3 Quick Tricks to Find Your Voice as a Writer

finding your voice as a writer could be
as simple as picking who you’re writing for. Here’s a scenario that’s really
helped me and writing emails or blog posts or anything like that when I gotta
sell some stuff or promote something or I just gotta reach
out and keep that relationship alive I try to put myself in the head set of
somebody that I don’t know finding my topic or my mind my blog or whatever for
the first time but they really fit they’re really interested in this topic
they just have never found my blog before. One way they do this is I think
about like i have a friend named leslie who she’s way into my topic and I know
her and she’s on the blogs is they’re commenting all the time but she sends a
blog post to someone else like maybe some may be a day for something like
that i don’t know Dave Dave doesn’t know mean is but Leslie knows him unless he’s like hey Dave you should check out his blog
post is really good and he’s like I’ll really know who this is so what how’d you get this number not
just kidding what’s up Leslie hey was up all this is a blog post I
don’t know who wrote this but I trust you Dave lands on the blog on an idea and I
and I like to write things for Dave I mean maybe that’s just getting a
little distracted with the voices because it’s because the truth is when I
think of someone that likes a my wife knows someone and she forwards in an
article that i wrote i want to write it in a way that even if you don’t know me
even if you aren’t aware of of a lot of the intricacies of my topic you can
still get this post your resonate with my voice so that’s one trick that’s been really
helpful for me to get into sort of the the the mindset of the frame of mind or
the voice that i want to write something but another is actually write it to my wife for you and might not be your
spouse might be someone else who kind of knows what you’re talking about but they
don’t know all the details that’s really helpful for me when i
write something to my wife because she kind of knows what I’m talking about but
she doesn’t know all the details so what kind of forces me to be more
clear and to not like speak above above anybody’s pay grade by the way true story Stephen King says
that he wrote every one of his novels for his wife he wanted her to be scared
of the parts that are scary be laughing at the parts that were funny kind of
tune it all – where to – wherewhere her personality
would enjoy the most so I’m not alone in that big because
Stephen King does it do so that’s pretty sad song strong tip
there and another one that I do sometimes is actually write it for my
dad all right because there’s a generation gap there he is interested in
what I’m doing but he doesn’t know all the details and death busy you know he’s
got a golf game to get to or something like that right so i know not to take up
too much of his time I know I kind of got to get to the heart
of the matter pretty quick listen I know what it’s like to be
locked up to be sort of like you can’t write the thing you don’t know where to
start or to have that to do list that to-do item on your list forever because
you aren’t really clear like what exactly you’re gonna write or how you’re
going to write it getting clearer about specific person
that I write something for always helps me I find that when i’m like like you know
whatever writers block e or I know I don’t feel like writing I don’t have
that clarity about it is because I haven’t really defined who this thing is
for so maybe this is one tip that you can take and put it in your arsenal
tricks when you need to write something for an email for a blog post for a book
or for whatever and to that point I want to make a
little cheat sheet i haven’t done this yet so don’t hold me to it just yet I’m
hoping that it will be done by the time i publish video now that i’m actually
recording i guess i’ll have to do it but its a cheat that’s going to help you
sort of with this thing to print it out you can put it on the wall right next to
where you’re right or have it on your computer or something
like that and open it up for every piece that you need to write to get that cheat
go to this URL and again it did you get the URL because man this is important
stuff like that if you can write the trick to riding is getting comfortable
with you riding and I think a lot of the time you can talk to your to your your
spouse or your or your one of your parents or you don’t have to do that
when we get comfortable in a comfortable head space when you’re writing it just
makes it easier to get this stuff out of us ok that’s it for now thank you so much
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then that would be awesome anyways thank you so much for watching
bye bye for now

4 thoughts on “3 Quick Tricks to Find Your Voice as a Writer

  1. You should be a rapper, i love your talking voice and the deep voice you imitated. It sound like a professional rappers voice

  2. I have been trying to find out just what the bloody hell a writer's voice is for eighteen years now. Sorry, but this video of yours also fails miserably in defining what is a writer's voice for me. I have begun to believe that a writer's voice doesn't exist in the first place. It's just a lie that everybody tries to get you to believe in, but it just doesn't exist. There are style guides like APA, AP, Chicago etc. and then there is the difference in topics (which makes you use different words, and hence writings read different), but that's it. "Every writer has a unique voice" is the biggest lie in the history of mankind.

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