In Appreciation

We thank and acknowledge the phenomenal poets and writers who graced our Poets Network & Exchange’s stage and pages in 2016. We also give honor to a loving and supportive community, for attending and supporting our programming. We give honor to the organizations Poets Network & Exchange collaborated with and invited us to feature in their programming. We thank and appreciate  Poets & Writers, Inc. for funding. Our honorees are Irene Mtk, Gary Johnston, Meredith Trede, Patricia Spears Jones, Mercy L. Tullis-Bukhari,Elizabeth Lara, Ngoma Hill, Edward Currelley, Nkosi Nkululeko, Tyehimba Jess, E.j. Antonio, Peuo Tatyana Tuy, Bonafide Rojas, Charlie Vázquez, Philip Ammonds, Jerome G. and Jacqueline Johnson.

In 2016 Poets Network and Exchange nominated six incredible poets and writers for the Pushcart Prize. Our Pushcart nominees are E.J. Antonio, Fay Chiang, Edward Currelley, Gary Johnston, Christopha Moreland and Kate Rushin.

Creatively I’ve realized a number of goals, both personally and via my organization Poets Network & Exchange. I’m truly humbled and grateful for the recognition, kindnesses and support. I’m quick to acknowledge while honors are appreciated and welcomed, it is my relationships with those I’ve met in 2016 and my long and lasting relationships that fortify and propel me forward. Relationships built mutually on loyalty, trust, love and respect. The lifting up and being lifted up. I’m grateful far beyond measure.

It has also been a year of great pain and loss. Poet and artist Monica Hand and actor, teacher and poet Laurie Carlos both made their transitions. They were both dynamic women and artists and left a phenomenal body of work.

We are because of your continued support. On behalf of Poets Network & Exchange we wish you and yours abundant blessings for 2017!

©Lorraine Currelley 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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