Black Lives Matter, A Celebration of Life

064 “Black Lives Matter, A Celebration of Life.” Ours was truly a celebration of life. I agree Keisha Gaye-Anderson, a celebration of life and memory. Prior to the start of our event community gathered for conversation. This was followed by Master Drummer Brother Owusu who opened the way for our creator and ancestors to enter and to bless. I shared a statement of today’s purpose. Words cannot express the poetic magnificence and musicality that came forth.
056Featured poet Keisha Gaye-Anderson read from her new collection of poems powerful reading of poems “Gathering the Waters.” Each poem is a story unto itself. Her words are passionate and honest.
428676_3435648136555_30586077_nBaba Ngoma Hill is the quiet storm. He hits with blow after blow of truth and power. His words and music are powerful and not meant to make you comfortable.Thank you, Keisha Gaye-Anderson and Baba Ngoma Hill for sharing your gifts with us.


Our open mic was facilitated by my co-host the dynamic Jonterri Gadson, co-founder of ‪#BlackPoetsSpeakOut‬. Jonterri Gadson shared the history of #BlackPoetsSpeakOut, hopes for the movement’s future and offered inspiring words of support and encouragement, as we go forth in our united fight for equality, justice and freedom. Freedom from sanctioned police brutality and the murders of Blacks.


Our open mic was on fire with the weaving of words of poet Mutiya Vision, saxophonist and poet Sahji, poet and storyteller Michael Cowden and poet Nella Larsen.

©Lorraine Currelley 2014. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter, A Celebration of Life

  1. The creator never lies.
    He brought me into such a enriching ,spiritual space of like minds .
    My afternoon was so fulfilling.
    I thank you Sister Lorraine for all & everything!!!!!
    Make a wonderful day.


    1. Your presence was such a joy and blessing to us all. Yes, the creator never lies. I thank you Sister Nella for all and everything!!!!!! Sharing your life inspiring and encouraging words, make a wonderful day.

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