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hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here consider subscribing because I post new writing videos every week today I'm giving you my 22 favorite quotes from famous writers Before we jump in I wanted to give a shout out to story arts on their new line of commit tulip t-shirts this shirt let me extend up it is seriously so soft and 100% of the profits from the purchase of these shirts go to support lit world which is an organization so children worldwide can learn to read and write and create and it's 100 percent of the profits that's amazing they just launched this line when you scoot up two days ago so go check it out links are down below as well as some links for more information if you aren't interested alright let's jump in with this week's video our first topic here is quality and quantity and starting this list office one of my favorite pieces of advice to give and it's also one people do not like hearing number one if you want to be a writer you must do two things above all else read a lot and write a lot Stephen King said this you simply cannot learn to be a better writer if you do not read and write if you're reading a book and you're full lured by something figure out why learn as you read and put that knowledge to use by practicing it in your writing following on to that idea number two quantity produces quality if you only write a few things you're doomed Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury Bradford I know some of you won't like this quote but here's what I take away from it you can't get to the quality unless you trudge through the quantity it takes time and practice for most great writers to become great so don't be afraid if you end up scratching or rewriting on more than half of your novel because we've all done it you're not alone and those words are not wasted you needed them to figure out what didn't work so you could find what did the next quote is one I have up on my wall you can't see and maybe you can't see it number three if it sounds like writing rewrite it Elmore if at any point your prose pulls your reader out of the story then it needs to be written unless you did it intentionally let your reader get lost in your story let them James Patterson comes in with this next one that I have seen floating around quite a lot and that is number four I'm always pretending that I'm sitting across from somebody I'm telling them a story and I don't want them to get up until I finished anyone ever binge watched a whole season of a show on Netflix in a single day the writers of those shows intentionally do that by using some mindset magic that also applies to chapters we are conditioned to make it to the end of the episode or the chapter so make it impossible for the viewer to stop watching when they reach the end if we look at chapters like emotional Peaks I've said this before but the middle of the chapter is where the character is going to solve a new problem so there's kind of a bit of a lull the end of the chapter or the episode is where you sucker-punch the reader and you force them to keep reading so that they can catch their breath this next piece of advice is one that I use all the time number five if you are using dialog say it aloud as you write it only then will it have the sound of speech John Steinbeck says us every time I'm editing sometimes even when I'm writing I say dialogue aloud this makes it sound more realistic but it also helps me imagine the characters mannerisms and their delivery so it makes it personal to that character helps me realize if something isn't if it's not the way the character would say it Ernest Hemingway comes in for number six with one of the most well known quotes about writing write drunk edit sober this is something I think everybody should do just without alcohol wait what write drunk pretty much means write without fear don't worry about nitpicking your words or whether X is really something why character would do don't worry about what people would think remove that fear so you can just write because you can't edit a blank page our next topic is the tough stuff and the way Kurt Vonnegut phrased this quote really speaks to me number seven be a sadist no matter how sweet and innocent you are leading characters make awful things happen to them in order that the reader may see what they are made of we've all heard that we need to make our characters suffer but we do it so readers can learn more about the characters love us spelling it out it's like showing and not telling through the whole story alright this next quote is kind of a frustrating one number eight easy reading is damn hard writing nathaniel hawthorne we know it's hard to write a book but it's even harder to write a book that doesn't sound written what you've got to keep the reader both interested and immersed that's a lofty goal but reading and practicing will make it easier as you continue on in your career you can do it most of us try to throw a wide blanket when trying to figure out your target audience another great and funny quote by Kurt Vonnegut is number nine right – please just one person if you open a window and make love to the world so to speak your story will get pneumonia or other things it is unavoidable some people will not like your story or your writing or your characters choose the target audience and then market to that audience don't ask people to review your book for free if it's not something they would ordinarily read like a genre but you're gonna have people that won't like your story get over it now I'm not going for the kill your darlings quote but number ten is from Elmore Leonard and that is I try to leave out the parts that people skip mark Dawson uses a similar technique by writing what he's interested in and skipping the parts in his outline he doesn't feel motivated at the time to write so once he's done with all the fun scenes that he has he analyzes at the end why he wasn't feeling it for those other scenes if you don't want to write it chances are your readers won't want to read it I don't use that method but if that's your cup of tea our next theme is to believe in yourself number 11 the worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt still the apply writing sometimes and writers are often extremely hard on themselves don't stand in your own way and let your creativity just flourish let it go especially when you're writing your first draft y'all might not like this one but I'm doing it because I love you number 12 you can't wait for inspiration you have to go after it with a club Jack London sometimes inspiration will strike you but the rest of the time you need to be the one doing the striking don't use that I'm not feeling inspired as an excuse not to write don't make excuses this next one's a long one from the book the anatomy of story by John Ruby number 13 to explore yourself to have a chance to write something that may change your life you have to get some data on who you are and you have to get it outside of you in front of you so you can study it from a distance this is so true of journaling as well but it's also true of writing creating something from thin air takes energy but getting it out so you can study it is the only way that you can make it better like I said can't edit the blank page if you've ever missed a deadline I mean this next one's for you number 14 I love deadlines I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by Douglas Adams eventually it happens to all of us you will miss a deadline one day you will do it or you'll just about kill yourself to make it which I think we've all also done second to last topic here is all the fields and let's start off with number 15 by Robert Frost no tears in the rider no tears in the reader no surprise in the rider no surprise in the reader you may not always get emotional when you're writing but hopefully you feel something I do this all the time and I nearly made myself cry just yesterday number 16 technique holds a reader from sentence to sentence but only content will stay in his mind Joyce Carol Oates said that one don't get too carried away with technique when you're drafting you can spend hours trying to find the perfect word but if your story sucks no amount of perfect words it's gonna say that number 17 words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality Edgar Allan Poe I'm not even gonna follow this one up with anything because it's just so amazing I think I'm actually gonna put this quote somewhere on my wall or somewhere because it's amazing for those worried about writing their one great idea but not doing it justice and then never having another great idea to write about this one is for you a lot of us have felt this way before number 18 ideas are like rabbits you get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you got a dozen John Steinbeck loosely I think I paraphrased a little bit trust me you will have more ideas I was worried about this years ago and now I have too many ideas our last topic is the end that's actually what it's called here are some parting thoughts on writing number 19 when you can't create you can work Henry Miller this is especially true for self publishers it's true for all publishers when there's so much that you can be doing even when you're not inspired write or market yourself or find an editor or get your website to find you got stuff to do Tina Fey comes in for number 20 you have to try your hardest to be at the top of your game and improve every joke until the last possible second and then you have to let it go it can't be that kids standing at the top of a waterslide overthinking it you have to let people see what you wrote it hurts it's scary it's nerve-racking but you have to let it go my husband is reading my novel right now and I cringe every time I see my book in his hands even though I'm proud of it it still hurts similarly number 21 there is no real ending it's just the place where you stop the story Frank Herbert this doesn't just apply to your story but to your editing of said story you can edit forever but eventually you have to stop yourself and let it go last but not least I'm leaving you with something that may contradict all of my videos ever but is something that I believe and I'm pretty sure I've said it before number twenty-two by George Orwell break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous these quotes are just pieces of advice listen to them if you want don't if you don't agree there is no one way to write a novel there's no magic formula which is why it's important to constantly learn and to improve your own process alright that's all I have for y'all today I hope this video was super duper helpful make sure you go check out story arts new commit to let t-shirts if you want to support a great cause it's really amazing I'm so glad they reached out to me and this shirt it's like so comfy I love it it's soft it's amazing purchase links for 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  1. Quantity is always greater then Quality. Please check out the link below to get a very comfortable tee shirt to provide for literacy for children.

