Composer Hampson Sisler and Conductor Maestro Marlon Daniel The Second Coming A Major Triumph

Bravo Maestro Marlon Daniel, Ensemble du Monde, Composer Hampson Sisler, the Manhattan Metropolitan Chamber Choir and Violinist Gwendolyn Howard. Ms Howard is the first prize recipient of the Ensemble Du monde Young Artists Concerto Competition and The American Chamber Orchestra Concerto Competition. All are being congratulated on a magnificent performance of The Second Coming on December 14th, 2013 at The Society for Ethical Culture! The Second Coming was performed to an enthusiastic audience.

The evenings program included Scottish Fantasy in E-Flat Major, Op.46 by Max Bruch (1838 -1920).

If you were not in attendance, you missed one of the major events of the season. The event was followed with a wonderful reception, where guests had an opportunity to meet and converse with composer Hampson Sisler.
Maestro Maron Daniel, violinist Gwendolyn Howard and the Manhattan Metropolitan Chamber Choir. Currently Ensemble du Monde is Orchestra-in-Residence at the New York Society for Ethical Culture. To learn more about Maestro Marlon Daniel and Ensemble du Monde:

Sharing a wonderful video created by Darnell Ishmel of composer Hampson Sisler’s and Maestro Marlon Daniel’s new CD The Second Coming

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