Black Women Creating and Building A New Narrative Part 1

The Currelley Literary Journal

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What do I know for sure? I know we as Black women if we aren’t already must learn to love and care for ourselves unapologetically.
We live in a society which devalues women. A patriarchal misogynist society which has conditioned women to believe their needs and concerns are secondary. All men do not feel this way. I am of a generation of women taught to be a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the parlor and a $%@&* in the bedroom. I was taught that if I looked good, smelled good my husband or partner would be faithful. I was groomed by a patriarchal society that conditioned women to serve. I witnessed strong independent thinking women conflicted at times. Women who constructed and navigated their own paths for moving throughout society. I saw disparaties growing up, in my home, at school and throughout my community. As a fifth grade…

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