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hi guys another video I'm just in my apartment today we aren't going anywhere and I don't know if you can tell if there's a difference in the lighting I'm filming this during the day there is a window right here that you can't see and it's open and there's light coming out of it so it's great or into it anyway the reason that I am home it's Monday the reason I'm home on a Monday at 4 o'clock is that uh I caught horrific we sick went to work is normal I talked to my parents i Skyped my parents like every Monday I was talking to them completely fine I had peanut butter toast as usual I need tea and then I just got like a violent monthly episode of shark week and OH I listened to my body very very well and I knew that if I didn't leave the office right then in there I would have been stuck there just being really sick for a long time like once I get to a certain level of sick I can't get in a car and like go home and be sick there like I need I need to just like be sick in one place and like not move and then usually I find like right now I'm at about 80% I'll be fine girls you're so tough I don't know how we do it so anyway what we're really here for is I previously posted a video about haruki murakami book cafe and stuff like that and I got a lot of really cool comments talking about either books that you like either from Morikami or from other artists or other authors and then a few people actually asked what about Korean authors I'm interested in Korean officers do you have any recommendation so I do four for Morikami I've already talked about it I'll maybe I'll do another video on some of the kind of contemporary Japanese artists today I like all authors why don't I Camping artists they're artists whatever yeah I can do a separate video for that but today we're going to talk about some Korean fiction authors that I actually started reading any reading material I had by Korean authors were usually biographical like autobiographical or like his historical fiction like I read up a lot about North Korea actually that's how I kind of got started at all in Korean literature was more nonfiction and and like historical fiction I'm relatively new to the kind of fiction artistic scene so I'm going to share three three and a half because I haven't read one of these books but I mean I'm sure you've all heard of this book I haven't read it yet but the author is incredibly famous chemical Sheen's and please look after mom is like a best-seller everybody talks about it I've never read it so while I was at the bookstore the other day I picked this up so I will read it they have a lot of other books as well this author has written many very popular books are very influential so I will let you know how this is I know that you guys from on YouTube have told me to read it before so there we go there's one if you're interested in any of these books links are down below next use hangang I have not read human acts which is why I picked it up but I did read the vegetarian which I think has been like the buzzing book right now she wrote yeah oh here's a tiny here's a tiny picture of it vegetarian the vegetarian was rather short and it it kind of had a Morecambe you feel in that some of his books has this subtle creepiness to it it's always this person is walking down this long empty corridor for like hours it seems and then he gets to a door and like you know that like you feel something weird happening that's how the vegetarian started but the characters are much more real the reason I keep bringing up Morikami is because I know a lot of you guys expressed that you like more coming so I want to somehow relate it to him again I'm not saying that that like they're all similar but I felt that if you like more common you definitely will like the vegetarian but the characters are much more real and relatable I think that Morikami characters are often a little like not that they're unrelatable but they're like definitely a certain kind of person but the people in the vegetarian were definitely they felt like real people like it really felt like you were just looking in on someone else's life and then you know the actual vegetarian in the story obviously was a little bit less relatable but at the same time it felt so real it was really creepy I read it over Christmas I think yeah I brought it home which is why I don't have the physical copy with me as I left it in California but I read it and I was jet-lagged so like I'd be reading at 3:00 a.m. and I would be scared I wouldn't continue reading it was like I had to put down at some point if it's a relatively quick read but it's a good one just be prepared to be pretty creeped out so yeah Hong Kong I'm reading this one next I haven't started it I literally just picked it up it's a very very interesting writer next is a book I don't have physical copy of because I also left it in California I think I'm not really sure where I left this book but its tongue naeli Chun Navy the book is called on such a full sea by Tom Daley and it's about a kind of dystopian future it's one of those books where there's a quote-unquote utopian society or a very strictly regulated and controlled Society so that there's meant to be peace and then there's this like wilderness outside right and you don't get a lot of questions answered you have a lot of questions in the beginning and they aren't necessarily answered even at the end I'm going to go ahead and say no spoilers but like it doesn't answer every question in this book but it just follows one girl who kind of for certain reasons leaves this town it's like controlled village yeah she escapes and kind of or not escape she leaves and kind of goes on this very strange adventure and I wouldn't say that it was my favorite book but it was a book that I definitely read quickly and enjoyed I don't know if I'd ever read it again I think I'd read it again just because I honestly can't remember certain plot points very well it like wasn't it wasn't like mind-blowing but it wasn't bad I think it especially if you like those kind of books that have this like strange dystopian feel to them you'll you'll enjoy it so I would definitely say pick it up don't expect to be blown away but it's it's a good story a good read and then finally this is a book if you're gonna pick up any author that I'm talking about read this author I'm sorry that I made you sit through like ten minutes of me blabbing but yong-ha Kim Kim yo ha I adore his writing um and this is his like short story I guess it's called I Oh found memorabilia it's called I have the right to destroy myself this is the first thing I read by him the god this is a really strange book for me to read because it was the first book I had read since living in Korea that would reference places in Seoul so he does this very often in his writing he will reference real places and it was so odd