Good Morning Author: Ivy Ford DeShield

Awaken and rise
Great Mother Beast
Your tasks ahead

Are too great in number
And wholly splendor
For me to bear

Your infinite beauty
Pregnant in a single, undressed petal
Your majestic vision
Proudly born by the massive oak
And your unflawed wisdom
The superior mark of the queen honeybee

Awaken and rise
My Beloved Sovereign
There is much to be done
Let the hermit rest
Throughout the day
For nought depends upon him
Sun sky moon
Nor valley
Need his ready approval
Or steady hand

But your gifts are precious
Oh Infinite Dowager
And presence most remarkable
In every bloom
And twinkle
Rush and rumble
Hush and quake

Dear Natural Mother
Only grant me this – worlds to conquer
While I leave you
To gift miracles of loveliness
And kiss mountain flowers
Good Morning.

© ifd 2012. Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author  is strictly prohibited.


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