Poet, Artist and Activist Fay Chiang Transitions 10-19-2017



My heart is heavy with sadness learning of the transitioning of my friend, mother, poet,  artist, writer and activist Fay Chiang. While, I’m saddened by her passing, I choose to celebrate a life well lived.

Fay and I met in 1978, after I put out a call for poets and she responded. After meeting and listening to her words I looked for every possible opportunity to hear her work. I’m grateful my last memories will be of her sharing a story at a featured appearance. Later that year she featured at Poets Network & Exchange and in a literary gallery I was invited to curate. We nominated her for a Pushcart Prize.

I was very fortunate to know this lovely human being/presence. She lived and loved well. Fay was a caring and down to earth woman and a great writer. She is survived by a loving daughter, family and friends. She will be missed and live on in the hearts and memories of those who loved her. Sending prayers for comfort and peace. On Saturday October 21, 2017 Poets Network & Exchange will host a reading “Women of Passion and Purpose.” We will dedicate our reading to Fay Chiang in celebration of her life. She was truly a woman of Passion and Purpose.

©Lorraine Currelley 2017. All Rights Reserved.





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