2012 Tony Awards – Book of Mormon Musical Opening Number – Hello

34 thoughts on “2012 Tony Awards – Book of Mormon Musical Opening Number – Hello

  1. my friend said that he got "attacked" by one of these because when the person asked "Hi wheres your mom?" he said she was gone and he thought that his dad was gay so he was like grabbing his arm and trying to take him away but then his dad came and saved the day. (IDK if this is true but its what he said)

  2. Imagine doing a musical like this about Islam! All the performers, and the audience, would be killed on the spot.

  3. I look at this and I think, "What the FUCK is that?" Why are they all so gay and horrible? I can't watch it!

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  5. this type of 'mocking logic' really worked well to win arguments in kindergarten for you stupid faagut monkeys — didn't it!

    it tells you right in the book, all they have to do is look at it, and they wont! perhaps if you slam your doors hard enough – in the face of this mind boggling book and its truths — you will cause the very earthquakes — you so 'richly' deserve, and then you will never have to consider another un-approved story, by your mind controlling masters again!

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