3 The Sailing Of The King, The Silver Chair , The Chronicles of Narnia

hi I'm Ramos older and welcome to chapter three of the Silver Chair the sixth in the Magnificent chronicles of narnia by CS Lewis just one more book after this one we're in the third chapter which is called the sailing of the king what made scrubbed look so dingy and Jill too if she could only have seen herself was the splendor of their surroundings I had better described him at once through a cleft in those mountains which Jill had seen far inland as she approached the land the sunset light was pouring over a level lawn on the far side of the lawn its weather vanes blurring in the light Rose of Annie towered and many turreted Castle the most beautiful castle Jill had ever seen on the near side was the key of white marble and moored to this the ship the tall ship with high forecastle and high poop gilded and crimson with a great flag as a masthead and many banners waving from the decks and a row of shields bright is silver along the bulwarks the gangplank was laid to her and at the foot of it just ready to go on board stood an old old man he were a rich man Olaf's garment which opened in front to show his silver male shirt there was a then the circlet of gold on his head his beard white as wool fell nearly to his waist he stood straight enough leaning one hand on the shoulder of a richly dressed lord who seemed younger than himself but you could see he was very old and frail he looked as if a puff of wind would blow him away and his eyes were watering immediately in front of the king who had turned round to speak to his people before going on board the ship there was a little chair on wheels and harnessed to it a little donkey not much bigger than a big retriever and in this chairs and a fat little dwarf he was as richly dressed as the king but because of his fatness and because he was sitting hunched up among the cushions the effect was quite different it made him look like a shapeless little bundle of fur and silk and velvet he was as old as the king but more hale and hearty with very keen eyes his bare head which was bald and extremely large shone like a gigantic billiard ball in the sunset light farther back in a half circle stood what Jill at once knew to be couriers they were well worth looking at for their clothes and armor alone as far as that went they looked more like a flower bit than a crowd but what really made Jill open her eyes and mouth as wide as they would go was the people themselves if people was the right word for only about one in every five was human the rest were things you never see in our world bons satyrs sent ours Jill could give a name to this for she had seen pictures of the dwarfs too and there were a lot of animals she knew as well bears Badgers moles leopards mice and various birds but then they were so very different from the animals which one called by the same names in England when some of them were much bigger the mics for instance stood on their hind legs and were over 2 feet high but quite apart from that they all looked different than it you could see by the expression in their faces that they could talk and think just as well as you could golly thought Jill so it's true after all but next woman she added I wonder are they friendly for she had just noticed on the outskirts of the crowd one or two giants and some people whom she couldn't give a name to at all at that moment Aslan and the signs rushed back into her mind she had forgotten all about them for the last half hour struck she whispered grabbing his arm scrubbed quick do you see anyone you know so you've turned up again have you since grub disagreeably for which she had some reason well kid quiet can't you I want to listen don't be a fool said Jill there isn't a moment to lose don't you see some old friend here because you've got to go and speak to him at once what are you talking about said scrub his Heslin the lion says you've got to said Jill despairingly I've seen him oh you have have you What did he say he said the very first person you saw in Narnia would be an old friend and and that you've got to speak to him at once well there's nobody here I've ever seen in my life before and anyway I don't know whether this is Narnia thought you said you'd been here before said Jill well you thought wrong then well live like that you told me for heaven's sake dry up and let's hear what they're saying the king was speaking to the dwarf but Jill couldn't hear what he said and as far as she could make out they dwarf made no answer though he nodded and wagged his head a great deal then the King raised his voice and addressed the whole court but his voice was so old and cracked that she could understand very little of his speech especially since it was all about people and places that she had never heard of when the his speech was over the King stooped down and kissed the dwarf on both cheeks straighten himself raised his right hand as if and blessing and went slowly and with people steps up the gangway and on board the ship the couriers appeared to be greatly moved by his departure handkerchiefs were got out sounds of sobbing were heard in every direction the gangway was cast off trumpets sounded from the poop and the ship moved away from the key it was being towed by a rowing boat but Jill didn't see that now said scrub but he didn't get any further because at that very moment at large white object Jill thought for a second that it was a kite came gliding through the air and alighted at his feet it was a white owl but so big that it stood as high as a good-sized dwarf it blinked and peered as if it were short-sighted and put his head a little to one side and said in a soft hooting kind of voice do do oh who are you – my name is scrub and this is Pole