Mistress of My Verse, by Herojit Philem

Cherub, you are here
With your alluring eyes
I do see you.

Did my eyes lunatically drown
In your river of love?
Yikes! There is your chilling smile again
Coming to me in a flash You give sweet delight to my eyes and mind
Now I face a troublesome voyage
How to get to your hidden cove?

You are my mistress
My naked poet verse
Heroine of my college days.

My tall order
Darling Princess
I deserve no other
We stop our rotation
My face become pale.
Permit me to moisten your sweet soft lips with our first kiss
For I wish to make you mine
I seek to playfully dance my fingers on your cheeks
And stroke your long silky hair.
Let our love not become some cheap romance
But rather, let us find immortally shining brightly upon us
As loyal heirs to a new sacred humanity.

If our souls entwine
We can never die
Nor will we loosen our bonds to one another
My Mistress of my verse, Heroine of College days
We shall stay alive together
Forever in mind.

©Herojit Philem 2012.  All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author is strictly prohibited.


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