3 Books that Changed my Life

hey guys welcome back to the channel if you're new here my name is Ali I'm a junior doctor working in Cambridge and in this video I want to share three books that have really changed my life over the last few years and I'll be sharing some of the lessons that I got from each of these along with some quotes before we get started I just want to say a big thank you to bling kissed for sponsoring this video they're a fantastic app that lets you read summaries of popular nonfiction books so you can learn the lessons from them and at the end of the video I'll talk about the value that I derived from linka stand how it fits into my life as a doctor / youtuber but yeah let's get started by talking about book number one this is the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss subtitle escape the nine-to-five live anywhere and join the new rich essentially this book is the author talking about his story but also giving some tips about how you can if you want to you can quit your job and set up businesses with automated streams of income and essentially creating a system whereby your businesses are generating you money without you having to physically do work for that and then you're able to travel the world and live this sort of lifestyle that everyone thinks is just the exclusive domain of rich people like for example when I was growing up I just had in my head there's a vague notion that one day would be called to be rich and if I were to really examine that I would have thought oh well I guess cuz if you're reg then you can like travel and stuff and then you don't have to work and stuff and the idea that he talks about here is that actually a lot of this whole life of a rich person ie you know just the idea of being able to travel and live on a beach in Thailand all this sort of stuff is available surprisingly cheaply like for just a few thousand dollars per month you can live like a really really really rich person in places like Thailand and like Argentina or the cool places like that rather than you know do this whole thing that we all get trained to do ie worked really hard go to a good university get a fantastic job work super super super hard and then make loads of money so that when you retire then you can be happy rather than doing that instead it's more about you know why are we why are we working to retire when we're in our sixties and we've got osteoarthritis in both honey's instead why don't we take those 20 years of retirement and spread them out throughout our life so he he suggests that we all try this thing of mini retirements where each year you take a few months off and you go traveling while running your business remotely from your laptop or whatever which sounds or scamming and stuff but if you have even a passing interest in entrepreneurship or setting up your own business or if the idea of being able to travel the world while your businesses generate money while you sleep that seems even remotely intriguing to you then you should definitely read this book to be honest you probably read it already but the impact its really had on me is that this has been the book that has pretty much single-handedly allowed me to set up my business so I set up a company while I was in medical school six years ago 2013 OSI at six years ago now and we've run courses for medical school applicants then made like an online question Bank and some online courses and all this stuff and that company's been doing really well it's done six figures in revenue pretty much every year since it started with five figure corporation tax bills thank you Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and I was able to run that company alongside studying medicine at Cambridge and doing reasonably well in my exams because of the stuff that I learned in this books all the productivity trick tips and tricks things like outsourcing to remote workers that was a big reason as to why some of our question banks are really successful a big reason as to why my own mental health wasn't completely destroyed by you know the challenge of running a company alongside being a medical student so this was all the stuff that I learned from this book I'll stop waffling on about it but yeah any interest at all in entrepreneurship or anything like that definitely give this a read and check out his podcast the Tim Ferriss show it's absolutely wonderful so yeah let's move on to book number two all right this is a tiny book called show your work by Austin Kleon and this has been another book that has been really pivotal to my life it's really small it took me about half an hour to read it on Kindle and actually I only I only bought these physical copies so that I could show them off in this video but yeah I'm gonna have this around the house now I'm gonna be re revisiting the lessons in it whenever I pick it up anyway this has been a really pivotal book in my life because for a long time like ever since I started medical school and started running this company six med I'd been sort of toying with the idea of setting up a personal blog and kind of writing about some of the lessons that I gained and you know book reviews and things like that and I'd never been able to get over the fear of personal like sell self-promotion that you know it's people are gonna judge me people are gonna think I'm an arrogant narcissistic twat for having the audacity to have a blog you know with my de mêlée ali abdul common i mean who's got their own name as a domain name unless you like super rich and super famous blah blah blah i used to have all these negative thoughts about this whole stuff and then in january 2016 i've read show your work by Austin Kleon and that completely changed the game for me it made me realise that actually even if you're not an expert in anything just the fact that you have done anything at all means that you can then write about that experience and there will be people somewhere in the world who will find that helpful so for example setting up a company in med school like you know it's it's not a very common thing and it's a sort of thing a lot of people would be interested in therefore if I just write about it and I can share the lessons that I've learnt and just kind of help people and that's the main the idea that this book says is that by sharing your work with the world you are working towards helping people and that is gonna be an inherent good so after reading this I started my own blog I started writing a few posts that year and I think if it hadn't been for this book I wouldn't have even set up this YouTube channel because starting that blog was too small step that made me comfortable with the idea of putting myself out there and you know I've had so many messages from people asking advice for starting a YouTube channel and oh how do you get over the fear and there really isn't a way to get over the fear but I think you know taking small steps reading this book lets you see that actually there isn't really much to be afraid of and sharing yourself and your work with the world is only really going to be a good thing if the message that you're sharing is positive so yeah I've now had in the realm of like over over 2,000 messages and comments from people all around the world who have been inspired or have been linked in and you know have learned something from the content that I've put out from the work that I've shared I've shown and I think if it weren't for this book that I read three years ago none of this would have happened so thank you Austin Kleon for encouraging me to become more okay with the idea of putting myself out there if this is something that you ever you ever thought about if you have something to say if you think you might have something to say if you like the idea of maybe writing stuff and sharing it with the world even if you don't if you're any kind of like if you'd make any kind of content at all if you're if you're an artist if you're a painter if you're a writer any anything like that you'll just really really benefit from reading this book because it's it takes like half an hour to read there's no time at all you can buy on Amazon I'll stick a link in the description below and you'll love it it'll change your life like it did mine I hope and last but obviously not least is anything you want this again really tiny book by Derek Siver's that takes like half an hour to read as well forty lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur and yeah it's got the word entrepreneur in the title but even if you're not an entrepreneur I think you can still gain a lot from this book pretty much anyone everyone everyone should read this book because it's a lot of lessons for life not just for entrepreneurship anyway this had an enormous impact on me as well and can honestly say that this really changed my life Derek Siver's is a guy he set up a company called CT baby many years ago grew it to like an 18-man operation with millions and millions in revenue then sold it for like 20 million dollars and you know gave that money to like this Charitable Trusts for musical education stuff like that anyway in this book he talks about his story of how he got started with the company but also a very counterintuitive approach to business and also to life ie not chasing growth all the time and actually just trying to make something that you enjoy running and you enjoy the process often that you're having fun and that you're helping people now that's such a novel thing in the world you know where every startup is just aiming to get that