said Eustace would you mind telling us where we are in demand of gnarnia it's a games pencil up CAIR Paravel is that the king new who's just taken ship do true duh drew said the L sadly shaking his big head but who are you there's something magic about you two I saw you arrive you flew everyone else was so busy Sydney kickoff that nobody knew except me I happen to notice you you flew we were sent here by Absalom said Eustace in a low voice too-hoo too-hoo said the owl ruffling out his feathers this is almost too much for me so early in the evening I'm not quite myself till the sun's down and we've been sent to find the lost Prince said Jill who had been anxiously waiting to get into the conversation it's the first I've heard about it said Eustace what Prince you had better come and speak to the Lord Regent at once it said that's him over there in the donkey carriage Trumpkin the dwarf the bird turned and began leaving the way muttering to herself I can't think clearly yet it's too Purdy what is the king's name has used this Caspian the tenth said the owl and Jim wondered why a scrub had suddenly pulled up short in his walk and turned an extraordinary color she thought she had never seen him look so sick about anything but before she had time to ask any questions they had reached the dwarf who was just gathering up the reins of his donkey and preparing to drive back to the castle the crowd of couriers had broken up and were going in the same direction by ones and twos and little knots like people coming away from watching a game or a race to the Ridgid said the owl stooping down a little and holding his beak near the dwarves here hey what's that said the dwarf those strangers my lord said the owl Rangers what do you mean said the dwarf I see two uncommon League grubby man cups what do they want my name is Jill said Jill pressing forward she was very eager to explain the important business on which they had come the girl called Gil said the owl as loud as it could was that said the dwarf the girls are wrong killed I don't believe a word of it what girls who killed him only one girl my lord her name is Jill speak up speak up – said the dwarf go stand there buzzing and twittering in my ear who has been killed nobody's been killed who did the owl who nobody all right all right you needn't shout I'm not so deaf as all that what do you mean by coming here to tell me that nobody's been killed I mean why should anyone have been killed better tell him I'm useless said scrub the boy is Eustace my lord oh I'm just gonna do that again the boys use this my lord who did who did the owl as loud as it could Yost less said the dwarf irritably I dare say he is is that any reason for bringing him to court hey not useless said the yellow youngsters used to it is it yeah I don't know what you're talking about I'm sure I tell you what a dismal master grim grim feather when I was a young dwarf there used to be talking beasts and birds in this country who really could talk there wasn't all this mumbling and muttering and whispering it wouldn't have been tolerated for a moment now not for a moment Sir Ernest my trumpet please a little fun would been standing quietly beside the dwarfs elbow all that time now handed him his silver ear trumpet it was made like the musical instrument called the serpent so that the tube curled right around the dwarfs neck while it was getting it settled the owl glim feather suddenly said to the children in a whisper my brains a bit clearer now don't say anything about the lost Prince I'll explain later it wouldn't do to what to do now said the dwarf if you have anything sensible to say bastard limb feather try and say it take a deep breath and don't attempt to speak too quickly with help from the children and in spite of a fit of coughing on the part of the dwarf limb feather explained that the strangers had been sent by Aslan to visit the court of Narnia the dwarf glanced quickly up at them with a new expression in his eyes sent by the lion himself a he said and from from another place beyond the World's End eh yes my lord both Eustace into the trumpet son of aztlán and daughter of Eve Hey said the dwarf but people an experiment house haven't heard of Adam and Eve so Gill and Eustace couldn't answer this but the dwarf seemed to notice well my dears he said taking first one and then the other by the hand and bowing his head a little you're very heartily welcome if the good king my poor master it not this very hour set sail for seven Isles he would have been glad of your coming it would have brought back his youth to him for a moment for a moment and now it is high time for supper and you shall tell me your business in full counsel tomorrow morning master Clem feather see that bedchambers and suitable clothes and all else are provided for these guests in the most honorable fashion and glim feather in your ear hear the dwarf put his mouth close to the Owls head and no doubt intended to whisper but like other deaf people he wasn't a very good judge of his own voice and both children heard him say see that they're properly washed after that the dwarf touched up his donkey and it set off toward the castle at something between a trot and a waddle was a very fat little beast while they bomb the howl of the children followed it a rather slower pace the Sun had set and the air was brewing cool they went across the lawn and then thought an orchard and so that to the north gate of CAIR Paravel which stood wide open inside they found the grassy courtyard lights were already showing from the windows of the Great Hall on their right and from a more complicated mass of buildings straight ahead into these the owl led them and they're a most delightful person was called the look after Jill she was not much taller than Jill