Because WE ARE, Author Ivy Ford DeShield


Because WE ARE the courageous mahogany
The brown beautiful minds unselected
I AM the undefeated black She-Ra

Righteous redeemer of slight, ashy matchstick legs
And natural-born rough, tight and wiry crowns
Of glory unfavored
Like HER – I am a vision to behold
My beloved Nefertiti – Lady of grace
And all women

Because WE ARE the mighty amazons
Risking life and limb to prove our tanned bodies
As mighty as our hearts are devoted
I AM the unrestrained lioness
Blessed defender of innocence
And keeper of our dragons slayed – untold
And unwritten
Yet, I AM NOT weary
Or unworthy

Because WE ARE our Mothers
Grandmothers, Sisters and Daughters
Wounds untreated
Hearts unfed
Strengths unmeasured
Passions unmatched
And triumphs unrecorded
Throughout history
And time

I AM the courageous mahogany
Taking a chance on my brethren –
In this life
To want me
Love me
Respect me
Hold me
Forgive me – and then
Let me BE
Forever unchanged
Like a tiny black bird
Flying high, wings uncrushed
Soul unscathed
And all of the heavens waiting for us
Beyond the horizon.

© IFD, 2012. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author is strictly prohibited.



2 thoughts on “Because WE ARE, Author Ivy Ford DeShield

  1. Magnificent! Well done! Your words are empowering and inspiring! They love, bless, strengthen and heal us! Thank you, for contributing to Poets Network & Exchange!

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