay up to three thousand dollars per article three thousand dollars per article so it equals out to seven to about twelve cents per word but it's capped at twenty five thousand words so once you hit 20 words you're not gonna make it more money hey parents we talked about this in my other video but if you are a parent then you are very qualified to write for parenting websites so a fine parent is one we've are talking before but they will pay you about five dollars proposed to talk about family life anything that you think would help other parents you also have scary mommy they pay up to $100 as well per post and they have a parenting website that is kind of twisted in a humorous way so it's like a parenting advice in a really funny way so if you have funny stories at all I think help other a scary mummy could be a great option for you if you write 1,200 words for babble which is also a parenting related website they will pay you up to $150 per post Youth today is a very interesting website they will pay you 150 to $2,000 per article they focus on caregivers and policymakers of youth so if you're into debating and things like that this could be an interesting website life style writing okay I think this is gonna be the majority of people a lifestyle blog girl's life will pay up to three hundred dollars proposed for anything on relationships and advice on boys celebrity gossip hair stuff etc so you know that could be a fun one La Affairs will pay you $300 per article so they focus on things are what's hot what's not aspects of dating in the Southern California area so it was something you're kind of into check out la affairs okay guys I'm gonna stop there because there are literally thousands and thousands of websites out there that will pay you to write but if this is something you guys are actually interested in let me know and we can do a part 2 of this video well thanks so much for watching this video if you do enjoy and you're not already subscribed do consider subscribing it makes me feel really awesome and leave a like and a comment I will see you next Monday see you later bye

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  1. Oh my gosh, you mentioned the lighthouse for blind and low vision people, that's right up my alley! I'm visually impaired and have a legal background. Thanx.

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  7. I am a hobby writer. Just looking for a place to seek help in improving my writing before I put it out there into the real world. You looked great. You were 100% in your element and you were in your comfort zone. Way more comfortable and at ease with public speaking. Thank you for sharing the information provided. Way more confident presence than many I have seen so far who seem to be pushing something. You were simply informing. Loved it. I am always seeking information in the state of the book publishing community. Following as looking forward in what you come out with.

  8. I'm just stepping in to freelance writing. Thank you for the details. I am SUPER interested in hearing about more publications that will pay for writers. Specifically, I am a Corporate Trainer. Anyone willing to pay for curriculum or any knowledge content?

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