2019 Kremen School of Education and Human Development Convocation

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] welcome welcome to the Kremen School of Education and human development convocation ceremony ladies and gentlemen please stand with me and remain standing as we acknowledge the Liberal Studies wayfinders target credential master's and doctoral degree candidates as well as the faculty and staff of the Kremen School of Education and human development and please remain standing and join Valerie Salcido Fresno State alumna as she leads us in the singing and the national anthem early light what so proudly we at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight or the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming bombs bursting [Applause] Gooper by night that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled banner' or the land [Applause] and the home my Barbara a very special thank you to Valerie candidates and guests please be seated [Applause] my name is Matt Rosenfeld vice president and general manager of KC 24 and CBS 47 television and on behalf of the Kremen School of Education and human development and California State University Fresno I'd like to thank you for being here tonight to celebrate the achievements of these students we ask that you follow us on Twitter Facebook and Instagram and please share your photos with us by using our hashtags hashtag Kremen grad 19 and hashtag Fresno State grad and we ask that all students remain seated throughout the ceremony out of respect for your fellow graduates it is my honor and privilege now to introduce to you to our Fresno State administrators please hold your applause until all have been introduced and administrators please stand as I introduce you Joseph I Castro president Robert Harper interim provost and vice president for academic affairs Frank Lamas vice president for student affairs and enrollment management Dennis Neff vice provost for academic affairs Paula Castillo vice president for University Advancement Orlando Leon chief information officer Deborah addition a stone associate vice president for auxilary operations and entertainment development larry salinas executive director of governmental relations laura alum EO interim dean of the Kremen School of Education and human development Julie Olsen Buchanan interim associate dean james marshall dean of graduate and research studies chuan Iancu director of undergraduate studies Luz Gonzalez Dean of the Fresno State Visalia campus Ernest black system-wide director of Cal State teach fred nelson department chair of liberal stud Susanna Hernandez department chair of educational leadership Roy Bolin department chair of curriculum and instruction Kathy Yoon Director a department chair of literacy early bilingual and special education song Lee department chair of counselor education and rehabilitation Alisha Becton director graduate coordinator and and Ignacio Hernandez director of the doctoral program at Fresno State ladies and gentlemen our Fresno State administrators [Applause] it is now my pleasure and honor and privilege to introduce you to the president of Fresno State dr. Castro good evening everybody thank you Matt and Thank You Dean Allah meeya this is the sixth convocation of the day it's the biggest crowd I think we saved the best for last what do you think it's great to be here with the Kremen school and I see our wayfinders students here as well tonight is an exciting celebration and I'm happy that all of you are here to our students I know that you've worked very hard to get to this special day and I hope you'll agree that California State University Fresno has prepared you well for success in the coming years and to our parents and grandparents and other relatives and friends this is a day that you've been looking forward to with great anticipation and joy and the love and support you've given these students during their journey has been vitally important so students will you join me in giving your family a well-deserved applause for their support of you their love for you [Applause] many of you are the first generation in your family to graduate from a university you are blazing a trail for others to follow and then other students here are part of a wonderful tradition of sending students to universities including Fresno State and I want to commend each and every one of you for achieving this important goal as our newest graduates who join the ranks of over 230,000 Fresno State Alumni I'd like to share a few thoughts with you tonight first you have made an important difference at Fresno State your energy pride and achievements have helped to make the university even greater than before you arrived during the last