“Her Nibs” For Mother and Child (Victoria Grace), by Ivy Ford DeShield

Her nibs –
My special one to be

I wait for you in absolute joy
And anticipation
With nothing but Mother Love –
My most endearing qualification
Ask nothing of me
I will still give you the world
Ask everything of me
And I will go in search of newer planets
Brighter stars
And bolder horizons
I will secure an unmarked place
For you alone
In this space and time
Where hope soars beyond reason
In this precious moment
We have forever before us
My unborn Beloved
I know your fragile heart as my own
Nested inside my womb
Your tiny limbs
Clinging to my life-source
For dear sweet salvation
Nourishment and consequence
I long for the hour
To hear your first cry
As you break inch by inch
And squeeze
Pound by pound
Into this new life
My dear child
I bid you,

© Dorhora. 2012. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author is strictly prohibited.


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