Robert Gibbons, a Soul Stirrer and Master Poet

Poet Robert Gibbons, author of Close To The Tree. a first collection of poems was the featured poet at Poets Network & Exchange’s Black History Celebration Soul Stirrings on February 16, 2013 at Garito Manor in New Rochelle, NY. Robert Gibbons entered in a procession lead by drummer Shaka. He was followed by poet Irene MTK and poet Lorraine Currelley, founder of Poets Network & Exchange.

Mr. Gibbons performance was nothing short of spectacular! His style is passionate and lyrical. His poems focuses on social inequality, love, loss, joy and family. His  approach is  uncompromising. His poems are not for the faint of heart. He takes his audience on an emotional journey ripping at heart, soul and conscience. One must be willing to stand the course. He is a Romare Bearden collage of words thundering from throat, arms moving majestically in the air and piercing soulful eyes. There is no mistaking his impact on those he has invited to share in his journey. We find ourselves wanting more. We were left enriched and strengthened by his words.

Dynamic Poet/Wordsmith Robert Gibbons, Photo Credit: Juliet P. Howard
Dynamic Poet/Wordsmith Robert Gibbons

Poets Network & Exchanges Workshop members Virginia Gilley, Lenore Jenkins, Zaharra Myers, Sureta Overton, Gurbacha Singh and Peter Velotti gave a wonderful presentation of original works and those of known poets and writers. Mr. Velotti also  did a wonderful job as co-host.

The open mic section of the program brought to the mic dynamic poets Heather Archibald, Irene MTK and  Juliet P. Howard, co-founder and nurturer of Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon. A venue for women writers and poets of all levels.
The program was followed by an informal reception where guest had an opportunity to meet, converse with poets, take photographs and purchase Close To The Tree.

Poets Lorraine Currelley, Robert Gibbons & Juliet P. Howard. All Photos credit: courtesy of Juliet P. Howard

On March 16, 2013, Poets Network & Exchange will feature poet and co-founder of Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon, Juliet P. Howard in a Women Herstory Month presentation.

This program was made possible by the generous donation and support of Serena Cuebas, JoAnn Trifono and playwright and author Edward Currelley who filmed this event.

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2 thoughts on “Robert Gibbons, a Soul Stirrer and Master Poet

  1. Lorraine Currelley thank you for sharing this lovely review of this wonderful event! Robert Gibbons’ poems were passionate and moving. Your workshop members shared some amazing poems. Listening to the poets during the open mic portion was an added treat. Thank you for bringing this event to fruition. We all appreciate and celebrate the work which you continue to do! Peace, JP Howard

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