billion-dollar valuation and aiming for growth at all costs but this was like a very nice very nice thing and for me this is a book that I'll always hold really dear because when I was in my fourth year approaching the end of my fourth year of medical school I'd been running my company six med for that for like three years at that point and we'd been growing in terms of revenue every year in terms of student numbers it was taking up more and more of my time but then around 2016 our growth started to stagnate and even dip a little I've never really experienced anything like that before where you know you've grown something and it keeps on growing and then suddenly it stops and then you're like oh wow it's on the decline and this made me really really sad during the summer holidays of my fourth year and I could remember kind of lying in bed awake thinking you know whatever you know what have I done where I've gone wrong have I screwed up my life by throwing away this fantastic opportunity I had and then I came across this book there's one quote in particular that I want to share from here and it's on in this chapter yeah okay so in this chapter he's talking about how sometimes MBA types you know people with MBAs Masters in Business Administration would ask me what's your growth rate what's your retained earnings rate as a percentage of gross what are your projections for your company and he's talking about his own company I'd just say I have no idea I don't even know what some of that means I started this as a hobby to help my friends and that's the only reason it exists there's money in the bank and I'm doing fine so no worries and then he goes on to say and this is probably my favorite quote of all time and I was a quote that I returned to many times a month whenever I'm feeling down or whenever I am feeling like explain damn it here's here's a quote never forget why you're really doing what you're doing are you helping people are they happy are you happy are you profitable isn't that you know question mark and this is just like if there are if there are three lines like you know any time I read this it just makes me feel infinitely better because like doing stuff like running a business where you're aiming for growth in revenues and profits and stuff and also now this thing of having a YouTube channel having this like social media following having an email list and everything that I'm now doing in my life with the exception of my you know full-time job of being a doctor and all these other things are all geared towards making stuff and then trying to grow the brand or the you subscriber count' or the revenue or whatever and that can be quite a I don't want to say stressful I don't like the word stressful they can be quite a it's it it's it's something that that often plays on my mind and I know from speaking to other people doing this sort of stuff that it plays in their minds as well and the idea being that whenever you're relaxing or spending time with friends or family and stuff you're sort of in the back of your mind you're thinking you know I could be making a video right now and if I you know if I don't turn out that that video this week then you know the algorithms not gonna rank my channel highly enough or you know I could be writing a blog post for six men about how to get America's medical school right now and then that are ranked as highly for search engine optimization then more people are gonna find of course and then will get more revenue and you just kind of go down this spiral where anytime you're not working you feel super super super guilty for it and you can't really enjoy life because you have this amazing thing that you've somehow you know by the grace of God you've got this YouTube channel or this company and you know you have to keep putting work into them to make them grow but you also want to live a life on the side and just this this quote it's just it's amazing like never forget why you're really doing what you're doing are you helping people are they happy are you happy are you profitable isn't that enough so whenever I find myself thinking oh you know I should make another video so I can something about ad revenues or oh my and revenues have dropped this month because I haven't made an iPad video in a while or I need any anything like that I just you know open this book on my Kindle find my highlighted quote and just read that because it just makes me appreciate that you know the revenue isn't important you know I'm enjoying what I'm doing which is fantastic I've got this amazing thing going on the side and in addition to my full-time job which I also quite enjoy it's making a reasonable amount it's making an incredible amount of money actually and it's not an amount of money that I'd ever dreamed I could have been making some at this age and therefore you know it's it's helping people get message from people who are happy because I've inspired them or you know help them learn something or help them out with their exams or getting into med school and I'm happy doing it I think people are happy watching these videos I hope people have been hoarding these videos and that's that's enough that's all we really need and a lot of burnout within entrepreneurship within youtubers within bloggers within any anything like this comes from people working too hard to grow the numbers to grow the audience to grow everything and I think if anyone is stuck in that position or even if you're not this is just like a really good book for into general life advice yeah anything you want Derek Siver's one of my favorite books had a big impact on my life because it's helped me become more happy and at peace with this whole kind of running an online entrepreneurship empire thing and by a strong word I don't mean employed just like you know being an online online person who tries to make money online and stuff just really really really good book okay this all video has been a lot more wofully than I intended but I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did can you let me know in the comments or if you didn't again I'd love to hear some constructive advice as to what you would do differently if you know I do want to do more book reviews and stuff and I've read a lot of books over the years thanks to having a Kindle and thanks to plinkus twitch I'll talk more about it in a second I've read so many books over the years and I do want to talk more about books on this channel and yeah so any kind of feedback about the about the format would be great and before we finish I just want to tell you about blinka switch is a fantastic app and what they do is that they take all the important lessons from thousands of non-fiction books and they summarize them into these like 15-minute summaries that you can either read or listen to so the way I use blinkers is that if I ever come across a recommendation for a nonfiction book I searched through blinkers and see if I can find it and I add it to my library this is a quick scroll through there are some of the books that I've read on thinkest Oh 4-hour workweek and essentially they've summarized the salient points of the book in this series of like I don't know fifteen thirteen thirteen blinks that you can read through in about fifteen minutes if you're like me and you find yourself struck for time and you have all these book recommendations being thrown at you and you just don't really know where to begin this is a great place to start where you can read a summary of the book get the most important essence and if that's all you need then that's fine you can just take that away or if you want to find out more than you can actually buy the book and read it properly so yeah 4-hour workweek 4-hour body Marketing books seven Habits of Highly Effective People that was one that I read on thinkest it's a massive book I've never read it in real life but because I've read it on blinker stuffy like I've got the main lessons from it so I haven't needed to read it in real life which has saved me about 100 hours of my life but yeah blink is pretty great and if you want to try it then there's a link in the video description and it's gonna appear over here and the first 100 people to use that link will get unlimited access to blink is the the premium subscription where you've got access to all of their library of thousands of books completely free for one week and you can decide if you like it then if you do like it if you use my code link then you'll get 25% off a paid subscription as well I'd recommend it I think there are a lot of lessons that you can gain from these non-fiction books I think the fact that they're all summarized and blink kissed means that it's very easy to access them and you know it does cost a bit of money for an annual subscription but if you're anything like me then you know ieave from a single book can completely change your life so you know why not why why why not go for it but yeah thank you blink this was sponsoring this video I think you guys are great and I'll continue to use blinkers whenever I get a recommendation to decide if I didn't want to read the book so yeah that brings us to the end of this video thank you so much for watching this has been the first time I've tried doing like a book thing on the channel but as I said let me know if you have any comments I'd love to hear from you thanks watching if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up if you haven't subscribed to the channel then please consider doing so have a lovely day and I'll see you in the next video goodbye

