Good Work for a Season, by Poet Gary Johnston and Reviewed by Lorraine Currelley


Blind Beggar Press has published a magnificent collection of poems “Good Work for a Season” by Poet Gary Johnston.

From the Author:
“Good Work for a Season” is a series of ten poems, written in the first person, on key people fron the New Testament. Each person speaks on their relationship to Jesus and the events of his life and deat as seen from their eyes. I have tried to convey their humanity. doubt, faith and love in confronting the question of Jesus’ divinity.

I believe that far too often when we speak of those who knew and walked with Jesus we forget that they had their doubts, fears, hopes and jealousies. For me when one looks back it is the age old struggle between spirit and flesh and the gift given to humankind, LOVE.

I hope you find something of value in this small volume.” – Gary Johston

Gary Johnston has taken prominent biblical figures and stepped inside their emotional and spiritual psyches. He has successfully brought forth their individual thoughts, insights and voices. He conveys their internal struggles with fear, doubt, and love. He has placed us face to face with a very human picture, of persons attempting to resolve these all too human conflicts.

We can and do identify. The emotions of these herstorical and historical biblical figures are not foreign to us. There is no mystery. There is room for understanding, forgiveness and compassion. Though difficult to read of the betrayals, we understand and accept their purpose. We embrace with great joy the end of Jesus’ suffering. A suffering leading to a reuniting with the Almighty, by way of the ultimate sacrificial gift of the lamb of God. Thus making salvation possible.

Each poem in “Good Work for a Season” is wonderfully, masterfully and creatively crafted. Whether you are Christian or of another faith Gary Johnston’s interpretations are interesting, powerfully written and provide much food for thought. The following are excerpts from this collection:

that sermount
was revolution,
an attack on the law,
those of us changed to
keep the book.
his madness in the temple,
cheap magician tricks,
how did i know
that what he spoke was real,
that he had the blessing

the others were not
deserving of him.
they listened with their heads,
their hearts were blind.
every day they followed
but understood little.
Thomas with his questioning mind,
Judas so full of jealousy,
the weakness of Peter.
how was he to build
anything with men like these,
better we women
who followed.

yet I would not
take it back
what I saw, crucifix & passion,
jerusalem’s hope.
a tomb cut into rock,
the stone rolled away.
angels proclaiming
he has risen,
the sound of
women in the hills,
rejoicing, knowing
it was done.

I denied him three times
before that morning’s dawn
but i never wanted
to be the rock.
I was weak, frail,
given to fits,
born of fishermen,
women who beat their
days into bread.

Other Publications by Gary Johnston

Blue Suite:
Voices & Memory
(compact disk with music)

Tears of Answered Prayer
(chapbook, 28 pps.)

Something In The Blood

Available from:
Blind Beggar Press Inc.
P.O. Box 437
Williamsbridge Station
Bronx, New York 10467-0437

Please add 20% for shipping & handling

©Lorraine Currelley 2013. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author is strictly prohibited.


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