Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. Executive Director Supports Campaign to Help Publish “That Krasbaum Kid”


Dear Friends, I’d like to introduce my brother Edward D. Currelley. Ed is a playright, visual artist, poet and author and illustrator of children’s books. Ed, has an extensive theater history as a property master, lighting designer, and stage manager. He was the stage manager for Actor and Activist Harry Belafonte. He wrote and had his first play read at The Frank Silvera Writers Workshop at the age of eighteen. He was nominated for an Audelco Award for light design for “Strivers Row.” Here’s Ed to tell you about his Indiegogo campaign for “That Krasbaum Kid.”

My name is Edward Currelley, I’ve been a writer for many years. Because of personal economics it’s always taken a back seat to earning a living. Most recently I had to stop working due to an injury. I’m now following my passion. I’m launching a campaign via Indiegogo to publish a young adult story book “That Krasbaum Kid.”
“That Krasbaum Kid” bridges the gap of understanding and patience between generations within family and community. “That Krasbaum Kid” is the first of many and I hope it will be an inspiration to all. I grew up in a household where looking after your neighbor was something you just did, without reward, treating everyone the way you would like to be treated. The central character in this book, Jacob reminded me of how important standing up for the rights of others and on the front line for social justice and change is. I ask each of you to donate whatever you can to help get “That Krasbaum Kid” published. All donations are appreciated and none are too small.

Thank you, Ed



One thought on “Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. Executive Director Supports Campaign to Help Publish “That Krasbaum Kid”

  1. Update: Indiegogo Campaign for That Krasbaum Kid Ends!

    Greetings Indiegogo Supporters,
    This is a special message of gratitude for everyone who contributed to my brother Edward Currelley’s Indiegogo campaign. Even though, Edward did not reach his goal financially, your contributions will make a difference and a number of things possible. “That Krasbaum Kid” will be published, posters produced and all contributors will receive their perks. We consider ourselves blessed. Our contributors were a diverse group of the human family. I’m still marveling at everyone’s generousity and the richness of the human spirit. Lets celebrate the close of a successful campaign and the joy of friendship.

    Thank you,

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