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  1. Affiliate links to the books 😉

    THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK – https://geni.us/4hwwali
    SHOW YOUR WORK – https://geni.us/RAkz8J5
    ANYTHING YOU WANT – https://geni.us/AnythingYouWant


    00:29 – The 4-Hour Work Week (Tim Ferriss)
    03:17 – Show your Work (Austin Kleon)
    06:16 – Anything you Want (Derek Sivers)
    11:59 – Wrapping Up

    Enjoy xx

  2. Hi Ali, thanks for your videos and these have been beneficial to me. Wonder if you can share more sessions on book recommendations? Thanks.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I am currently studying in LSE summer school and will visit Cambridge on July 13
    Wish someday I could achieve my dream that studying in G5 grad school

  4. He say that the second book is small and it took him half an hour to read it on kindle

    Me:like wtf if i read that it will took half a year!

  5. Sorry Ali but living costs in Argentina are actually much higher than in Thailand. And generally speaking not as low as you might think, not the best example I’m afraid.

  6. You are an absolute legend Ali! I have followed your channel from when I was applying to Medical School in 2018, and you have grown exponentially every single week. Thank you so much for all the advice and inspiration, best of luck for the future!!

  7. You're inspiring me to make a couple of life-changing decisions I've been afraid of.

    And you're talking about so many various stuff, so only watching you I know a lot of new things from different spheres.
    Thank you, Ali.

  8. I think I read the 4 hour workweek, but I will definitely revisit it as well as read the other two books you mention. Thank you for sharing this! I love your videos and find your content worthy of the time I spend on Youtube!

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