2000 AD 101: the best 2000 AD graphic novels you should be reading

hello again Phil seekers thanks for keeping with us during this guide to 2000 a bee I'm joined by Matt Smith the editor of 2000 Davy who is here to talk about some of the non Greg I mean we've been going for 37 years now which by anyone's imagining this is a good run yeah but certainly over the last 10 years since the Belling have taken over there's been a real kind of Renaissance a feeling of an excellence of years an idea yeah I mean there's been more characters probably produced in 2000 idea of the last 1012 years I think with life I think right Britax and it's a mistake to think that 2008 just junk grid although he's the lead character there's a whole galaxy of other stars that use in there you can get into as well brilliant brilliant so what we're going to do is we're going to take you through quickly some of our recommendations for series that you might want to get into if you want to read 2000 ad and it's a hell of a spread to me it is it's it's a smorgasbord of throw power start off with flesh it started in the very first prog and he's considered one of these stories that got 8 year olds into into 2000 AD and it still still a classic Cowboys vs dinosaurs people going back in time farmed dinosaurs for their for their meat and it's just a welter of gore and action violence and a thick stream of black humor ok excellent moving swiftly on to nemesis the wall nemesis another another patent illustration with Kevin O'Neill this is a complete amazing script in terms of imagination and the level of ideas that run story is incredible it's about an alien freedom fighter for nemesis who's up against talk model that leads a a very far future in which aliens are exterminated it's a true 2008 classic and one that's got a very very strong subtext is still very prominent today yeah next up probably one of the the most famous strips from 2000 ad yeah I'll say and possibly one of the most complete scripts even though it's it was projected to go on beyond its three series but it's it's a story that's worth picking up for your library because it's so complete a ballad of highlight Jones by Alan morning Gibson is a story that's very easy for people who haven't read any sci-fi comics and ride any mm II before it can pick up and really enjoy it it's full of great characters great humor and again full of amazing ideas there's probably two thousand female lead character she's gone on to become models that will be iconic figures of 2000 a day and mother's mind is probably one of these is most favored work ya billion okay ah a bit of a modern classic next yes shakarez bit for a bit of wall car but it's probably the balls-out crazy strippers within 2000 be for certainly for last 10-15 years Robbie Morrison written written by Robin drawn by Henry Henry Flint it's a it's kind of similar to nemesis in sort of a far future sci-fi aliens but completely off of all full of a full of amazing visuals and action and were absolute stunning stunning artwork yeah what I love about Chikara is that the last human alive dies on page three and that's really before the story starts getting going William okay and this this series is I think emblematic of 2000ad in this a series that began and was brought to an end by the original creative team yeah and it's Nicholai Nicholai Dante Nicolai Dante as a series that we've conceived I've Robbie Morris and Simon Fraser as it's very much a finite series it had a very much very definite end point and yeah it's become it's become a modern classics insistence it went first starting about 96 and then ended the 2012 hand solo with a choir nesic implant of it yeah and it set the future Russia as if you like if you like it all gardens are the guardians of the galaxy was a romp than your lights only collide and pounding yes brilliant and as of October the 9th all of nikolai dante will be available digitally both on our ipad app and also through the 2080 webshop now again another modern series which has many fans and is incredibly beautiful stickleback yeah if your room you're picking up prague 1904 v series of stickleback then it's well worth talking to the four previous series all by in edgington Disraeli and they're full of Victoriana steampunk lots of her in gags and it's a yes we're both both very very nicely put together good yeah now England's glory the first collection is already out a number of the beast is out next month year in now this this will be recognized by many people I should imagine slain the barbarian by Pat mills and in this story Simon Bisley yeah now plain is another iconic 2008 character who's had a huge variety of adventures behind him perhaps ibly the most famous bodies the Horned God because of some business for you painted artwork that's just piece of the series that put someone busily on them on the in terms of amazing amazing art what kind of changed in the face of British which is comics in the early nineties Penta – yes very much so now this is not out yet but it is imminent something that hasn't been available for 20 years – to earth flicks everywhere is Grant Morrison and Steve yells Zenith and yet of–can of stories that put the craters on the map this is this is Grant Morrison's Signature Series after caught with slaving away in 2000 or future shops as bakari's his first series and possibly one of his one of his best it's what a British superhero series is like and that the characters are lean will pop star from little you have a little simply for to be honest but full of full of humor great lines lots of action and wonderful TV or artwork and last but not least I must admit I didn't sneak this one into the pile because it is a personal favorite image intern and Israeli with Leviathan doing tell us a bit about what your life will in described himself as Silent Hill meets platonic and that sums up pretty much where it's a huge floating ocean liner that sets off from the UK in the 1920s and went missing and never never reached never reached its destination in New York and basically things been circling the ocean for years and it's the Society's inside it quite evolved into various kind of factions and kind of a strata society and the story kicks off with her with a murder and a detective trying to find out what's behind it and the whole thing leads to the mystery behind what happens in the Leviathan there's there's several moments in here which are just absolutely breathtaking and I think it speaks to not just the difference in storytelling that you get in 2080 but in the difference in art that you see now I want to thank Matt for for joining me for this little traipse through some of the series that you really should be reading if you want to get into 2080 even if you don't want to read the Prague's these are graphic novels that are some of the best storytelling you're finding comics in the world today and well worth having the explore for the world of 2080 thank you to thrill-seekers everywhere for joining us on this little expedition into the world of 2080 I hope you've enjoyed it and please please please do pick up from 1900 this week you mean it in print or digital for some fantastic thrills you won't regret it and we look forward to seeing you in future editions on the 2018 YouTube

