Poets Network & Exchange Celebrates 2013!

Lorraine Currelley, Founder & Nurturer Poets Network & Exchange.
Lorraine Currelley, Founder & Nurturer Poets Network & Exchange.

Can you believe how quickly the time has passed? In the past year Poets Network & Exchange thanks to our amazing lineup of featured poets, workshop facilitators, open mic participants and audience attendees, we have completed another year of incredible performances and programming. Ours has been a labor of love and commitment. Special thank you to our incredible Poets Network & Exchange Group participants on Facebook. You are an amazing and talented group. It is my joy to read your work.

We have happily and successfully created a safe, warm, welcoming environment which speaks to the needs of our poetry, writers and attendees as community. We have united as an intergenerational community in an experience of creativity.

Poets Network & Exchange celebrates our accomplishments and those of all individuals and organizations working to provide opportunity, and to expand this wonderful world of Poetry and writing!

Our 2012- 2013 Featured Poets, Writers and Workshop Facilitators

Heather Archibald
Jill Austen
Mercy L. Tullis Bukhari
Lorraine Currelley
Free V D’Poet
Robert Gibbons
Juliet P. Howard
Kevin Jenkins
Nicholas Howard Jennings
Gary Johnston
Elizabeth Lara
Barbara Newsome
Frances Sternhagen
Golda Solomon
Ed Toney

Thank you, Beyond Measure, Lorraine Currelley, Founder/Director/Nurturer

To learn more about us and for listings of events:
Poets Network & Exchange


The Currelley Literary Journal

Ā©Lorraine Currelley 2013. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author is strictly prohibited.


3 thoughts on “Poets Network & Exchange Celebrates 2013!

  1. Dear Lorraine & PN&E Thanks for all that you do to build and support our creative community! I’m so happy to be a part of it!
    Big hugs,

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