to be like reading and then he mentions you know oh I'm going here like I just he said like sawed-off fat on station right I know where Sodom station is like I been there I passed by it all the time like it was just a very strange feeling to to read a book so obviously taking place in Seoul uh and being in Seoul it was quite odd but um yeah this I don't know if this is like everybody's book I definitely think more comics fans would love this book but if you if you if you haven't really gotten into more humming yet I wouldn't pick up this book the book that I am suggesting to everyone everyone everyone is a black flower which is also bike in Ohio hockey that book was so interesting I absolutely did not know what I expected I just picked it up because I had read this and I wanted to read more and it's completely different it's actually a historic historical fiction yes what is historical fiction it's actually about the point in history when a lot of Koreans were promised this you know American dream but really it was the Mexican dream and they were brought by the both poles right um mostly by choice they were brought to you Mexico and told that you know you're going to work here and you're going to get a better life and all this stuff and they ended up working on these plantations and they were essentially slaves they were in they were like indentured servants right they had to to work enough to pay to buy their freedom but like there's no way that they're going to be able to ever afford their freedom and and you know the people who ended up learning Spanish were the ones who were able to like manipulate the system and if you wanted to escape you know then you're just in Mexico and everybody looking for you like it's a part of history apart Korean history that I absolutely never knew about I obviously knew about Koreans who came to America but I never knew about Mexico it's really interesting um it it kinda reminds me if any of guys are from California in America in our fourth year of elementary school we all study the certain state that we're living in at the time and I was born and raised in California so I was sitting in California and we learned obviously a lot about Mexican history because California was Mexico for most of its life they really reminded me of of that time in my life when I was studying a lot about Mexico and and stuff like that in the spread of Catholicism and everything so I I liked it just because it's something I'm genuinely interested in like I really enjoy studying about Mexican culture I don't know why maybe because I live 20 minutes from Mexico it felt really familiar but also there were like Korean words so there were like there would be sentences in in Korean and sentences in Spanish and they'd be like talking about how they translate Korean and Spanish and I understand both of those languages and it was just like my mind Carrie what are you doing York you're reading a book in English and it's in Spanish and it's Ingrid it was really it was great so um yeah it's and it's genuinely a piece of history that not a lot of people know about and I think that that's a always important history to learn I highly suggest black flower it's not it's not really long read I had a physical copy and I left it in New York I leave my I just like leave a trail of books everywhere I have a digital copy I guess on like my tablet which I don't really use that often but yeah I do still have a copy I think God so maybe I'll reread it so that is it for my Korean suggestions but I have a huge problem because I bought three new books recently and I think I'm going to start with this one I know I just talked about these two Korean authors that I want to read but I just saw a rival and if you guys follow me on tumblr you know I'm freaking out about arrival I really I really liked it so I actually bought the collection of short stories right yeah stories of your life and one of these stories is the story that inspired arrival the film so yeah I think that if he has the imagination to come up with that kind of storyline I can't wait to read the other stories so there's my god man I wasn't killed on the other day and there's books you can't really see it but there's like a whole there book were beat up I had to find I had to like dig to find books that were beat up and I guess I missed this little spot well that's okay anyway so that is what I am going to be doing today for the rest of my day I'm going to just like curl up I have my tea I'm drinking green tea peppermint candy cane candy cane green tea from Trader Joe's it's seasonal I only bought one box and very upset so we'll see how far I get this is short story so maybe I'll read a few here read a few here you know so anyway um please let me know what you guys think down below if you've read any of these authors if you have any more suggestions for me like I said I'm pretty new to the Korean contemporary fiction scene so yeah uh let's talk about books and that's tricky unless big things I'm trying to figure out when it's a good time to do like a live stream because so many of you guys have talked about um like a digital Qi party and I think doesn't even respond so yeah I'm going to try and figure out where you guys are YouTube tells me where you guys are actually generally I have like your time zones figured out so I'm going to try and figure out what's a good time to essentially do a live stream of tea party kind of thing so yeah look forward to that maybe I don't know I'm a really awkward person so maybe your live stream isn't a great idea I'll see you guys soon I'm actually heading to Myeongdong tomorrow probably like the worst day to go it's going to be a March first which I will talk about in the video tomorrow is Korean independence day and I have been invited to stay at this really awesome hostel that I'm going to show you guys and I'm going to show you guys around that area um however it is literally right next to the park where the Declaration of Independence was read ninety-eight years ago 97 years ago I can't I can't do math anyway so that's kind of where like the celebration is really going to like start and spread from there so tomorrow night is going to be fine but the next morning when I wake up it's going to be pretty nuts so we'll see how that goes but yeah I'm excited to show you guys that um yeah and please a few my voice I don't know if you noticed my I think I don't know something about my my sickness today my voice is kind of like we I'm really feeling fine now like I'm eating I have like this massive bag of walnuts and I've just been eating so like I've got my good fat got my potassium I bought orange and a cup I didn't see so I will be okay if any of you girls are going through the same thing so now on that note I'm going to log off and go read my books so I will talk to you guys later and I will see you next in nano I guess young dumb do this bye