three years alone we've been ranked among the top universities in the nation by Washington Monthly and Money Magazine and the number of students applying to Fresno State has surged upward so the value of your new degree is higher than ever before I want to thank you for helping Fresno State to be a place where dreams come true you are part of a new and dynamic generation of leaders empowered to make a difference in our Valley state nation and world and as emerging leaders I urge you to model informed and respectful dialogue in your communities our society needs thoughtful leaders who listen to and learn from others while inspiring collaboration to discover creative solutions to challenging problems second I urge you to stay engaged with Fresno State be a Fresno State Alumni and find ways to volunteer to advance our University so that other talented students coming from behind you will also find success and I hope that you'll be inspired to send your children and your grandchildren to Fresno State in the coming years finally I urge you to continue serving others in your professions and in your communities effective leadership inspires a unified focus on the greater good if you focus your energies on the best interests of the entire community you will inspire others to follow your lead in short I urge you to do well and do good by sharing your gifts with others you will help to strengthen our region and beyond and in doing so you and other leaders will pave the way for a more prosperous future for the generations to follow so I urge you to be bold be kind be proud and be a bulldog for life thank you very much congratulations everybody at this time I'd like to introduce you to the interim dean of the Kremen School of Education in human development dr. Laura alla mio we thank all of you for joining us today as we recognize our graduating students many of our students balance multiple roles as they continue their education many of our students are first-generation college students many of you are mothers fathers sisters parents and friends we truly understand that our students are not only the most dedicated in our community but also some of the most hardworking on campus I would like to personally thank them for their commitment to becoming teachers counselors educational administrators and leaders in higher education you are making a difference in our community I would also like to thank the staff and faculty in the Kremen School of Education and human development our staff and faculty worked tirelessly to support our students so they can can in turn transform the lives of those they directly work with will our faculty and staff in the audience please stand to be recognized thank you we also have three faculty that are retiring these this year dr. Roy Bolin chair of curriculum and instruction dr. Colleen Torgerson professor in literacy early bilingual and special education in dr. Albert Valencia professor in counselor counselor education and rehabilitation we thank these three faculty for their service and commitment to serving our students please join me again in thanking all of our faculty for their dedication to your education and achievements I would now like to invite our associate dean dr. Julie Olsen Buchanan to the podium Thank You Dean alla mio good evening I am Julie Olsen Buchanan interim associate dean of the Kremen School of Education and human development in order to graduate with honors a student must receive a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher with a minimum of 45 units taken here at Fresno State with the liberal studies candidates graduating with honors please stand and be recognized you may be seated every year the Kremen School of Education and human development recognizes outstanding students in our teacher credentialing programs who have shown tremendous growth and professionalism in their pursuit of earning a teaching credential with the outstanding credential students awardees please stand and be recognized and now we honor the master's degree candidates who produced an exemplary project or thesis the students are nominated by faculty within this school and I would like to ask all of these students to stand as the faculty staff your family and friends recognize your amazing efforts please be seated among these many outstanding projects and theses to stood out as the very best we would like to especially recognize Katherine Bernal for the Kremen School standout and EULA for the Kremen School and would we would also like to recognize Alexandria joe aiello for the Kremen School standout three of you you may be seated [Applause] the Dean's medalists and standard bearers are chosen for having shown outstanding service to their community and