  2. For now my rule is to read and write the same amount of time. If I write an hour I need to read an hour.


    My fave Hemingway quote is "fuck literature" 😁

    edit 2:

    I love these quotes

  3. The Elmore Leonard quote, where he says he tends to leave out the parts the readers skip: Well, he didn't mean that literally. He doesn't necessarily leave anything out. What he is saying is that he drives his story primarily with dialogue. He believed that readers don't skip dialogue. So basically, the stuff he supposedly leaves out, are taken out of the narrative and description, and then hidden in the character's dialogue. So basically, you can learn a lot about the character by the way he talks. Another example is, Elmore Leonard will start a scene with an exchange of dialogue between characters rather that taking a whole paragraph at the beginning to set up and describe every scene and location to the reader before we get back into the story. Leonard uses dialogue instead of the description, so you may not know everything up front in the first sentences or paragraph, but as you keep reading the exchange of dialogue, you will figure it out.

  4. Love your videos and I have some friendly critique – it would have been nice to have a more representative sample of authors included- more females & more black/asian authors !! 🙂

  5. I literately went through 50 of your videos again to try and find this one author and title (Anatomy of story) and finally I have it. Plus two quotes printed off from this list 😅👍👍

  6. I absolutely LOOOOVE this video! Please do more like it! These types of videos make me feel like we're just sitting around chatting about writing life 🙂

  7. "Write drunk, edit sober." I love this quote! While writing my novel over the past two years, I used to write most of my chapters late at night because I was more creative and willing to experiment during that time. Something about working at night when no one is around is wonderful sometimes. Plus, when I was sleepy, my mind was less likely to criticize and more likely to pop out ideas.

  8. The write drunk edit sober one is very true. I wrote 3 chapters of my WIP and loved it. Re-read it and edited it A LOT. Many grammar tutorials later and I now have editor brain. 15 minutes I can rewrite a sentence hating it each time. Soon as I let go, the first go is messy – but it is true to the story and my voice. Then I can edit it into something I like.

    Editor brain is horrific, it removes ALL creativity and gives you dull lifeless prose but correct syntax.

  9. LOVED all the quotes! Most of them I already knew them, but I found some new faves c: My favorite will always be “write the book you want to read” <3

  10. This is random but i have to tell you thank you soo much for your videos I now i have a basic outline for my novel so thanks so much. also your book is awsome 🙂 probs going to one of my 10 out of my 300ish books 🙂

  11. This was so cool Vivien! And I love that you didn’t just read them in a row but gave some additional great advice along with each of them. Super motivating, thanks so much!! 😄🙌

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