2Pac Interview about Janet Jackson (Poetic Justice/AIDS)

why are you always so mad you must have got no man cuz you don't never smile boom honey one for me thank you garlic black there's an article that talks a lot about the fact that when you were making a movie and there was going to be a love scene Janet Jackson insisted that you have an AIDS test and you said forget it it was that true that's absolutely true it wasn't I don't know if it was Janet that he came from but I know that they were suddenly out of the blue they wanted me to take AIDS test but it's love sing and I did not agree I did not disagree if we were really going to make love I said if I could make love with Janet Jackson I'll take for AIDS test but if I'm gonna do a love scene where there's just like somebody else did and they didn't take a test I'm not taking a test not only am I not taking the test pick it out of my trailer you know I was like and they said like four different people asked me like somebody else asking me first they sent the producer then they sent the black dude today st. John donación a girl you know it don't matter who you said I'm not taking one it's just to me it was just like an insult you know just to ask me that another thing that was written in this article was that you know you got on very well while you were making the movie but then afterward she changed her number is that true yeah I mean I'll probably wasn't intentional everybody change didn't ever but I mean it was so I thought I really thought I made a friend I thought I know Jan Jackson for life you know so the movie was I was like boom this number has been changed and it was like a movie I mean it was like the day after the movie wrapped I did a severe things like and last hour some I saw her name in and start Muse like we're gonna go play the guns with the paint guns will play paint guns I don't call you bird I this numbers been changed I said okay so it was an act now but I think that's just you know whatever

49 thoughts on “2Pac Interview about Janet Jackson (Poetic Justice/AIDS)

  1. I red on so many blogs now that Janet's then husband really disliked Pac near Janet. People say Janet was stuck up but she actually was not at all according to things I've seen and heard. The jacksons always act sweet and shy about everything but John singleton himself said Janet and pac developed such a good relationship during filming. I guess her then husband really didn't like that. Her own family says he was manipulative and controlling so that would make sense…

  2. Janet is fake. She viewed 2 pac how white people viewed him. She was put up on act so her black fans can love her. Cuz the white people didn’t give two fucks about her. Fuck her she wish she could get such a man. Her weak mind couldn’t handle a genius

  3. Tupac was gay, that's why she asked. There was a known secret in the business & it was around the aids epidemic. He was a gay man. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  4. But Bobby Brown lying about fucking her fake lying ass.
    She's trained to protect her image.
    Just like 2pac said,… Oh it was an ACT.
    As In Hollywood talk.
    Varnell Hill

  5. Meanwhile this broad was getting her back blown out by a true to life crackhead in one Bobby Brown but Pac had to take a HIV test for a kiss??

  6. Don’t pop up later. Don’t show your face later girl. Would be my favorite line. If I had to do it ALLover again. smh.
    And if you’re a married bitch or have a man…. cloning n shit. You’re getting treated as such. you’re at least getting spit on ho. Nigga FUK all Y’all.

  7. No one is above getting crapped on, ya just gotta hold your head up high and love yourself … Life 101

  8. Ugh I know Michael Jackson is the first thing to pop up when you search most beautiful smile in the world and I totally agree he did have it but Tupac was like the 2nd most beautiful smile he’s so cute I love him

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