Poets Network & Exchange Shines the Spotlight on Jean Harripersaud

Jean Harripersaud is currently the Managing Librarian of New York Public Library’s Bronx Library Center.  She has been with the New York Public Library for the past 15 years, starting as a Librarian in the Bronx.  She has a Master’s in Library Science from Queens College and a Master’s in Public Administration from Baruch College. Jean has a passion to spread the joy of reading to the Bronx and firmly believes that “reading does indeed take you places.”(Dr. Seuss) and a book is
a great companion.

Brief History of the Bronx Book Fair
Launched in 2013, the Bronx Book Fair is dedicated to engaging and growing the community of poets and writers in the Bronx and to connecting those literary artists to readers and book lovers of all ages. Through readings, workshops, and presentations. Our goal is to engage the community with a variety of literature and programs that will broaden access to Bronx literary artists, increase library usage, and encourage a love of books and reading. I had the joy to speak with Jean HarriPersaud in a Q&A about her work as a Bronx Book Fair Planning Committee member. 

What brought you to the Bronx Book Fair?
A love of reading and a desire to spread the joy of reading to my fellow

What are you most looking forward to at the Bronx Book Fair?
Meeting Bronx Literary figures and of course, the wonderful people from the Bronx and beyond who will be in attendance.

What would you like attendees to take away from the BronPoets Networkx Book Fair and the Bronx Library Center?
That the Bronx is a haven for all literary types, level, genres and ages.  Let’s get together and talk books – my favorite thing.

Does the Bronx play a role in your work/educational/cultural life?
If so, please explain.
I live and work in the Bronx.  I am very proud of the rich history of the Bronx, feel privileged to serve the peoples of the Bronx and am very enthused about the progress being made in the Bronx – especially having our own book fair and being a part of the team helping to make it happen.

Please tell us about any current or upcoming projects you are working on that we can look forward to.
At the Bronx Library Center we are working on getting more people to read more in order to raise reading levels across every age group in our lovely borough.  We have already seen some successes in the past 6 months with the increase of literary type programs – more folks are checking out more books to read.

Please share any additional information that might be of interest. Example, past Bronx Book Fair experience.

The Bronx Book Fair is the place to meet and connect with awesome literary talent from the Bronx.

“Thank you, Jean Harripersaud for a wonderful and informative interview!”
“Thank you, Lorraine Currelley!”

The Bronx Book Fair is free and takes place May 5, 2018 at the Bronx Library Center from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM! https://www.bronxbookfair.com.

©Lorraine Currelley Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.



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