herself and a good deal slender a more slender but obviously full-grown graceful as a willow and her hair was willingly too and there seemed to be moss in it she brought Jill to the Round Room and one of the turrets where there was a little bath sunk in the floor and a fire of sweet-smelling woods burning on the flat hearth and a lamp hanging by a silver chain from the vaulted roof the window looked west into the strange land of Narnia and Jill saw the red remains of the sunsets still blowing behind distant mountains made her long for more adventures and feel sure that this was only the beginning when she had had her bath and brushed her hair and put on the clothes that had been laid out for her they were the kind that not only felt nice but look nice and smelled nice and made nice sounds when you moved as well she would have gone back to gaze out of that exciting window but she was interrupted by a bang on the door come in said Jill and in CHEM scrub also bathed and splendidly dressed and none Ian close but his face didn't look as if he was enjoying it all here you are at last he said crossly flinging himself into a chair I've been trying to find you for ever so long well now you have said Jill I say scrap isn't at all simply to and scrumptious four words she had forgotten all about the signs and the lost Prince for the moment oh that's what do you think is it said scrub and then after a pause I wish to goodness we'd never come why on earth I can't bear it said scrub seeing the King caspia a doddering old man like that is a it's it's frightful why what harm does it do you oh you don't understand now that I come to think of it you couldn't die I didn't tell you that this world as a different time from ours what do you mean the time you spend here doesn't take up any of our time you see I mean however long we spend here we shall still get back to experiment house at the very moment we left it well that won't be much fun Oh dry up don't know keep interrupting and when you're back in England and in our world you can't tell how time is going here it might be any number of years in Narnia while we're having one year at home the provenza's explained it all to me but like up fool I forgot about it and now apparently it's been about 70 years nineteen years since I was here last you see now and I came back and fine cast me in an old old man then the king was a then the king was an old friend of yours said Jill a horrid thought had struck her I should jolly well think he was that as good a friend as a chap could have and last time it was only a few years older than me and to see that old man with a white beard and to remember Caspian as he was the morning we captured the lone eye or in the fight with the sea serpent oh it's frightful it's worse than coming back and finding him dead oh shut up said Jill impatiently is far worse than you think we've month the first sign of course scrub did not understand that then Jill told him about her conversation with insulin and the four signs and the task of finding the lost Prince which had been laid upon them so you see she wound up you did see an old friend just as Aslan said it you want to have gone and spoken to him at once and now you haven't and everything is going wrong from the very beginning but how was I to know since grub if you don't be listening to me when I tried to tell you we'd be all right yes have you and played the fool imagine that cliff and jolly nearly murdered me all right I said murder and I'll say it again as often as I like to keep your hair on we'd have come together and both know what to do as suppose he was the very first person you saw said Jill he must have been here hours before me are you sure you didn't see anyone else first well I was only here about a minute before you he must have blown you quicker than me making up for lost time the time you lost don't be a perfect beast skrub said Jill hello what's that it was the castle bell ringing for supper and thus what looked like turning into a first-rate quarrel was happily cut short both had a good appetite by this time supper in the Great Hall of the castle was the most splendid thing either of them had ever seen for though Eustace had been in that world before he had spent his whole visit at sea and knew nothing of the glory and courtesy of the Narnians at home in their own land the banners hung from the roof and each course came in with trumpeters and kettledrums there were soups that would make your mouth water to think healthy and the lovely fish is called the vendors and venison and peacock and pie and pies and ices and jellies and fruit and nuts and all manner of wines and fruit drinks even Eustace cheered up and admitted that it was something like and when all this serious eating and trekking was over a blind poet came forward and struck up the grand old tale of prince core and alavés and the horse brie which is called the horse and his boy in tells of an adventure that happened in Narnia and kellerman and the lands between in the Golden Age when Peter was hiking in CAIR Paravel I haven't time to tell it now though it is well worth hearing and you can read it on ramus elders blog and on his website and I am do is be there which you are so look for it the horse and his boy when they were dragging themselves upstairs to bed yawning their heads off Gil said I bet we sleep well tonight for they'd been a full day which just shows how little anyone knows what's gonna happen to them next and I am going to go right on and read chapter 4 so you'll find that ready to when you're finished with the chapter four is called a Parliament of owls duo duo do you be back in over a while and you'll be able to hear it cuz we will bring it to you isn't he nice

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