3 Writers on a Riverbed by Olafur Eliasson

my impression when I came to see the riverbed was that I have seen it before because I am from Iceland so what we have here is two tons of my home country at the same time it was like a moment in a dream when you enter a room and something's not right but familiar you could go to Iceland and see this but you won't see it here and a such in a place where you can where actually causes some self-reflection because when you walk amongst this year you don't feel like you're walking among stones you fergie walking amongst the soul of a piece of the planet that most of us don't know so many painters broad landscapes into the museum and obviously and this is also a way to bring a landscape in a museum so it feels like a very elaborate very intelligent joke but then of course it's more than a joke it's also very well done it's so many people when it comes to modern art they have the subjection where's the beauty and this is just beautiful when you walk around here it has to beauty of a real landscape it also slight of a real landscape and it's not just a very good idea of transgressive art it is also genuinely beautiful there's a the physical motion of being involved in the art here is is a really grand theme you become part of the piece once you walk into it and you have to move around you have to go up hill you have to duck a little bit turn if the step over rocks you can sit on the rocks and so it it's just a natural way of pushing one's thoughts inward also it's accessible I know it should be accessible it's accessible to everyone you can walk in here with an eight-year-old kid and they would get something out of it they might not get what you and I get out of it but they would get something out of it it strains for me to experience this kind of environment without all the things that would normally come with it when I'm there so the sound of the wind the birds for me it's it's it is very strong experience and like I said it's very dreamlike so it's for me it's really like a dream experience it's definitely an illusionist this is not a real River but then art is always about illusion but this is of course a way to drive the illusion very far this is much much more real than a landscape on a canvas but it is still an illusion it has to be treated like something artificial but at the same time it feels completely real so that's part of the of the joy of being here you don't know where exactly you are well I think all art is about displacing things you are bringing things into new context this of course is an exotic ax you have brought the exotic into the museum for people from tropical climates this is very exotic in the same way it is accepting for me to walk into a glass house full of plants from the Amazon or something one of the things that's important about art is that it's a good art in addition to imitating life moves your life inches your life forward just a little bit and what this piece does is it it helps move the collector forward just by that much more because as people move through this the earth changes them earth kind of moves their insides and the shifting Tundra is kind of like the shifting paradigms of life and personal evolution I think if art is to give answers at all it should be confusing answers a piece of art should never make a stable a stable atmosphere or a stable conclusion all other Eliasson is is the master of making encounters between people and and and experience so I think this is one more step in this in what he does like trying to see what is a museum what is art what is nature there is a very clear line between what is art and what is nature and they are opposing concepts but of course when you're very intelligent artists you can blur that line and you can create things where it's actually not clear whether something is art or nature and he does that in a very successful and very interesting and very beautiful way you listen to Mozart Mozart goes out goes and pushes out and it gets inverted you could pull out the third violin part and listen to it it makes complete sense you place it back into the orchestra and the piece still just floats on as it will this is like that you can take a small piece take a small rock or you could you could absorb the entire Orchestra which part do you want it's all there for you to choose

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