2013 – Chris Johnson – "How the Book of Mormon Destroyed Mormonism"

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  1. So, according to Occams Razor, Joseph Smith must have studied at Oxford for many years…? I don't remember his family mentioning that at all.

  2. You can here the laughter of demons in hell in the background.
    Who wrote the Book of Mormon? According to authorship testing, it was written by 20 separate people, non of which were Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery or Solomon Spaulding. And where did the gold plates come from? There is ample testimony that the gold plates were real. So where did they come from?
    Not one of these hundred thousand books contains a description of the solar storm of 1859, which somehow made its way into the Book of Mormon. What are the odds…
    Wow! This guy just proved that Joseph Smith had access to computers… Where did Joseph Smith get a computer with thousands of different books loaded into it?
    One place name in the right place makes all the difference. There are no other Nahoms in Arabia, so what are the odds that it would be in the exact place described in the Book of Mormon? Or that it would have an ancient graveyard nearby?
    Even if one was lucky enough to find it on an ancient map, there is no reason to assume that it was directly west of a shipping port.
    Why just stop with the 12 witnesses? At least 15 people claimed to have seen the angel Moroni. One was a Protestant minister who saw the angel Moroni in his barn. He was part of Joseph Smith's family.
    It is so hard to find what the supposed errors of the KJV of the bible were, and why they couldn't have been added by the publishers, who used a bible for punctuation.
    Actually, several horse bones have been dated to pre-Columbian times. Geologist and anthropologist Wade Miller wrote a book about the animals of the Book of Mormon.
    It is a fallacy that anyone with metallurgical knowledge could make a steel sword. It is more likely that they made wooden swords that were double edged. The Mayans actually had wooden swords edged with basalt. It is also a fallacy that the knowledge of weapon manufacture would spread throughout a continent. Only the Mayans used the wooden swords, and they were very effective. The cotton armor was also very effective, but didn't spread throughout the Americas.
    The ancient Mayans didn't have Roman chariots, but they did have chariots. Today we would call them litters. Kings and generals would be carried in these chariots which were hefted by men and not pulled by horses. The root of the Hebrew chariot translates to "riding seat", which is a great description of a litter.

  3. Very simple to explain. One of Joseph Smith's closest companions was a school teacher. Joseph had access to all these books.

  4. I thought Emma said Joseph was illiterate?

    Go to the Library of Congress for the original edition of the BoM

  5. Evolution explanation about 20 minutes in is so ridiculous.. there is now possible way that you can trace back the genetic material in human beings to a single-celled organism there's no evidence for that and there is no experimentation that can prove that….. that is Faith, based on guesswork and not evidence

  6. This video has some great content and a decent slideshow, but this guy is really lacking in public speaking skills. Maybe he’s nervous or whatever but man there were some cringey moments. A lot of stops and starts, a lot of stammering and digression. Poor guy.

  7. The statistical textual analysis was interesting. And it’s great to have some clearer idea of what influences Smith (apparently) used to cobble together the Book of Mormon. But this has to be one of the worst presentations I’ve ever waded through on YouTube. The speaker was inchoate, inarticulate, rambling, and palpably undereducated beyond his bean counting. The whole lecture could have profitably been cut down to a quarter of this length. The awful audio mixing attenuated his actual voice, while allowing his peanutbuttery smacking and mouth gurgling to boom through. Awful. And the audience with their snickers and smug chortling only underscored that this was not a serious event where ideas were ready to be discovered, but more of the trite “gotcha!” apostasy based in superficial literalism which is so trendy these days. I have no dog to hunt in this either way, personally. But I’ve seldom encountered such a video with information I was indeed interested in but utterly turned off by the presentation. Please do better.

  8. There is a saying, "Statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics."

    A fundamental principle of a research study is to validate your methodology. For example, if you compare the Book of Mormon text with thousands of books printed before 1830, and you discover "significant associations" with certain books, you could make the false conclusion that these books influenced the BOM text.

    NOPE! You have to go one step further, and then compare the BOM with texts printed AFTER 1830 to see if you get similar results. This is the GIGO principle — garbage in, garbage out. If you get a similar result with these later books, you find yourself in the GARBAGE zone. You earlier conclusion is flawed!

    Note that he emphasized that he analyzed "all of these books" — over 100,000, but he very quickly mentioned that these books were published BEFORE 1830. He laughs, he twitches, he knows that he is in the garbage zone, but he is an anitMormon and he doesn't care that he is speaking garbage.

  9. This guy really needs to understand how loud his smacking and swallowing sounds are. And he makes a lot of them while he's thinking. SPIT IT OUT, MAN!

    Edit: Whoa, yeah, and every other aspect of his presentation skills is lacking. Why is he unable to introduce and explain what he's talking about before just charging ahead and talking about the boring details of something to which he's given no context? Like, just pretend that you're talking to a person, instead of an audience. He doesn't seem in control.

  10. The book of Mormon was "given" to Joseph Smith by the angel Moroni. The book of the Koran was "given" to Mohammed by the angel Gabriel, although Mohammed was illiterate and could neither read nor write. I consider the book of Mormon to have equal plausibility with the book of the Koran.

  11. I decided to go back to the very earliest Christian writings and discovered the Mormon teachings aren't anything but heresy. Now I am orthodox Christian and happily reading the antenicene fathers for the original church

  12. Leave the church and can’t leave it alone……go about your ways and spend your time helping people……no one but idiots want to hear this!

  13. Laughing and mocking leads me to the large spacious building Lehi dreamed of,,,,,builds my testimony so much to hear you laughing and mocking God you will never win……this church is going to fill the earth as it is doing….fool some people some time but not all the time there are many LDS that have strong testimonies……Satan brands people to fight the true church…..

  14. cool, you proved that a translated text has phrases consistent with other styles. Genius. (face palm). Go ahead actually read the Book of Napoleon… It has nothing to do with the Book of Mormon. Idiots. I love how he throws in patterns, and language and even lessons… people read it, it doesn't. Its in a similar style, but that is a gotcha tactic that is meaningless…. I read two sci fi books last month, they both were in the same English style… THEY MUST HAVE BEEN COPIES OF EACH OTHER… even though they were completely different stories with different characters that have nothing to do with each other but they used some of the same 3 and 4 word phrases! The humanity!

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  16. I see that Johnson doesn't have a website up anymore. I'd really love to look at the raw data, especially the chiasmus found in other books. Is there any way I can contact Chris or see the data?

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