“Tears of Answered Prayer”, by Gary Johnston

Cover 3

Gary Johnston has written a wonderful collection of  poems “Tears of Answered Prayer.” His poems are beautifully carved, rich, powerful and spiritually passionate. There is no hiding from his soul stirring words. There is no straddling the emotional fence. Opening the book’s cover  is to commit. His words are much like food, a human need and requirement. They give us much food for contemplation and exploration. His characters are persons we recognize and sometimes even us. Gary Johnston is a man well lived who lives life with passion and grace.

Here are three excerpts from “Tears of Answered Prayer.”

“Tin Drum”

They loved in silent rages

Moods that put distance

Between them

Brooding that challenged the spirit

Drove them

To shadow & dry walk

Trunk fill of might have been

When She Wore Red”

When she wore red

He traveled to secret

Places he remembered

When she wore red

He would carry her home

Feed her sweet things

Bathe in the glory of her glow

Plant kisses in her belly

& live in that part

Of God called woman.

A Lamplight In The Dark”

Once long ago

A child showed me

The place where

Lightening bugs were born

I never found any

But I still look for the glow

Gary Johnston is no stranger to publishing and performance. He has a rich body of work. Some of the publications his work appears in are Black Voice, Sunbury Magazine, American Poetry Anthology, Practice: Journal of Politics, Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Culture, Something Good II: An Anthology, Symbol and African Voices Magazine.

He has taught creative writing and read and performed at such venues as ColumbiaUniversity, New Heritage Theater, African Poetry Theater and Castillo Cultural Center, among many others.

Gary Johnston is a New York State Foundation on the Arts Fellow, winner of the William C. Wolfson Award for Poetry, a Brio Award, a Bronx Council on the Arts ACE Award for Poetry and the  Herbert H. Lehman College Award for Poetry.

To purchase “Tears of Answered Prayer” and contact the author:

Blind Beggar Press Inc. P.O. Box 437

Williamsbridge Station Bronx, New York 10467



©Lorraine Currelley 2013. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author is strictly prohibited.



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