2018 Toronto International Festival of Authors

I tend to believe that there's a kind of DNA of storytelling that doesn't get changed at the heart of it though I think we all tend to interpret our lives as narrative we see ourselves as on a journey of some kind we see ourselves as facing obstacles there is nothing you have to do but read the next word on the line and the world comes a light in your imagination what we're really talking about is what it is to be and to be alive put a bunch of words together on a page put them in a book and that's a record of something pushed up against immortality I think it is the building of a fire we're in a really critical time where we can really position people who would not have been heard before into a place where we're able to receive their messages and I want that to continue I'm sitting here saying that I'm surviving that I'm refusing to leave and that my voice needs to be heard that's radical

One thought on “2018 Toronto International Festival of Authors

  1. If it's data driven,or a book based on one giant thought ,toronno is highly reglious as a result of the housing crisis as to repurpose a book capital of world

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