Men’s Narratives: Arts Activism, Creativity & Social Responsibility Part I


Men’s Narratives: Arts Activism, Creativity & Social Responsibility Part I got off to a great start with Nkosi Nkululeko. Nkosi is an amazing young poet, musician and visual artist. He started out as an actor, member of a swim team and played competitive chest. He studied jazz, classical music and piano. He was exposed to a community of poets, writers, and musicians at a very young age. He grew up in Harlem, New York born to artist parents, his mother a singer and his father a musician and poet.

Nkosi Nkululeko, is the 2016 NYC Youth Poet Laureate, is a Callaloo Fellow and The Watering Hole Fellow and has received nominations for the American Voices Award, Independent Best American Poetry and Pushcart Prize. Nkosi was a member of the 2014 Urban Word NYC Slam Team and 2015 Urbana-NYC Slam Team. His work is currently published or forthcoming in No Token, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Rose Red Review, Hobart and elsewhere.

James Baldwin states, “Writers are here to disturb the peace.” Nkosi believes artists are not only here to disturb the peace but also to act as makers of peace. His poems are socially conscious and metaphorically rich. While, writing about issues centered on social justice, he also explores and writes about nature. He writes and speaks in his own voice, determined not to join a sea of the same voices. Early influences and mentors include Kim Moran Weston,  J.E. Franklin and Luis Reyes Rivera. He says, writing takes time and thought. Performing is difficult, the memorizing. Two years ago after joining  Urban Word NYC and becoming a member of the Slam Team he owned   the mantle poet. Nkosi Nkululeko resides in Harlem, New York where he listens to jazz. You can reach him at:

Thanks to Jean Harripersaud, Michael Alvarez and the Bronx Library Center  Thanks Jean Harripersaud for sharing the importance of reading and for directing us to supporting books and exhibits throughout the evening. Thanks to everyone in attendance. Special shout out to Smoke author poet Mercy Tullis Bukhari for coming through. This program was sponsored by  Poets Network & Exchange, Inc.and Lorraine Currelley.


Join us for Men’s Narratives Part II July 13, 2016 with Bonafide Rojas and Part III August 17 with Charlie Vazquez, Bronx Library Center 310 East Kingsbridge Road, Bronx NY. Series admission is free.

Copyright 2016 Lorraine Currelley. All Rights Reserved.


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