their educational goals this year standard bearers are Madison Harris and Amanda West please come forward as we acknowledge your accomplishments Kremen is proud that you both have chosen to be teachers Madison Heron Paris is pursuing a career in teaching and participates in multiple service activities such as stem for girls outreach programs at Fresno State and volunteers at Pyle elementary in Fresno Unified Amanda West is an outgoing responsible and hardworking student in addition to her academic achievements on campus she works in multiple service activities within her Delta camp Gamma sorority on campus she has worked in the Valley Center for the blind and works in the campus Club in Clovis Unified School District [Applause] and now I would like to introduce to you this year's undergraduate Dean's medalist Kayleigh Gutierrez I am honored to have chosen miss Gutierrez as our medalists she is truly a teacher striving to become a transformative teacher please join me in welcoming her as she shares some words with her graduating class good evening and congratulations to all of our graduates and loved ones for celebrating this incredible milestone it is an honor to stand before Fresno State's diverse and visionary leaders we are all the change makers because teachers are the pathway to all other professions I am especially grateful to be here today because of the sacrifices my parents made like making the difficult decision to leave their life and relatives in Mexico in pursuits of providing my sister and I with more educational opportunities growing up growing up my parents love for learning was contagious so from a young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher one of my favorite childhood memories is visiting my dad at work with an oversized backpack big eyes and a wide smile I would run into his classroom after school and begin to write on the board later at home I would convince my older sister and cousin to play teacher with me of course I was the teacher and they had to be the very well-behaved students I would begin to deliver my lessons and always had high expectations for their learning whenever they were off task I would say don't make me use my teacher voice as I grow older I began to realize the complexity and beauty of what it means to be an educator I started to think critically of what it means to use my teacher voice a teachers voice has the power to not only deliver information but be used as inspiration a teachers voice is essential in unlocking a student's potential a teachers voice isn't only kind but it seeks to educate each unique mind and when students declare they just aren't smart at teachers voice reminds them that learning is an art a teachers voice should raise learners who are passive but rather sparked curiosity in numbers that are massive a teachers voice should be filled with respect and a desire to connect when nobody else recognizes the unique struggles of a student a teachers voice will a teacher can use their voice as a platform to advocate for students and bring reform so their lives they may transform when students face a system that's against them a teachers voice reminds them they're brilliant and to be resilient teacher a teachers voice challenges harmful practices even those filled with popularity to stand with marginalized students in solidarity Fresno is beautiful because it has allowed us to experience and immerse ourselves with people from all walks of life as Future Leaders we will use these experiences when connecting with our students who are also diverse to quote Christopher emdin education should not be a way out of your neighborhood it should be a tool for improving it I respect how we persevered through challenges to our towards our collective goal of seeing our students and communities flourish I encourage you all to be the inspirational teacher you needed when you were younger how will you be using your teacher voice thank you [Applause] Thank You Kaylee I would now like to introduce to you our graduate Dean's medalists Camarena Morales miss Morales is goals and aspirations provide hope and promise in higher education I am proud to have her as my graduate Dean's medalist this year she will now share some words class of 2019 I am so honored humbled and excited to be up here sharing this space with you all today as a first-generation chicken-egg Squier woman in higher education these spaces weren't made for us so take pride in your seat your journey support system and every obstacle that you overcame to be here today I am standing here on the shoulders of my ancestors parents community and all the support I've had throughout my undergraduate and graduate career when I found out I was Dean's medalist I was