3 most important things for young writers to consider

hello thank you for joining me today we're gonna be talking about the three most important things for young writers ever in the history of man I'm going to count them backwards from three to one and that's the order of importance that I see them in if you have a different opinion let me know in the comments or off number three the third most important thing for any young writer ever in my opinion make connections make connections with other authors make connections with potential publishers make connections with potential readers get active on social media and don't just post pictures go and find other people to follow you are not an influencer yet you might be one day and that's a good goal to have oh sorry anyway I was mid rant you are not an influencer you are not going to grow and you're following you're not going to make connections just by posting pictures and expecting people to follow you and like them same with YouTube you can't expect to just be posting YouTube videos and hoping that people will subscribe you've got to go out there and make connections with people because of those connections will multiply it's called the network effect the more people you know the more opportunity presents itself to you so third most important thing on becoming an author for young writers make connections the second most important thing for young writers when becoming an author is to learn iteratively what learning iteratively means is learn in a 3-step cycle the first step in that cycle is pick something to learn and you've got to do this strategically because becoming an author entails a lot of learning there is a ton of things that you need to learn as a young writer and you can get you can enter a quagmire of only learning things half-assed so what I suggest you do is make a list of everything you think you should learn and then prioritize and start with the most important thing I did this and the most important thing for me in my personal context was to learn how to outline and to learn process and that involved me going and watching videos on outlining or going and working on my own outlining process and learn and then going on to step two of the learning cycle step two in the iterative learning cycle is to implement learn step 1 implement a step 2 so let's use my content let's continue with my example of learning to outline and learning process I watched what other people were doing I read the articles and then I started doing I didn't continue to learn I picked the time to stop and I started implementing and what this helps you do is take what you're learning from a theoretical point into an actual practical point in a way that you're going to start actually understanding what works for you as a young writer step 3 in the iterative learning cycle for young writers is reflection so you picked something to learn strategically you learnt it and then you implemented it so that you could generate understanding and practical implementation and then the next step is to reflect on that process so that reflection involves looking at both step one and step two did you pick the right thing to learn and did you implement it in a way that you the learnings in the way that you needed them the most and if the answer was no then you probably didn't learn the right thing or you didn't learn it enough so go back through the cycle with the same thing to learn but if the answers were yes then pick something new to learn and start the process over and lastly the single most important thing in becoming an author is to finish books finish work finish short stories finish articles finish books finish because it's your product and you are not an author until you have a book you are not a Salesman unless you have a product to sell you're not a marker unless you have something to create demand around finish books it's the single most important thing when it comes down to prioritizing what you have to do in your writing journey the most important thing is to get words on paper so that you can edit them so you can get them critiqued and so that you can get them in front of potential leaders thanks for watching if you disagree with anything or if you think there are other more important things for becoming an author for young writers please do let me know in the comments and as always hit subscribe and follow me on Instagram I post new pictures daily with updates and quirky little quotes from the books that I'm writing

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