34 thoughts on “3 Korean Authors That I Love | Books By Han Kang + Kim Young Ha + More

  1. Oh God your picks are so thoughtful and intetesting! You're introducing some of the most quality works and authors in Korea! I'm sure that your episodes are truly helpful for those are interested in Korean literature!

  2. Kim Young-Ha is really good. One of my Korean Professors was a co-translator into German for one of his books (Black Flower) and I got into reading it. Read more since then and love every book. Would be so nice to read it in Korean one day.
    "Please look after my mom" was a tear jerker though. Loved it.

  3. same with the indians and chinese working in the plantations in the caribbean very few managed to go back to their country.

  4. Do you guys know where can I find and how to find Korean books in hangul not in English? Sorry for my broken english

  5. Thanks for the Korean Author recommendations. Best video ever! I will try them out, I'm a huge Murakami fan.

  6. Thanks for these recommendations! I always go for non-fiction but I'm trying to read more novels lately… so I don't just keep re-reading the Harry Potter books forever. 😛

  7. I jumped into your world by chance while i am searching for Yoshimoto Banana's Amrita. Happy to see and hear life of other Dear Cari.

  8. Chang Rae Lee is one of my favorite authors!! I’ve read all his books and in my opinion, A Gesture Life is his best. If you haven’t read it you should give it a try. 😀

  9. Thank you for the suggestions. I’m intrigued by Black Flower especially since I’m Mexican and I didn’t knew about this chapter of history, even though it is well known that Mexico was the bridge for many migrations to the rest of America (North and South), I’d never heard about this relation with Korea. Please do more videos like this <3

  10. Yes! Book & Author recommendations! As a bookworm, this excites me that I can find about some books you've read and like~

  11. have you read "number 9 dream" from david mitchell carl cakes?

    its really really murakami esque. as you can probably tell from my nick, i am a huge murakami fan too. cant wait for his new book to come out in translated form 🙂

  12. Yay for Kim Young-ha! I would recommand Kim Ae-ran, Lee Seung-woo and Park Min-gyu too. For contemporary "classics" Hwang Sok-yong and Lee Mun-yeol (but the latter is kind of problematic… political views speaking)

  13. omg if it wasn't for you I probably would have never found out there's a historical-fiction book (one of my favorite genres) that connects my country and Korea, will definitely pick up Black Flower. Thank you so much for the recommendations!

  14. cari! thanks for the vid. i have almost finished The Vegetarian, couldnt put it down. which kyobo in seoul do you recommend??

  15. Live stream would be great. I hope you gonna do that soon 🙂 And about books, I really liked " Please look after mom". The story just touched my heart , very emotional. I hope you gonna like it. I also liked "Our happy time" from Gong Ji-young (there is also a movie). If you already don't know you can check that one. I like this kind of videos. It's great to hear some recommendation and opinions about different authors. I'm interesting, what do you think about Ryu Murakami? Thank you for recommendation, I will check the other books I haven't read yet. 🙂

  16. I loved this book club video!! It'd be amazing if you manage to do a tea party livestream whenever you're free! also what is your all time favourite book and author (korean or not-korean)??

  17. you intellectual lady~!!.
    So sorry to hear you are not well,,,, that said, ironically, you look more charming.
    (ah btw,, i recommend to stay at home coz there will be some huge demonstration going on near 명동.)

  18. Thank you for the video! Can we buy these books online? I am actually going to Korea in May I wanted to buy some books!

  19. I always wonder how the translation process works to retain the author's style and voice. I also read mostly memoirs and nonfiction books about North Korea, but these books sound good so gotta add them to my neverending reading list. Thanks for the recommendations!

  20. 'please look after mom' left me heartbroken. it is soo good.
    definitely gonna read 'I have the right of destroy myself'.
    great video!

  21. hi cari! any idea where I can find English books/english versions of these Korean authors? i have read Please Look After Mom and that made me 😢. it was simple but so powerful. will appreciate it so much ♡

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