like what who me hey because the image of a brown girl earning this award was that foreign to me Thank You D Thank You Dean L Emil for recognizing the value that I bring to this College in campus I stand tall here with all my fellow peers those who were told they wouldn't make it into higher education those who didn't have support those who struggled financially and worked one two three or more jobs to fulfill their basic needs those with families and children those who fell through the cracks and still made it here you did it [Applause] claim your space acknowledge your victories and always know that csepp why they I used to wish and hope for a life fulfilling of the American dream but my dreams are bigger than racism systemic oppression borders and so much more students with your dreams degrees education in and out of the classroom you do not have to fit what America classifies a dream you are the curator to your own success story you are the next profesora my astra con sahara and more class of 2019 you are the future use the knowledge that you have gained from your faculty to guide you in the next phase of your life thank you he'll faculty in particular dr. susana and ignacio and on this you inspire me every single day to do the work that i do the generations to come we'll cross paths with if not one many of you when you earn your credential bachelor's and doctoral masters over doctoral degree know that the future is shaped by their lessons and support to the marginalized and underrepresented this degree is for you my mentors and community this degree is for you my family this degree is for you nice Papa's please send up ustedes on me vida y todo lo que ha sido para ustedes this degree is for you graduates look around there are thousands of people in this room and they're all here for you class of 2019 cease approval [Applause] Thank You Camarena it is time to recognize our wayfinders candidates that have earned it a certificate in their program wayfinders is a two-year non degree independent living certificate program for young adults with intellectual and or develop developmental disabilities students at wayfinders increase their independence by living in student apartments participating in work experience internships taking classes at Fresno State and engaging in the community will associate dean dr. Julie Olsen Buchanan please come forward to form the handshake line and Sergio Pereira and Juliette wall Whitner please approach the podium to read our graduate names and will the wayfinders candidates please stand being led by gabriel diaz you'll be directed to the right of the stage Joshua Legaspi Christopher Fowler maria werster [Applause] alexander wines thomas herring Kevin gelila mark Oh Sarah Nathan had John Marcus Daniel Mina Connor Sarala Liam Smith Porcha Hobson Marcos Cepeda Robert English Aaron nirgrantha [Applause] it is time to recognize our target candidates that have earned a certificate of completion in their program the techniques for access reaching goals and employment training target is an inclusive post-secondary vocational and educational program for students 18 to 22 years the program seeks to increase independence employment training and self-advocacy for each student by exposing them to a variety of age-appropriate experience on the Fresno State campus will the target graduates led by Wayne Richardson please come forward Christa Lewis Veronica or charrisse alejandro or Choa [Applause] we will now recognize our Liberal Studies candidates they have earned their bachelor degree with Liberal Studies major will the Liberal Studies candidates in the first two rows please stand the floor ushers will help guide you to the appropriate line and will the deans and department heads please come forward to shake hands and congratulate our liberal studies candidates Kaley good to get us Amanda West Madison Harris [Applause] Sandra Romero Marie Penske Sharon Bing Angelina Garcia marcelina LeBron yes L Cisneros Anna Lisa Rodriguez Erica Rodriguez Mercedes Hernandez Maria Dean Natalie Santos Michaela Bispo Kayla Frank Tommy smart Suzy Stanger Marisa Pradas Gabrielle arredondo batsub a lanuza [Applause] Chalisa Juarez Santa nolasco Vanessa Sanchez Jennifer Torres Hilda Santos Vanessa Aarti Agha Ariana Smith Ashley Kissick Carrie duardo goodie you Paul Berenice Chavez Omar Hernandez Jessica helm Megan Dudley Joanna Montano Kathryn Castro gasps mean Acosta [Applause] Gabriela Montalvo Karina amber Lopez [Applause] Alyssa samples come Teresa Amezcua [Applause] Jasmine Lara Brianne Chavez Samantha sporks Melinda Cruz Gutierrez Martinez Madison grown Nicole Tidwell Claudia's Alisal Vergara the silho new ideas sorry Karina Ortega Rivera Stephanie Estrada Priscilla Rose