23 thoughts on “2000 AD 101: the best 2000 AD graphic novels you should be reading

  1. im sorry but why do these "serious" comic book fans you see kicking about like marvel and DC so much, i mean dc is slightly better but its generally uninspired characters and stories, maybe not when they first came about but their whole canonical universe hasn't aged well, seriously Stain Lee was a hack, how to make a marvel superhero 1.(insert attribute) 2.(insert gender) zzzZZZ ZZZzzz fucking snorezville. compare all his work to the apocalypse wars and wouldn't come close to creating the same experience and thats just one prog of dredd dose. theres still other gems like strontium dog, abc warriors and motha fuckin rogue trooper….. also the alien and predator crossovers ahhhhhhhh! nuts everwhere

  2. Anyone remember "Planet of the Damned" Starlord comic? Now THAT would make one hell of a movie or series.

  3. 3 years on and still Marvel movie after Marvel movie. 2000AD Rocks! DREAD was brilliant! Please give us ABC warriors, FLESH, Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog.

  4. Maybe a list in the description please?
    Is it time there was a new name and not "graphic novel"? After all, these are collected reprints not a novel as such….

  5. I wish the old 2000ad presents crisis comics were reprinted under rebellion bc they were real game changers

  6. Hey- with the Nemesis stuff, I want to start reading it but I don't know whether I'm supposed to start with the complete editions or the Deviant Edition featured in the video? I've also noticed the complete edition no.2 seems to be out of print? is that nessecary or can I just read 1 and 3?

  7. Swimming In Blood, Shakara, Missionary man, Button man, Zenith, Nikolai Dante = my favourite 2000ad stories 🙂

  8. So I've read pretty much all the comics you mention, except for Nikolai Dante, which I really want to start reading. However it seems difficult to know where to start. Is "Too Cool to Kill" the first book? I've read somewhere it's a reprint. Can someone please list the order of how to read Nikolai Dante?

  9. I thought wth? when Slaine was released but got into it as it progressed, it was a pleasant bloody change lol

  10. Stories and ideas in Nemesis were fascinating, but what really set it apart was Kevin O'Neills baroque, truly unique and detailed artwork. Really mind blowing as a young reader.

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