2019 Great Words, Great Works: Books That Make You Laugh

great words great works where your spelling journey begins spelling is serious business but there are plenty of opportunities for humor after all words can be funny right side duty and so can our pronounced er dr. Jacque Bailey as soon as he quoted Moses saying haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate baby I'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake shake it off funny stories can be a great escape and these books from this year's great words great works lists all include funny elements to make you smile and laugh from these books we pull words for our school spelling bee study list in mercy watson to the rescue by Kate DiCamillo mercy a pet pig is too afraid to stay in her own bed to dream about hot buttered toast but when she climbs into her owners bed it's more than the bed can take it leads to an adventure in the neighborhood and a series of comical twists with words like alert hurry and wink you'll enjoy the combination of humor and illusions in the magic misfits by Neil Patrick Harris in the story Carter works together with other magicians to overcome an evil villain this funny tale has words like blathering dollop and rickety and you can even learn a magic trick or two to impress your friends in the giraffe and the Pelle and me by Roo all doll Billy helps a giraffe a pelican and a monkey get their favorite foods and saved their window cleaning business he also realizes his own dream that would satisfy any sweet tooth follow along with the words kindly swoosh and view great readers become great spellers and learning words through the context of our great words great works titles and laughing while you do it will help you expand your vocabulary and broaden your spelling skills as you begin your journey to the Scripps National Spelling Bee get the complete list of titles at spelling bee com slash book list you

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