Valerie Diedrich Avila Madison machado Philip MacGuffin Richard white the third Gabriela Navarro [Applause] Leandra Paris Lauren Torres [Applause] what Sarah yeah he open le Altamirano Torres Britney Carrera Marlene Leyva Alcantara Jesse Hansel one AJ Gabriel Emma LeAnn ELISA kaeleen Norville's urban Catherine Collins Stacy van Hoek Megan saga sir Tessa Paredes Danielle Gilbert ELISA Muniz Matthew Maura Anna Sandoval Giselle surveen Samantha Garcia Beto Meza merrily Korea via Naggar SIA Chile yang [Applause] David Oh Cho catarina de Villa Jacqueline Ornelas Brittany de moto [Applause] Pauline Saloth on Racine Helen Mallory fab Carol Herrera Briana Raquel Mondrian Anna Barajas Herman Dean Paul Esmeralda marina in the Sabbath Gonzales Jasmine Castillo Alan kuzia Lauren co2 Silva Justine Kosta Rebecca Costa amber Liguria Lacey rakahs Stephanie olivarez sir Sir Balboa Gabrielle Cruikshank's Samantha Marin Sibley Santana Row cialis Heather Montoya Stephanie Rivas gomez Emily Edgington Phillips Katie Carrie [Applause] janessa Varney Bridget do better [Applause] Jennifer Worley Amy Potter [Applause] Erica Siegel Tara big Leone Josiah Carmona Mary Aiken Isabella Partida Bailey Phelps mark Crone Jonathan amantha Jacqueline sims me official Ariana Preciado Asia colas Andrea Fujii eros voila loop La Paz Johanna Luis Sanchez Alondra Aguilar Chavez Jose Ferreira Alexis Adriana Salazar Jacqueline Yvette Rosario Felice Kyla Bloodgood Tiana Antony Bettina Shana Braska Sara Lee Lopez Cody McKeon Michelle her where Lee Mariela Carrasco Cervantes Miriam Saavedra Sanchez Heather Morton Vanessa Ramirez Megan would Haley kick raha Haley crater Shane Holden Faustina Torres Tony yang yomaira Parata austan Ballard hey Suz Mendez jr. Stephen Lewis Jacqueline Benavidez Samantha Rodriguez amber Robledo Sergio Leone el Castro Carla Vasquez [Applause] Christine Padilla Cosima Carrie gávea Hadera maciel gomez Aaron Kutner sana Avila Vincent Brianna's [Applause] Elizabeth Berta Preciado Velasquez Mariah Jackson Kellyanne funk Tiffany Cordova Gloria Velasquez Kelsey styler Laura Nadia's Patricia Martinez Gabriella Hill Mendoza cariann Baker Amy's young Julia Otto Taylor bench Mariah Jean Romana Romero Aaron curly Lauren armendariz Brianna Kasia Michaela Tilton [Applause] Nicole Brooks Jessica Donnelly Brenda Sadie Caitlin Tosti Ashley missus who yang bone me Jung Victoria Ramirez [Applause] Jocelyn Martinez Alexis aleem Angela Lucero Ruby Rojas Jamie's pelini Delaney Miller Halima a sheik Maisie japon Susanna Torres Ashley man Carini Lillian Quinn the weave Hendrickson was my lord Rodriguez visa her Nancy vein Taylor Danae Montero Christina Keefer Jacob Michael Espanola [Applause] Courtney Liam Esmeralda Torres Sarah Carranza Vanessa ozawa [Applause] Alex oh yes Theodore George Nunez Hannah Rodriguez Desiree Gonzalez Patricia Vargas Jessica Saldivar crystal Valero Ernesto Torres Asuna Elizabeth Samoa Marisa Estrada Barbosa maritza Reyes muñoz Alva Santana Ramirez [Applause] Joanna Juarez Stephanie Maldonado Kayla Williams Monica Diaz Jessica Serna no Terenas not oh no tell Nicola Kylie Taylor ratha why Maria Chavez Vivian Madalena Claudia Estrada [Applause] Marta Gonzales Contreras Katia Hernandez Joanna Morales Walker Smith Richard James jr. Aaron Macias Austin Lopez Phoenicia daily Sara Portillo Korean Qiu Qiu Qiu Qian Marisa Leyva Molina Ortega malaria Punta Cana Elizabeth Miranda Jennifer Thacker Allah Lulu above Eric Dora Oh ja ja duty Marisa folks [Applause] Jocelyn Espinosa Jacqueline Gomez Michelle nervous Ruby marques Carly Jane Kicinski Kimberly Farman Milani Madrigal oh cool young Madurai Lopez Valencia Briana the lighting Kayla sue whole shoe Chua Lacey moolah Tommy yang Genesis Cimino Brooke Garza crystal Santos Jade Johnson Samantha Thorpe Natalia Sanchez Gonzalez and trapper Ellis lindsey marie as this very song Brooke hider Haley Boswell Brittany Renee Robles Karina white my dear boom Lucy Cheng Mayville yang kalia yang [Applause] Veronica Wang Jessica Luciano Heidi Meyer Amy cha Heather Lewis Kelly Garza Daniel Sanchez Cassandra Magana Salema Magana Dulce regolith Alexis for yanti know Jennifer video Vanessa Ciara Patrice Dorsey Victoria Aguirre Nara okay Tommy Helen Qin Jia Jeannie Smith Priscilla Sophia Diaz rice acid or page Machado Raquel Marie Reyes a clueless we will now recognize the credential candidates these graduates have completed requirements for the teaching or services credential will the credential candidates in the first two rows please stand the floor ushers will help you guide you to the appropriate line and of course will the Dean and department heads please come forward Kaley Gutierrez Sarah Curley Cassandra Barnes Jaime Chapman Colleen cook [Applause] Josiah nyira partner