20 Worst Books from 20 Authors in 20 Minutes

25 thoughts on “20 Worst Books from 20 Authors in 20 Minutes

  1. I absolutely love the Harry Potter books, but it seems like I can't force myself to finish the Cursed Child. And I have read plays before and enjoyed them.

  2. I don't think it is fair to put "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" as the worst book by J. K. Rowling, because she didn't write it, she just contributed and gave input…

  3. This is such a fun idea for a video, I loved seeing which ones you chose! Can't wait to see the 20 best! 🙂

  4. What an awesome idea! Looking forward to the 20 best too. I always crack up at Passenger to Frankfurt, what a trip that novel is! I was interested to hear your thoughts on The Last Battle, that's one I've not read in the series, though I was aware of the issue with Susan which bothers me too. One day I will set myself down and go through the whole series still. Can't bring myself to read that Harry Potter one though, I enjoyed the series a heap when I finally read it, and would rather just remember it as it is 😊. I started to read Orient Express years ago but put it down and never picked it up again. I will take your review on board (no pun intended 😉) as I've wanted to get into Graham Greene, but that one didn't inspire me too much, so I will definitely try something else.

  5. Fascinating. You’ve inspired me to think about some of my own favorite authors. I was completely annoyed by Five Red Herrings. What annoyed me more than anything else was that the essential clue required specialized knowledge, so specific that it was a massive disappointment. The whole train schedule didn’t work for me either.
    Wait. The Hooker and the Hermit? Great title for a satire

  6. Love that you applied the tag to books. Looking forward to the best books video. Worst from JK Rowling: A Casual Vacancy. And sometimes the worst book from a good writer is many times better than the best book of a lesser writer. Not sure if I missed it, but I'm curious about the worst and best books you have ever read.

  7. LOLOL, Magic Rises is my one 5 star from the Kate Daniels series (so far…I have not completed the series yet because…squirrel!). The Cursed Child is a dumpster fire that's been peed on and then shoved into a toxic chemical pit.

  8. Wow I apparently really need to reread the Narnia series because I didn't realize how much people generally don't like The Last Battle. I remember really enjoying it as a kid, but it's been an incredibly long time since I read it and I only remember bits and pieces. Also I imagine that I probably missed some things since I was a dumb kid ha.

  9. The Last Battle? It's been a few years since I read it,but I found it an effective Finale. The most explicitly Christian perhaps,but none the worse for that. My least favourite of the Narnia Chronicles is A Horse and his Boy – which,to me,feels like an uninvolving Tolkien ripoff.
    On the flip side, whereas most people would plump for Lion/Witch/Wardrobe,my favourite is The Magicians Nephew.

  10. I read 4 Mariana Zapata books on a binge last year (Lingus, Under Locke, The Wall of Winnipeg, and From Lukov with Love). My 2 favorites are Lingus and Under Locke. I kind of have a thing for motorcycles clubs so that probably colors my judgement. And for Lingus, I just love the premise so much and the male lead is wonderful.

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