Verma Amira's Amara's sag dolly Kiara Williams [Applause] Towanda Harris Elizabeth Gomez Gonzalez [Applause] Elena Chaves Teresa mcaro Eric Martinez Duncan leave McFarland a ruse yes Salvador Michael Flores one Meireles Miguel Montez Eric Tatum Kourtney Garabedian Veronica Watson Rebecca ping Yanni are yes Alejandra arias her area while loop a Arriaga limos Sharon Gallagher Ashton Leslie Skinner Brenda Duran Cabrera Casey Marlene Mendez Joseph is card Oh Bella Padilla Lorena Tamiya while the Lupe Martinez Ashley Duke Casey Jones Nicole Carell Vargas Michael Shipman Sylvia Pena Monica Martinez destiny Walker Stephanie our service Michael Lee eric calderone pain girl Rebecca Demers DeMars crystal swarf Cynthia nopales Michael J angel Janine wilkinson she main thing Jeanette coloca Fabiola Paris Marisol Martinez [Applause] Nanae her Leah gang Martin Lewis Patrick Morrison [Applause] Jocelyn Barry ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce Dasher Alicia Becton graduate coordinator dr. Buckton will speak on behalf of the krebons school of education and human development graduation programs good evening we will now proceed to the master's hooding we will call graduate candidates to come forward and proceed to the chair and coordinator for your hooding and acknowledgments well doctors party SIA Lopez and several Warner Juarez please approach the podium to read our graduate names [Applause] dr. Mable Franks and dr. Susanna hernandez representing the Masters of Arts in education option and educational leadership and administration and or higher education administration leadership committee nom Morales Rebecca Candido Lorena gladwyn Emily Marshall Juan Guzman Alejandro Prado Brianna Mel B Chris green [Applause] Korena a Tara Smith Lisbeth loopy Nick Carvajal Timothy Moscow Lucia Figueroa Santana Oscar Guzman [Applause] Lauren bracket Jacob crows Dale [Applause] Tiffany Cardozo Johnny Freitas [Applause] Angelina Gonzalez Kim Pearlman [Applause] Kim Russell Silvia Silva munos Kelly Smith Jamie Whyte [Applause] licit Anaya Jaynee Chavez [Applause] Doria Sandoval [Applause] Benjamin Goodman [Applause] Joshua James [Applause] Zach Morton [Applause] Joe Gomez Raymond gammas jr. Ramon Rodriguez Jr Philip Smith Shane Gillan Christine Bustos Lisa Costa [Applause] kyanna Beasley Megan korad crowd sorry Natalie Salazar Brenda Aguirre Maribel Ananda's [Applause] Amanda Davis Leslie croisant Stacy harder ELISA Rodriguez Laurie Lopez Haley bonds [Applause] Kirsten Kirsten Primrose [Applause] Shelby Goddard Danielle Banuelos Marcos Meireles Juan Carlos Prieto Matthew Macias [Applause] Nicholas through he'll Rowan Aryan [Applause] Kelly mirror head milena Wilson Claire Stein Brahm Casey King [Applause] Ashley Johnson Nina Gabby he's Ian windy Lynn Bryan [Applause] Teresa de Pedro [Applause] Stephanie Marino [Applause] Esmeralda Casillas I they Ibarra Jessica Kabbalah [Applause] Brian Matt Mott Craig Hartzell Gary Cunha giancarlo Raffaello Angelo Martinelli Nick chloral Nicole Borges Stephanie Maxwell yummy Guyana sarkizian Melissa Sharon Fairchild Maya P ro mo [Applause] shan rod in [Applause] Reverend Chad Hudson Lupe Orozco Malcolm Ross [Applause] okay mari and jamal Sawyer [Applause] Laura Walsh Cindy Purvis Pamela Smith Sarah Chavez Kemp Jasmine Perez Natalie Gomes [Applause] Veronica Bell does even as Santa Cruz [Applause] Shannon miles [Applause] [Applause] riffy some Kevin II Tatum jr. job Melton Chad Diaz Travis Dyer Shane riddle [Applause] dr. Roy Bolin and dr. Cayle fried bolin representing masters of arts and education option curriculum and instruction and or the Advanced Study in educational technology certificate and the free sir Fresno teacher residency program Fatima rasoi [Applause] Laura buy/sell Ana Hernandez Trishelle Anderson Dion go Serrano amber Mullins moderate Arun who spelled oh we know Tiffany Jones Selena Rodriguez Mario amber Cohen Lauren zani Maura innate run Emily Jaeger Myra Gutierrez [Applause] Desmond Brown no I mean Rodriguez Paredes Kayla bang Shirley yang [Applause] deidre fair annalisa Garcia [Applause] cortney's Sylar Valerie Nicole Rodriguez Ellison Roberto Ezekiel Rodriguez Villegas Karolina Sawalha era el senador [Applause] Isabel my or Mayola Lakeisha Miranda [Applause] sarah satsui [Applause] Cindy Salazar Belinda burger Alex Jones Matthew Lee Shawn Alston [Applause] Elizabeth alpha being not deep veins [Applause] William Thomas Sarah Louise Meadows [Applause] [Applause] jennifer lynn click brittany go back [Applause] Kelsea Lozano [Applause] Laura Montoya [Applause] chief ooh Oscar Bain Brittany Oliver [Applause] che Ortega Jennifer muñoz [Applause] [Applause] Madison de Mayo Lauren Kalimantan Rita collegian bong leave twee dang Maria today is Ochoa Amanda Hiyama Ryan Arabian Taylor Monterey Cisneros although Cisneros Sierra Curtis Vincent Lynn coaching Christian bet is Hong Kong Shang Shung Matthew Miyake John the Sony [Applause] carry Holland Emma Achadjian [Applause] [Applause] candy Nunez Zhu Li [Applause] [Applause] Frederick Oliveri [Applause] Stephanie Carrillo Iglesia [Applause] Selena Chung yangshin [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] dr. Heather Horsley and dr. Cathy Yoon representing Masters of Arts in education option early childhood education and our early childhood specialist credential Maria Castro [Applause] canina Ortega lame-o's Karina tool Christina Roland Haneen of animus [Applause] concepción person Montez Fatima Bermudez Randy Bautista Megan Flores Christina Aguilera Felton camp your towel Magdalena Cruz [Applause] Liyana Rodriguez [Applause] haha I be moi Connie Mosher Anil second solace Pardo [Applause] – hurray take it in my kucheng [Applause] Martha Perez [Applause] Anna arambula [Applause] now Chang aracely Maura dr. luis herrera representing Masters of Arts in education option with a multilingual multicultural education sulev Lucero Oh mark Tonya's [Applause] Marguerita Patricia Camacho Mourinho crystal Aguilar crystal Cortes and I hate Simonian kay Rana Pacheco neusel Nestle ease thank you doctor Imelda Bossert o master of arts and education option reading language arts or reading a language art specialist credential [Applause] Pamela geezer pooping Brittney's Sayle [Applause] oona Kenya Ava's garrison Vanessa Stinson Diane OTT II Cheryl Cleburne Maria patella Leticia Sandoval Oh Delia Ramos Brianna Rodriguez Ana Lucia Rama Myra Gomez aricema Amaya rezian IV res ayaat Jonathan Bing [Applause] [Applause] yeah dr. Kimberly coy representing Masters of Arts and special education Kenneth Portis whele other guy on Alva Alicia Maurice Jacob Miller Angela whiner Catherine Williams Jacqueline young [Applause] Alexandra Santana ELISA Sue's off Cecilia Sanchez Irma Mendez Valerie Kim Camarena amber Dettman Alice engage [Applause] [Applause] dr. Nancy a Kevon and dr. Roy Bolan representing Masters of Arts and teaching christina maria de silva Karen odor dia Mickler Poland's Stephanie Hawkins Brett Salvi Ryan Ruby Marlene Avila wit Kaitlyn Cruiser [Applause] Robin and Clark [Applause] Jenny Ynez gornt Oh Jeanette Hernandez tiem Ileana margarita Flores [Applause] Susan Hewlett Kubb towel [Applause] [Applause] dr. song lead doctor Jenelle fit in dr. Alicia Becton representing the master of science and clinical rehabilitation and mental health counseling Bobby Sam to khun samee Mahalo Nicole bettas Frankie Garcia muddy I gotta see ya Daryl Allen [Applause] cameron Hilaire Matthew Solis augustin Cisneros [Applause] leshaun Cherise Davis Tory surely Rodriguez they're great bogel [Applause] [Applause] Jessica that I go south dry Mitas [Applause] Catherine bones dead [Applause] Jeannie Delacruz kyang Italy Catherine Wilson Heather Smith [Applause] Alexis Losada Valerie Kimbrough [Applause] Melanie Kristen Thoris Julianne fall [Applause] Sara ghetto Martinez [Applause] dr. song Lee and dr. Kris Lucy representing the Masters of Science and counseling option marriage and family therapy Kyle Marie so far son learn [Applause] Ashlee Martinez dhianeila Ortiz Alexandra Garcia Cristina Martinez Alejandra Perez Esmeralda Mendoza [Applause] Christina quinones tangia Sullivan Sarah Vasquez [Applause] Myra Flores de Luna Anabel Parente paradas Melissa Santa Cruz Ordonez [Applause] better live got to see ya [Applause] Kimberly Audrey Oh Tori Campbell [Applause] Natasha Smith [Applause] Laura joy and some [Applause] Taiana Mayotte Daniel Mendoza and Drina Torres [Applause] Bree nice men [Applause] Cambria spears are tikka sing [Applause] Marian kept areum Silvana Klein [Applause] Taylor Wells Jamison Medcalf Wesley Chi Ming yang will Mohammed Deborah Dewalt Elizabeth Ariano gottena Ariano brandy Phillips [Applause] Kaneesha Brown crystal Rubio rosemary gasps l'm Christopher Ramirez [Applause] Oh Ben Romero Amanda hip rented a young Elizabeth Cruz Miguel unhaul Aguilar Jessica Walker as all Ally [Applause] Ashley Owens [Applause] dr. song Lee and dr. get ma Sharma representing master of science and counseling option school counseling and our pupil personnel services credential [Applause] Karen Guyardo Catherine Bernal Arevalo Jessie Betancourt [Applause] Ciara lighted actus Edith Paris corral de Moreno Mendoza to geraldi Morello Mendoza Megan honey Sandra toxa Angelica McGarry honest my song lure Leslie camel Liz Flores I [Applause] need to console us James Carrillo amber ray Esquivel [Applause] Martine Valdez Medina Tami Marie Castillo Rachel in a shepherd Damian Antonio Mendoza [Applause] I'm reading dr. song Lee and dr. Kim Makoi and dr. qudsiya Howard Master of Science in counseling options Student Affairs and college counseling eggnog Leah kava Rubeus Linda yang [Applause] Linda vain hakuto man a bang galley cha [Applause] ku vain [Applause] Ashley Monique Macias Alexandria Roxette Roxanne Raider at Jimenez Alex Ruskin Duarte Alexandra Chavez [Applause] Jonah Oregon [Applause] [Applause] Abigale Sabrina Yetta Gabriela Anna Bermudez Hidalgo Jerry Gomez do you bang Lauren Anthony Bravo [Applause] Sandra Arevalo [Applause] Martha Fragoso Rana record Alejandra Quintero on halacha Lopez Heather Ryan [Applause] Jessica Loara [Applause] Jasmine Ovilus Castro Eva Horace Maribel Bravo Mendoza say sir Umberto Arras Acosta [Applause] Jose Danielle Gomez Martinez [Applause] Elizabeth Rodriguez Pena [Applause] Pichai Swan afraid of Solaria Sydney Nicole Roscoe knee Myra a service [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen we now ask dr. Ignacio Hernandez director of the doctoral program to come to the podium and speak about the Kremen School of Education and human development doctoral program thank you Matt it is my pleasure to speak to you on behalf of the doctoral program in educational leadership this doctoral program is designed to enhance the talents and skills of the best and brightest individuals who plan to devote their lives to the implementation of educational practices informed by research this evening we'd like to recognize Dolores bezzle Eenie a doctoral candidate that completed all requirements for the doctoral degree in December 2018 because of her untimely passing in January she is not with us this evening excepting the hood on her behalf is her husband Richard vessel Eenie [Applause] as such we are extremely honored to recognize the doctoral degree candidates doctoral degree candidates these are your instructions we're going to call candidates for the doctoral degree to come forward to be hooded by their dissertation chairs Dolores Rodriguez Pasolini posthumous award [Applause] Janine Murray Gauri [Applause] Syrena Monique adios [Applause] so Jeff Tina Farrar [Applause] Roslyn Gordon Murray Lugano [Applause] ciao her [Applause] andrew bishop [Applause] [Applause] Ambar Alvarez Sato Liz Marquez [Applause] Alexandria joy ILO Curt Ralph sterling [Applause] Robert Harold [Applause] marry Paul [Applause] Suzanne Rodriguez [Applause] Jesse Sanchez [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen please give a congratulating applause to the wayfinders target prudential liberal studies master's degree and doctoral degree candidates of the 2018-2019 academic year you have joined an elite group of alumni from the Kremen School of Education and human development now that you're a part of this group it's your responsibility to represent the school to the best of your ability we also encourage you to become involved with a creme creme on alumni chapter which is a group of Education alumni were committed to furthering the mission of the Kremen School as well as providing scholarships for Fresno State students now I'd like to invite dr. Olson Buchanan to this podium thank you and congratulations to each and every one of you in front of the Education building we have a teacher and Friends of Education honor wall we invite you to honor the candidate you are here to celebrate or a memorable teacher from your past by purchasing a brick in their name funds from brick purchases go to improve educational technology that's essential in the preparation of teachers and education specialists throughout the valley you can find information for purchase in your program also in the program you will find the educators affirmation that signifies the dedication that we expect from all our graduates to embrace congratulations on behalf of all of the faculty staff and students of the Kremen school to thank the Kremen staff for their hard work year round but particularly tonight for orchestrating and organizing this evening ceremony please be seated while the platform party exits and as a reminder the university commencement ceremony is tomorrow at 1 p.m. ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the Kremen School of Education and human development I present to you the wayfinders target Liberal Studies credential master's degree and doctoral degree candidates of the 2018-2019 academic year and lastly I would like to personally congratulate all the candidates for their achievements and their decision to choose service as a profession we thank you for attending the Kremen School of Education and human development convocation ceremony have a great evening [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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